ENnie Awards

That time of year is closing in on us again, when all the developers and publishers send in their very best products and start praying feverishly.

That’s right, the ENnie Awards are right around the corner and we have submitted three of our products that we hope to get nominated.

The judges get to work in a couple of weeks and we will all hear by July if we did get a nomination. So keep your fingers crossed and we’ll keep you updated July rolls around.

Runic Arrays – Forgotten Memory

For our runic arrays segment this week we’ve come to bargain.

This week we show you the Forgotten Memory array.

Notation: Invert the flow of Time over an area 100 time greater than the array if Humans are within the area of the array and Sustain this effect if Humans are within an area 10 times greater than the array.

Class: Utility

Description: They say the best criminal leaves no trace of what they’ve done. Of course you can always incapacitate and/or kill any witnesses to your crime, but then you are simply creating more lose threads and more mysteries that will lead the keen of eye and sharp of mind to your trail. It would be far better if it appears that you had simply never been there, that you had come and gone like the proverbial thief in the night.

This array helps you do just that.

This array’s core principle is to create a short time loop that the unsuspecting victim would fall into when they trigger it and fall out of when the array’s energy has run out, completely unaware that anything is amiss. As soon as the victims step over the array it activates and starts inverting time, but if not for the Sustain rune it would stop doing so as soon as the person is back outside the array (leading to a split second time loop as the person hovers over the array). The Sustain rune then takes over and keeps time flowing backwards until the person is well away from the array.

This allows for a significant time inversion and puts the person back outside the triggering area, meaning the array isn’t constantly using up its reserve of energy. The person then, with the same frame of mind as a few seconds ago, will most likely again step over the array, trigger the effect again.

The only clue they would have that not everything is as it seems is that if there is sufficient energy in the array and the time loop goes for long enough, then the day would turn to night (or vice versa) and the people inside would notice that the time outside is not the same as inside. This could then prevent them from, again, triggering the array and resetting the time loop. The same, of course, would be true for anything that moved into or out of the victim’s line of sight during any of the time resets as it would not be there for the next reset, looking to the victim as if it disappeared into thin air. The way to fix this is to use this array in an area where line of sight and sound is limited. Indoors, for example, or an alleyway at night.

With the victims stuck in a time loop, they would have no clue of the world outside changing, and that will give you more than enough time to get into wherever you aren’t supposed to be, do whatever you aren’t supposed to be doing and get back out again. Do it quickly enough, and give the array as little energy as needed, and no one will ever be the wiser.

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Discord Channels and Ruined Sale

We’re always to have a chat with anyone that comes by, and with Z-Land now well into its beta we would love to hear feedback and criticism about the game and how we can make it even better.

So if you’re keen for a chat, you can always find us here on the site or on social media, but if you prefer a more real time conversation we also have a little spot on Rycon Roleplays’ Discord Server. We have The Runed Age Channel if you want to chat about anything to do with the Runed Age, its campaigns or anything runic related and then there is also the Z-Land Channel where you can chat with all the other beta testers (and those curious about it) about how the game is coming along.

So CLICK HERE and come join us on Discord for some good conversation!

And because we like all of you so much, we’ve put The Runed Age and its two Ruined Man campaign books on sale over on DriveThruRPG for 50% off! So if you haven’t yet gotten your hands on these, now is your chance!

Runic Arrays – Repeating Hammer

For our runic arrays segment this week we’re gonna rock your world.

This week we show you the Repeating Hammer array.

Notation: Push Iron at a speed of 8 m/s if Ironis present within a Cylindrical area the height of the array’s width and Pull Iron at a speed of 1 m/s if Iron is not present within a a Cylindrical area 10 times the height of the array’s width.

Class: Utility

Description: Like many arrays created in Middelburg after the discovery of electricity, this one is named after the machine it powers. The repeating hammer is a large metal cylinder housing a metal rod and this array at the back. As soon as the array is activated, the iron rod is hurled towards the end of the cylinder where it is stopped by spar of metal that ensures only a fraction of the rod will protrude from the cylinder. The array then pulls the iron rod back towards it and once it reaches the array it is again thrown towards the end of the cylindrical housing.

It’s a very simple machine and so can be built on a massive scale. The only intricate parts of it is the array and the socket where the copper cable can be plugged in to carry the electricity towards the array. Because of the ease of creating the repeating hammer, it has found its way into a variety of trades in a variety of sizes. Builders and carpenters use a small, one handed version to hammer in whatever nails and rivets they need; while ship (sea or air) builders use larger versions that can also hammer in the planks together to fit more tightly.

Even the Middelburg constabulary and military have been eyeing the repeating hammer. The constables want to use it to hammer down doors and barricades that have been runically strengthened or protected, while the military is eyeing up the hammer as a basis for a repeating musket.

In the darker side of Middelburg, the criminals have been tinkering with the repeating hammer and have been attempting to make version where contact with skin sets it going, meaning you can put the hammer on a more traditional shaft and swing it at an enemy and the hammer will rocket forward within the cylinder the moment it makes contact with a person, shattering whatever it touches.

Z-Land Beta 2.0

The Z-Land 2.0 has been released, and for those who already got into the beta it should be on its way to you right now. If you want to sink your teeth into the beta, you can now grab it from DriveThruRPG.

2.0 brings with it 2 major mechanics: Food Spoilage and Threat.

Food Spoilage is exactly what it says it is. It uses a very simple mechanic to track how long until the food you have spoils and can no longer be eaten. You already have to deal with hunger and starvation and now you have to worry about your good going off. Other than keeping you on your toes, the purpose of this mechanic is to keep you moving. If your food never went off or spoiled then you can happily set up camp somewhere safe, have a pint and just wait for the apocalypse to (hopefully) blow over. But if your food has a time limit that means you have to keep going out there into the ruins scavenging for food and that makes the game exciting.

The second mechanic is Threat. Threat deals with the consequences of going around scavenging or in general just making noise. Threat deals with how many individuals (alive, dead or undead) hear the noise you are making and how far away they are. Threat is also the first foray into our environment system as each environment deals with sound differently. Sound carries further in open plains than in a densely backed urban district, but there are far fewer people out on the open plains than in a city.

So stay on the move and keep your ears and eyes open!

As always, we love to hear feedback on these new mechanics and absolutely everything else in the Z-Land Beta. If you wanna chat to us you can email us at customerservice@stormforgeproductions.com or you can find us on the Rycon Roleplays Discord Server where you can chat to fellow beta testers about your experiences in the apocalypse.

Magic Mondays – Gearbox

For Magic Mondays this week we’re changing gears.

This week we show you the Gearbox array.

Notation: Push Iron at a speed of 1 m/s if Copper is present, at 2 m/s if Copper and Gold is present, at 4 m/s if Copper, Gold and Silver is present, or at 8 m/s if Copper, Gold, Silver and Tin is present. Pull Iron at a speed of 1 m/s if Wood is present. Stop Iron if Lead is present.

Class: Utility

Description: It’s a good old five speed gearbox, just made of magic rather than steel. It even comes with a built in braking system.

This array works in a straighforward manner in that it increases the speed at which the iron is being pushed if more material is added. By using all the If-Then statements, you can get much more control than if you did multiple arrays or tried to use the Quicken runes as modifications rather than as affecting runes. Remember that because each Quicken rune is chained to another, and ultimately to the Push rune, you must have all the materials inside the array’s field of effect for that rune to activate.

For example, if you had Copper, Silver and Tin but no Gold then only the Push rune would activate. This is where the control comes in as you can limit which rune activates at what time. You can even chain different runes, or even entire arrays, this way to create a sort of runic algorithm.

As to how this array works in practice? Well it function as the gearbox for all the trains in Middleburg and the entire island nation of Alfresia. Inside the engine of each train, these arrays are placed around huge teethed wheels that connect to the train’s wheels on the track. As these arrays push the teethed cogs, they turn the train’s wheels and off it goes. However, between the cogs and these arrays are six levers, each made of one of the materials in the array. Moving the train then becomes very simple, you just pull each lever into position between cog and array and it activates the array to push the cog that pushes the wheels.

And if an emergency should happen, you can always pull the lever made of lead to freeze the cogs in place, stopping the train as quickly as anything could. Of course, remember that 8 meters per second is almost 30 kilometres per hour, so stopping a fully laden train at that speed in an instant will almost definitely result in damage to the engine, but that is why they call it an emergency.

Magic Mondays – False Door

For Magic Mondays this week we give you a way to move unseen.

This week we show you the False Door array.

Notation: Sustain the Receiving of Light if no Humans are present.

Class: Utility

Description: The False Door array is a must have for any spy, secret society or just plain anyone who wants a secret hideout and doesn’t want it discovered. The False Door, as its name implies, creates the illusion of a solid surface where there isn’t any, and vanishes when someone approaches.

It does this quite simply. The array you see here is only one half of the process, the receiving end. Another array that simply says Send Light is placed facing a wall. Any light that comes through that array’s field of effect is then Sent to this array. That light would include any light bouncing off the wall. That light, that image of a wall, would go straight through the first array and come out of this array, making it appear as if there was a wall where the False Door array is.

There are two thing you need to worry about. First is how the receiving array is positioned so that the wall doesn’t appear upside down or at an angle. You might have to re-position and play with it for a while until you get it just right, but if you do, you can make a doorway, or alleyway completely disappear into the walls around it. The second is finding a patch of wall (or whatever you are using to disguise the entrance to your secret hideout) that matches where the entrance is. You don’t want someone to be walking down an inner city alleyway and suddenly seeing a section of fancy marble wall.

After all this, you might be asking yourself why there is a need for this illusion to disappear if a person gets close enough to it. The answer is twofold: Firstly, if the only people allowed inside this secret hideaway already knows about it, then it is for pure convenience. Remember that all light that enters the Sending array will come out of this one. So after you step through the fake wall, you will see the rest of all the light from the first array. You would rather see the door you have to open or the passageway you want to walk through and not blindly having to make your way through, so by shutting off the light, it allows for an easier access. Of course, if you want people (the right sort of people, of course) to find your secret hideaway, then having the illusion disappear when they are close makes everyone’s life so much more simple.

In either event, if will probably pay good dividends to have an extra array hidden away behind the illusion, perhaps some sort of offensive array that must be disarmed so you can keep undesirables out.

Z-Land beta on sale now!

Due to popular demand, we have made the beta rules to Z-Land publicly available on DriveThruRPG, so CLICK HERE to get it! If you wanted to back the Kickstarter but didn’t get in on time, now is your chance! We will be updating the beta constantly with new rules and fixes and all that carry on, and through the magic of DriveThru’s website, you will automatically get the updates as we put them out.

Just bear in mind that the beta will only ever stay the beta. It will (eventually) have all the rules and mechanics for the game, but no lore or background or pretty art. It won’t transform into the fully completed book at any stage. If you get the beta, you get the beta.