Magic Mondays – Hell Plain

For Magic Mondays this week we take the termed ‘scorched earth’ to a whole new meaning.

This week we show you the Hell Plain array.

Notation: Transmute, within an area 1 million times the size of the array, Stone into Carbon and apply the effect of Created and Sustained Fire to the Carbon.

Class: Offence

Description: Most people only have their imaginations to help them when it comes to picturing what hell looks like. Those who have seen the Hell Plain array in action don’t need their imaginations any more for this, they have seen hell with their own eyes. The Hell Plain turns any stone, brick, soil, clay, pebble or bit of sand into amorphous carbon (ie coal) and sets it on fire. Keep coal burning long enough and it will sustain that fire all on its lonesome, so the fire part of this array is only intended to start that reaction.

The first thought at seeing this array might be that it is meant to incapacitate opponents by turning the ground they are standing on to burning coal, or perhaps it is a means of losing pursuers as they would want to get their hands on you somewhat fiercely if they are to cross burning coals voluntarily. One might even think that this array is meant to destroy buildings or entire towns (noting the size of the transmutation), and while it has been used for all of this and more, the purpose of this array is actually more sinister than any of that.

A scorched-earth campaign is when a military force denies its opponents the resources they need to survive and fight back. This can be any type of resources, but as the name implies, a lot of comes down to literally scorching the earth and salting the lands afterwards in order to destroy farms and crops and ensuring nothing can be planted there again for the foreseeable future.

This is precisely what this array is meant to do, but it goes one step back and an intensity further. It doesn’t salt the land, but you don’t need to afterwards. A field of coal set alight will burn for weeks if not months and then for ages afterwards the soil will be far too hot to sustain plant life. All it takes is one primed cannonball to turn everything within 30 kilometres or so in a hellscape and starve the thousands around it who depended on that farmland. All it takes is one determined army to turn an entire country into a living hell. This is precisely what happened during the century long Delkan Holy Wars, and nearly half of the Delkan nations are now barren, black fields where nothing has grown in centuries.

Of course, you could simply use it on the enemy armies and give them a taste of hell before they get there, and this is precisely what the mad king Markus VI did when the Heavenly Empire of Man invaded Fresland. The western marches of Wesfresia today is now called the Black Border with the Empire and if you go digging in there, you don’t need to dig awfully far in order to find whole platoons of skeletons fused into their metal armour.

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The Stealth Mod is Released!

The Stealth Mod is now available at DriveThruRPG!

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Whether you want it for The Sigil System or GLYPH, we’ve made a version for each of them. So whether you want a quick based game or a gritty and granular one, we’ve got you covered.

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Magic Mondays – Wind Shear

For Magic Mondays this week we a magical sword that can cut through anything.

This week we show you the Wind Shear array.

Notation: Create a Containment Field as wide across as the array and 100 times as long that excludes Animals, Wood, Stone, Iron and Light if these materials are present.

Class: Offence

Description: Not as clumsy as a musket. An elegant weapon of a more civilised age.

The Wind Shear array is more than just an array, in fact it cannot even function properly as just an array, it is a tool and a weapon, it is an extension of the body put to beautiful if lethal purpose. The Wind Shear is an array put on the top of a sword hilt instead of a blade and the rest is easily imagined. This ephemeral sword can cut through nearly everything and absolutely nothing can stop it, not even another wind shear sword, for there is really nothing to stop other than a containment field and no containment field can stop another.

The array as shown above is incomplete. In order to be an effective sword, this one must be able to be “sheathed” and such it can’t be “on” all the time or you might cut your own leg off by mistake. As such the Create rune and affect line requires an additional If-Then statement that can act as a switch (most often a physical one on the sword) through which you can turn on or off the containment field. Whatever material and rune you use to trigger the “on switch”, remember that you can’t then use that as a material that this array destroys.

Which leads us onto the next part…

There are only five materials that this array destroys, but this is merely for ease of viewing. True Wind Shears are easily adaptable to the environment and to the skill of the person drawing it and so you can add as many materials as you want in there. Some Wind Shears have thirty or forty materials that it destroys, ensuring that it covers all its bases.

Just remember to keep the Light rune in there as it serves two purposes. Firstly, it acts a guide for where the “blade” of this sword is, so you don’t under- or overestimate its length and cut off something of yourself that you’d rather not part with. Secondly, a midnight black blade that can cut through anything and can appear from thin air is as useful a negotiation tactic as the stoutest cannon. Many a man has backed down from a fight when a wind shear sword has been turned on, knowing what comes next.

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There are 85 cards in the deck, we’ve put every rune found in the Sigil System and Array Design Journals as well as doubling up on the more common modification runes so that you have enough rune cards to play around with. We have even added in the Incantation runes, so if you prefer spells to arrays, we got you covered.

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Magic Mondays – Transcendence

For Magic Mondays this week we show you an array to speed your soul on its way to the next life.

This week we show you the Transcendence array.

Notation: Transmute Human into Light and Sound at a frequency of 250 Hz if Human Blood is present.

Class: Offence

Description: “Transcendence” literally means to “climb above” and most use this to describe a spiritual journey and exercise to climb above this world and reach a next plane of spiritual existence. Some monks fast and meditate for years before reaching this transcendent state where they claim they are in tune with the music of the world. Priests of course say we must first shed our mortal coil before we will reach transcendence in the afterlife, but only if we are faithful to their gods.

The footmen on the streets of Middelburg however have found a far quicker means to achieve enlightenment: at the end of a barrel.

The Transcendence array is named as tongue-in-cheek, ironic and sarcastic as all arrays, but at least it gives a good show. This array is only possible because of the Invert rune. When applied to the Transmute rune, the Invert rune inverts the flow of transmutation. Rather than light and sound being transmuted into humans, humans are now transmuted into both sound and light. This is the only way that you can transmute one thing into several.

The other interesting thing to note is that this array produces a specific frequency of sound, 250 Hz to be exact. This is because the Sound rune produces exactly 1 KHz frequency when created or transmuted. By slowing the sound, as in real life, it lowers the frequency of sound produced. And 250 Hz gives almost perfectly the key of B.

So with all this light and show, what exactly happens? Well once the musket or pistol round enters the body, it transforms the person it enters into flash of light with an accompanying blast of sound. With the energy contained within a human body, this is no small flash or bang. The light can be seen from blocks away and the sound is like a church bell hit with a war hammer. Other than giving the poor unfortunate a proper send of with all the pomp and circumstance of an emperor, it also serves to blind, deafen and disorient the victims comrades, giving you and yours the chance to kill them as well.

Unfortunately, once someone has “transcended” everyone and their mother will know something is amiss and the constables won’t be far behind. Best to use this once and get done with your business before your hear the constables’ whistles.

Want to put your arrays to good use? Use them in The Ruined People, the new campaign book released last month. Click the image above and see what the arrays can do in the grand city of Middelburg.

Magic Mondays – Eightfold Path

For Magic Mondays this week we show you an array to calm your mind and soul.

This week we show you the Eightfold Path array.

Notation: Transmute Air into Fire that excludes Heat if a Human are not present and Contain, Sustain, Rotate and Slow the Fire.

Class: Utility

Description: The array’s true name is not actually the Eightfold Path, but the Alfresians could not easily pronounce the Uttosian name for it and so simply called it for the Uttosian spiritual philosophy in which it is used. In one of the many Uttosian faiths, the Eightfold Path is the way of reaching spiritual and mental enlightenment. The last of the eight paths to enlightenment is to master the art of meditation, and for this the Uttosian monks use this array.

For all practical uses and purposes, this array has none. While it falls under the “Utility” heading, it is more of an ornamental array. The fire it creates is as cold as ice and thus no good to anyone, the array requires far more energy than it rightly should by having to spend it on slowing, rotating and sustaining the fire. It may look pretty, but that’s about it. To any practical minded and serious runic scribe, this array would frustrate him to no end… which is precisely it’s point.

The Uttosian monks inscribe this array onto small wooden disks that can fit in the palm of your hand. Wood, of course, is an insulator and not a conductor and that’s why you find a footman’s arrays inscribed onto copper or silver. There is a reason for this, however, and that is because this array uses body heat as it’s main source of energy and using copper and silver would allow it to gain too much energy too quickly.

To master the art of meditation, a monk simply places the wooden disk inscribed with the Eightfold Path onto one palm and then closes his other hand over it. And so he sits, hands clasped together until his body heat has leached enough energy into the disk to sustain a fire. If he doesn’t meditate long enough, the fire he creates will last only a few seconds and the Eightfold Path requires eight hours of a dancing, ice cold flame. So the monk sits, hour after hour, day after day, week after week, until he is confident there is enough energy in the array. If he is wrong, if he hasn’t waited long enough, the flame will not burn for eight hours and the monk will have to start all over again.

In Middelburg, there are precious few Uttosian monks, but the Runist monks of the Monastery in Runedal have taken a liking to this array and have started using it as a test of patience and fortitude, often assigning ill tempered apprentices to produce an eight hour flame if and when they become too insubordinate.

Want to put your arrays to good use? Use them in The Ruined People, the new campaign book released last month. Click the image above and see what the arrays can do in the grand city of Middelburg.

To Look Forward

Last week we celebrated the end of the year with everything we had accomplished in 2016.

This week we look forward at all the things we will accomplish in 2017.

The Stealth Mod

We’ve taken you through all the developer journals last year and you’ve seen what the Stealth Mod can do, now all that’s left to do for us is to clean it up, spice it up and type it up, and then you’ll find it over on DriveThruRPG absolutely free. It’s the first mod for the Sigil System and it certainly won’t be the last. Expect more developer journals from us in the future about the new mods we will be making.

The Journal of Array Design Volume 2

When March rolls around, we’ll start trawling through all the array’s we’ve put up in the past year and compiling them all into the second annual Journal of Array Design. Like the first one already available, each array will be categorised and notarised and defined to make it as easy to use on the tabletop as can be. We’ll also be making a second card deck out of it to make it even easier for you to use the arrays in your games.

And speaking of cards…


As well as giving you the array cards, we’re also busy making a deck out of just the runes themselves. Each card will have a rune on one side and its description on the back. Creating arrays is a very visual activity, so we’re making these cards to give you an easier way to do design and create arrays. With the cards, you can easily move the runes about and overlap the cards to show modification. With the descriptions on the back, you will also always know which rune is which and what you can do with them. We’ve also added in all the incantation runes if you want to turn your arrays into spells and we’ve thrown in a few doubles of the most often used cards so that you have more than enough to play around with.

As much as we love making cards to be used as supplements in our games, we love card games even more, so we went ahead and made one. Signet will be our very first card game and it is meant to be played in much the same way as traditional card games. There are no monsters or heroes or battles to be fought, rather the numbers on the cards themselves and the colour is what differentiates the cards and how it is meant to be played. Think of Signet as the Stormforged version of a good old deck of playing cards.

The Ruined Man

Don’t think we would ever forget about the great Ruined Man saga. There’s two more books left in the saga and, should everything go to plan, you’ll get your hands on both of them this year. The third book “The Ruined Haven” will give you missions 9-12 as well as the remaining districts of Middelburg and the last book “The Ruined Man” will give you some lore on the whole of Middelburg as well as the grand concluding mission that will determine whether Middelburg itself survives or not! So keep your fingers crossed and keep an eye out in June and December for the Ruined Man.


This year we will be working closely with the always phenomenal Rycon from Rycon Roleplays to create the best post-apocalyptic and zombie RPG that will ever exist. Everything is still in the pre-production phase, but we’ll be able to tell you more about it as time goes by. We’ll be doing heaps of developer journals and beta tests for it (open and closed), so if you want to be involved in the process, give us a shout and don’t be shy. Expect more info about Z-Land to come shortly as we get ready to kickstart the game into action.

The Forge of Storms

As well working with Rycon, we’ll be opening up the Sigil System this year to everyone who wants to work with us to get their own settings published under the “Stormforged” banner. If you’ve ever wanted to get your own personal and homebrewed setting published, then the stars have aligned for you. We’ve got a great system that easily modifiable for your own unique tastes and we’ll help you get your vision published. We’ll help you get art and artists and editors and what-not to see your dream a reality. So if you think this is for you, don’t hesitate in contacting us.

The First Annual Runic Design Contest

No snazzy image for this one, but keep your ears to the ground because soon we’ll be announcing our first Runic Array Design Contest. We’ll give you a scenario with a problem to overcome and you design and submit the best array for the job. We’ll select the best one and the winner will get a heap of Steam video game keys.

Magic Mondays – Heartfire

We continue our fiery theme this week with an array that is sure to give your enemies something to complain about.

This week we show you the Heartfire array.

Notation: Transmute, within an area 100 times greater than the array, Blood into Fire if Human Blood is present and Sustain that Fire.

Class: Offensive

Description: The sadistic footman who first came up with this array’s design called it Heartburn in a dark and ironic attempt at humour. After seeing the horror that it can inflict upon the human body, everyone else in the city decided that perhaps this was one of those things best not joked about. And so the name Heartfire came about. Not as humorous nor as accurate anymore and when first heard, it does make the array seem far more gentile than it truly is.

At first glance, the way this array works seem fairly straightforward: it transmutes blood to fire and sustains it; since this only happens in the presence of human blood, you can tell that it is intended to work inside the human body. With all of this, it is easy to work out that the intention of this array design is to create a fire within the human body, presumably in order to create as much pain and suffering as possible in order to keep an enemy occupied and distracted while you do what you do best.

If you followed along so far, you would have been entirely correct in your assumptions, however there is one thing you are missing: this array has an insidious nature that works within a loophole of the rules of the arrays, and more specifically the way that the array’s field of effect works.

An array’s field of effect stretches out from the array in all directions facing forward from the centrum. Put it flat on the ground and the field will move left and right, forward and back, and up but not down. If there is no Contain rune or Size rune applied to the array, then the field of effect will equal the energy put into array.

This is all well and good, but there is a limitation to the field of effect. While it can flow around objects, it cannot move through them unless they are targeted by the array. Put a rabbit on top of a table, and an array below it with a array that simply says Create a Containment Field that Excludes Rodents and the nothing will happen to the rabbit. That is because the table is blocking the containment field (the array’s field of effect). If the array said Create a Containment Field that Excludes Rodents and Wood then goodbye Mr. Rabbit, because now the field of effect is targeting the table it can move through it.

Now back to the Heartfire. Ordinarily, blood inside a human cannot be targeted because your skin blocks the array’s field of effect. But break through the skin, with a bullet inscribed with this array for example, and then the blood is fair game. Mostly, the body is filled with small capillaries and veins that can be closed off by muscle movement and collapsed by sudden and severe trauma, like a bullet inscribed with this array for example, and so the blood that this array affects will only be that pooling around it. However, should you be lucky enough to strike a major artery (or even the heart itself) then this array’s field of effect can flow into nearly every artery it can find, transmuting blood across the body into an everlasting fire.

That is why this array is so horrific, because it can destroy the body from within, and the fire it creates will last long after the soul has left the body. Truly an array that would make the mad king Markus VI ‘the Incendiary’ proud.

Want to put your arrays to good use? Use them in The Ruined People, the new campaign book released just this month. Click the image above and see what the arrays can do in the grand city of Middelburg.