Z-LAND Timeskip: Chloe and Scott

The next season of Z-LAND will take place 5 years after the last.

To get you ready for it, Rycon has written what happens during those 5 years and we’ll be posting them here so you can follow along with what happens to the survivors.

Last time we covered the finished off Nic and Jake’s adventures around post-apocalyptic New Zealand. This time we are going back to the reserve to see what happens with Chloe and Scott.


A calling that had been at Chloe’s heart from a long while would finally be answered. A great journey, first in search of a lost friend and then the search for the one she loves. A journey fraught with danger but one that Chloe felt she must take. She smiles, looking back on the MDC and those that live within it. “They’ll be alright,” she thinks to herself as she begins the long trek into the unknown.


Back at the reserve everyone attempts to come to terms with losing two more members of the community. Not knowing when the others will return, Scott works with Schalk, Chloe, Frank and Jonah to work out a new watch schedule and adjust duties where needed. After the first week of the two being gone the idea that they might not come back begins to enter many minds, to make matters worse Chloe has packed her bags in the attempt of finding Rycon. Jonah and Frank protest but Chloe states it as something that she just needs to do.

Now missing three and the last left from the original group Scott attempts to bring together those that remain. At the start of the timeskip there were thirteen… now only ten remain. More than ever they all must work together and Jonah assists in making sure that happens. Scott throw himself into his work attempting for the first time to start the process of making chain mail. He has the tools and the resources necessary and, with the remote location of the Reserve, he has the time to learn through trial and error. He measures up Jonah and Frank first and begins the process. When he hits a brick wall or get frustrated he bashes out another spear until he has eight for everyone to defend themselves with. It takes time and a lot of frustration, and Frank continues to help Scott as he can but Jen finds herself enjoying the process of linking and becomes an apprentice. Charles approves and seems happy to see his daughter learning.

After two months and no word from either party that left small forays are made out to search the surrounding countryside. Jonah and Frank get to test and then attest to the strength of Scott’s mail. It took time and countless hours but his work saved lives and allowed the two men to return home safe.

Scott’s mornings are still spent fishing with Charles who’s now been sober since their arrival at Goat Island. He seems like an entirely new man, but he still fears walking beyond the perimeter of the reserve. Scott doesn’t think he’d ever be able to survive beyond them but at least knows in here he can keep on working on being a father that Jen could be proud of.

As the year leads on and the seasons change, the reserve was blessed with a constant source of seafood. It fluctuated throughout the year but there was always enough for the ten of them. Supplemented with a garden that Lulu had been running with the young ones, Goat Island was eating well. There are a number of times throughout the year that small projects are required of Scott  by Frank to fix plumbing pieces which further hones his craft. Once winter rolled round with full force colds and coughs became common with everyone living in the same building and something else became apparent to everyone. Willow was pregnant. She had been hiding it from the community for a time and with her living in the home away from everyone that had worked for a good long while.

She never confirmed the father but many suspected Flip. It didn’t seem to bother her but the rest of the community was concerned with what was come a number of months from now. To make matters worse Jonah suffered a near fatal heart attack towards the end of winter leaving him much frailer than before. Thankfully Willow was able to save the old man and nurse him back to health. Slowly she and everyone else was beginning to feel comfortable together.

As each month passes the hopes of anyone returning slips away and the community adds three more crosses to the small memorial space at the edge of the MDC. Scott continues to work, the forge feels like home and its warmth is good in the winter. Jonah insists he doesn’t need the armor anymore as he really can’t be going back out there. Frank suggests to relink if for Scott himself. Looking at it Scott doesn’t really need to add all that many links. After nearly a year of hard labor and a cleaner diet he’s slimmed down to a comfortable weight, but he is much taller than Jonah so the ends will need a few more links. Jen is happy to help with the process but she’s worried, just like anyone is when someone leaves, after losing Nic , Chloe and Jake.

With the suit repurposed Frank fills Scott in on the next stage of his plan. Using the pink ute which he repaired and got road worthy the two of them would travel to the nearby properties and strip them of their fences. As long as they were above head height they would suit them perfectly. Trip after trip allowed the two of them to gather the materials necessary to complete a fence line around the MDC. It’s hard work but with everyone else back at the MDC helping a small wall is raised around the perimeter of the discovery center. A great sense of accomplishment for all of them and an added sense of safety.

After the completion of the wall everyone took a good few days off and at the end of that the baby came. It started during the night, Lulu had insisted that Willow stayed in the main building while so close to giving birth. The night is a difficult one and it seems touch and go but as the sun rises both Willow and her baby boy are alive and seemingly well.

It’s a moment that strikes everyone at the reserve, a child has been born that will never know what was before the world they live in now. Many of the group hope for continued peace, and with that Scott’s year comes to an end. But not before he finishes his final project: an object that serves as both a weapon and a tool, a mix between a battle-axe and shovel. A hefty task but one he throws himself into, with the support of his apprentice.

Tune in next time to see what happens with Schalk and how the year comes to an end.


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Runed Age Dev Journal 2

Last time we showed you what you can expect in the new Runed Age 1.3. In this post we’ll show you perhaps the biggest (by page size) addition to the Runed Age: Perks & Quirks

Perks & Quirks

Perks & Quirks are the newest addition to the Sigil System itself, and we’re still in the process of updating all the mods to have them. In the Runed Age 1.3, you’ll find 100 Perks and 100 Quirks.

Most of these will be the same ones you’ll find in the Sigil System, so that the two systems will stay compatible and all the Sigil mods will work with the Runed Age. However, there will be a lot of Perks and Quirks unique to the Runed Age that will give you more potential to get the most out of the runic arrays and living in the grand city of Middelburg.

How they work

At their most basic, Perks & Quirks are alternatives to Specialisations to make your characters more unique and more powerful.

You can get a Perk in the same way as a Specialisation: when you get a Skill to Level 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100. When you get a Skill to these Levels, you now have a choice: you can either get a Specialisation, or you get a Perk. Many Perks have Skill prerequisites which mean you can only get that Perk if you level up that specific Skill.

There is always a third choice: take two. When you get that Skill Level up to a multiple of 10, you can always take both a Perk and a Specialisation, two Specialisations, or two Perks. However, if you do this, you must also take a Quirk… and you don’t get to choose which Quirk you get. Your GM will either roll for a Quirk for you or pick one that he feels fits best.

Another way to get Perks is through character creation. At the end of creating your character, you can roll to see how many Perks your character starts the game with. There are two catches here, you don’t get to choose your Perk, you have to roll for them randomly; and you must have as Quirks as Perks at character creation.

Example Perks & Quirks

Below are a few Perks and Quirks unique to the Runed Age 1.3:


Blessed by Bür: Spending a Sigil to grant a bonus to Skill Checks about runes and arrays gives a +50 bonus.

In With a Grin: Choose a single Merchant League Family. Spending a Sigil in Social Skills Checks with NPCs related to this family does not reduce your number of Sigils. (This Perk can be selected multiple times)

Dead Drop: Once per session you can spend a Sigil and declare that you have a hidden dead drop nearby containing d10 items of your choice (GM’s discretion if the item is reasonable).


Runic Illiteracy: You cannot spend Sigils for Skill Checks involving the effectiveness of your runic arrays.

Local Menace: Your GM chooses a district of Middelburg. You’ve been declared a public menace here by the Alderman and will be arrested if discovered.

Runic Luddite: Reduce the amount of EXP you gain at the end of the session by the number of runic arrays you used or created (down to a minimum of 0).

For all the other runic Perks & Quirks, you’ll have to wait until the book is done.

And while we are busy with The Runed Age, you can have your say about what we should work on afterwards by filling out this little survey.

Z-LAND Timeskip: Adventures of Nic and Jake

The next season of Z-LAND will take place 5 years after the last.

To get you ready for it, Rycon has written what happens during those 5 years and we’ll be posting them here so you can follow along with what happens to the survivors.

Last time we covered the first half of Jake and Nic’s adventures around the post-apocalyptic New Zealand in their first year after Season 2. Now we’ll find out what happened after their encounter near Tauranga

Jake and Nic continuing adventures

Jake raises his bullpup into the air and fires a warning shot. The figures duck for a second but answer with a hail of bullets, two of which thunk in the yacht with the remaining hitting the water either side. Realizing that they’re outgunned, Nic floats the idea of a bait and switch. Quickly grabbing a white towel from below deck, he says to stay down until they are close then fire away. A risky play but the plan is put into action. Both of them hit the literal deck and the flag is raised. No more gunshots are heard but the sound of engines grow louder.

They both look at each other, the flag is wedged in against a seat and they both crawl forward weapons in hand. There is only one chance to get this right and, as the sound of the engines reaches a crescendo, with a quick peek over the bow they both unleash an volley of fire in the direction of the boats. It’s the first time either of them have emptied an entire magazine and it’s almost beyond belief how quickly it went. They hear screams of pain, returning fire, and the plink-plink-plink of bullets tearing through the metal hull of their ship.

They pin themselves to the deck, but the sound of the engines doesn’t stop, it grows louder still until CRASH! They’re both thrown across the deck and slammed into the side rails. Splintered wood is thrown into the air and flames take to what was the bow of their ship.

Quickly the vessel begins to lurch forward into the water and what was one of the metal dinghies can be seen lodged into the front of their yacht. The crumpled metal boat is slick with blood and riddled with bullet holes, but the other boat is unseen. Jake and Nic both start to lose their grip as the yacht begins to go under. There isn’t any time to grab anything, they only have what their wearing and the weapons they are carrying.

The two of them drop into the drink as the yacht and the crumpled dinghy sink to the bottom. Finally, the second boat is in sight as Jake and Nic bob in the water, turning tail and returning to Tauranga with speed.

Swimming to shore wasn’t easy, neither was surviving the first night. Cold and without supplies they stumbled upon a logging office, the area all around them seemed to be used for forestry. In the morning they cautiously collected what little supplies had washed up on shore. It wasn’t much but with it they could survive a little longer.

Drying their soaked maps in the sun they discover that they’re stranded on a small spit of land known as Matakana Island. With Tauranga and the remains of civilisation to their south they both begin the trek. As they near the edge of the island, plumes of smoke can be seen rising from Tauranga. They are, however, different than the large scale fires they’ve witnessed in the past. This flames must be controlled by someone, somewhere in the city.

Thankfully the trip off the island isn’t too difficult with the low tide. Only a small amount of swimming is required. They arrive on the small peninsula of Omokoroa. The small town contains many of the shambling dead and Jake and Nic cautiously move through the dead town collecting what little food supplies that remain. They have a goal in mind, a fire station in Bethlehem, just northwest of Tauranga that they spied on the maps. There they hope to find radios and other forms of equipment, that and the building will serve as a staging point as they move closer to Tauranga in an attempt to find the ones who attacked their boat.

The days are not without peril. Even being cautious, they often find themselves in combat with the dead. Thankfully they have worked out efficient methods of disposing the dead together. Finally reaching the station, they begin to set up their staging point, trapping the building and disguising their presence.

At night they slowly make their way towards the harbour, the main port of Tauranga. There is a strange glow in the night as they approach, a strange sight after months of darkness.  Before reaching the northern port they cross a railway bridge and then begin to hear a sound that slowly grows in volume as they near the ports. The sound of a thousand voices screaming out into the night.

They can hear them but cannot see them as they near the edge of the port. One of the great machines that once moved hundreds of containers a day sits unused, and Nic carefully climbs its ladder to get a better view of the area while Jake watches the fence line. Once Nic reaches the top he can see it clear as day but the binoculars make it all the clearer.  Three giant container ships float moored to the port, each emitting light into the night and each surround by innumerable dead. Gangplanks are stretched between each of the vessels allowing movement between each, and on all of the decks many people can be seen. Living breathing people, however many sit shackled together, bound by chains.

A cautious approach is called for and, to learn more, the Jake and Nic look out from the top of the container crane until the sky slowly begins to grow lighter. From what they can tell, the majority of the people on deck are in chains, bound and welded to the metal deck of the ships, and between them walk men holding assault rifles. They seem to care little for the thousands of dead that swarm the bottom of the ship and one large gangplank that extends out towards them conjures images of poor souls forced to walk out along it.

It’s difficult to see the far sides of the vessels but Jake and Nic do catch sight of small boats and dinghies similar to the ones that approached them on the water. In total six “guards” are seen on deck.

The following afternoon Jake and Nic are awoken in their fire station home to the sound of a distant train rumbling past. Half an hour later gunshots and automatic fire are heard from the direction of port. Carefully they move between the abandoned homes towards the port. Dead stragglers move alongside them towards the noise. As they reach the railway bridge they’ve crossed before they pause as the sound of a train rumbling away from the ports reaches them.

Throwing themselves down in the overgrown grass the long machine begins to pass. It’s immediately clear the train has been heavily modified. The front displaying a massive steel wedge covered in the blood and gore of the dead and the engine sending out plumes of black smoke. It plows through the dead on the bridge with ease and carriage after carriage races by with every window covered by iron plates.

With the danger and the alertness of the dead in the surrounding area the decision to return home is made. The fire station remains just that for the coming week as they continue to attempt to survive in Bethlehem. It is here that Jake and Nic’s year draws to a close and the two find themselves thinking of the others they’ve left behind. Would they ever see them again? And what of the ports, for now Jake and Nic have only begun to scratch the surface…

Tune in next time to see what happened to the rest of the group that stayed behind at the Marine Centre!


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Starting on Runed Age 1.3

You voted on what you wanted us to work on next, and we showed off the results of that last time. This time we’re going to talk a little bit about what’s in store for The Runed Age 1.3

First off, don’t worry that this is going to be a whole new edition. We are purposefully calling it 1.3 and not 2.0. It’s more of an upgrade and a clean up than something completely new. With that said, there is a fair bit that will seem new to some folks.

As we developed the Sigil System and got it up to v1.3, and through our work making Z-LAND, we learned a hell of a lot, and our base system is polished gem now compared to the rough diamond it was back when The Runed Age was released. So we’ll be taking everything we have learned and using it to make The Runed Age better.

What you can expect:

Better Explained Magic Rules. We know that the runic magic system that gives The Runed Age its name can be a beast to work with at times, and seem as complex the deeper you delve into it. But there is a difference between complex and complicated, and we want to make sure the runic system is the former and not the latter. So while the system itself won’t change (much) it will be far easier to read and follow along.

Revamped Skills. Perform? What’s that? That’s not a Skill we know of… anymore. Now we have Skills like Might and Fine-Craft, and soon The Runed Age will have it as well. We’re also going to be getting rid of the Runes Skill and making runic-array-related-actions spread across a few Skills so you won’t be pigeonholed into one Skill if you want to be good at creating runic arrays.

Perks & Quirks. Brand new to the Sigil System and we’re busy updating all the Sigil Mods with it as well, Perks & Quirks will be in The Runed Age as well. This gives you an alternate and parallel Advancement path alongside Specialisations that you can use to further customise and empower your characters.

Overall Rules Clean-Up. A bit of a miscellaneous category this one. Over the years so many small rules changes have cropped up and been put into the Sigil System that it’s hard to keep track of. All of them will be making their way into the new book however.

New Design and Layout: The Runed Age isn’t that old, but we’re still going to be updating and modernising the design and layout of the book to make it easier on the eyes, easier on monitors and displays, and more importantly, easier on…

Printing: That’s right. Once we finish with the update, you’ll be able to get your hands on The Runed Age in glorious hardcover goodness. Also, everyone who buys The Runed Age before the release of 1.3 will get a discount code sent to make sure they can get the hardcopy version at the base cost price, literally the cheapest we can make it.

And much, maybe, more: The rules of Sigil 1.3 is the main reason for the update, but if we come across anything else that can do with a polish, we certainly will give it a good whack. This is also the part where you can suggest any changes you’d like to see in 1.3. If you’ve played the game and read the book and can think of any improvements, give us a shout and we’ll get ready with pen and paper to jot down any of your ideas.

And while we are busy with The Runed Age, you can have your say about what we should work on afterwards by filling out this little survey.

Z-LAND Timeskip: Year 1

The next season of Z-LAND will take place 5 years after the last.

To get you ready for it, Rycon has written what happens during those 5 years and we’ll be posting them here so you can follow along with what happens to the survivors.

Last time we covered the first month of the group’s stay at the Marine Discovery Centre. This time it’s the whole next year.

This time we are doing things a bit differently, and will cut the post up in parts, and first on the list is Jake and Nic’s adventures.

Jake and Nic

It’s the start of a new month and a full moon is high in the night sky. Tonight is the night Jake and Nic leave the reserve to sail into unknown waters in search of others, survivors who might still be trying to eek out an existence in this new world. After much debate it was decided that a note would be the simplest way to inform the rest of the group of their disappearance.

The skills they learnt from Charles over the past month are serving them well as they navigate away with one of the yachts. Their first stop is the Coromandel Peninsula and Kaiaua in the hope that after months Red and Green might still be alive. The sea is quiet but the  wind carries Jake and Nic along, keeping the boat far from shore to avoid rocks or any submerged hazards. Before dawn they reach the firth of Thames. Dropping anchor, the two of them use a double-seated kayak to travel the rest of the distance (it is as of yet the only way to and from the yacht).

The beach is still, only the sounds of waves reach their ears in the cool dawn sun. No sea birds or other signs of life are apparent. Moving to the cover of the dunes they hide the kayak and pull out a map and begin to plot their journey. They never learnt the true location of Red and Green and thus have only approximations to work with.

The two of them walk the dusty farm roads in the direction of their old home, holding still from time to time as the sound of animals growling seemingly follows them. On their path they come across a number of skeletal carcasses of cows torn apart and consumed to the bone. In time the growling dissipates and they move on, the dim light offering them cover from the wide spanning fields.

The peaks of the Hunua ranges are touched by the sun as they reach the old bach, blackened, broken, destroyed. The fire from the initial explosion had spread, scorching the surrounding area anything that remained was lost to the flames.

With a quick search of the hanger further from the Bach the small cessna still sits undisturbed. They take note of it as the idea of flying above all this carnage is certainly appealing, but neither of them have the talent to make this old bird fly.

Returning to the Bach the burnt remains of Cliff lays on the ground facing skyward. It’s now that they notice what seems to be countless footprints that have trampled the area around the bach. A horde of people moved through here, or so it seems. But this march wasn’t recent, it was quite some time ago, more than likely after the big boom. Walking down the slope towards the chicken farm Nic catches something reflective out the corner of his eye in the morning sun.

There amongst the grass they find a metal serving tray with a leather belt attached to it. A shield, lost by their friend months ago. Perhaps it might keep them safe? The thought runs through their minds as they reach the coop, or what remains of it. The fences are bent facing downwards and door and windows of the structure lay smashed and broken. All around them feathers weighed down with blood attempt to fly away in the morning breeze. The small bones of countless birds are scattered throughout the field.

Jake flicks on his radio, turning it to the frequency he once used to contact Red and Green. He calls and waits, and waits, and waits. There’s no response. Only silence.

The two of them continue to search the surrounding hills, hoping to find some trace, some sign of the two a trail of smoke, a car in the distance, but the surrounding countryside offers none of that. Only silent rolling hills and by this time the sun approaches it’s zenith. There are homes in the distance but spying through his binoculars Jake only sees slowly shambling figures in groups of two to six. Defeated, they begin to return to the yacht but not without trouble. The same growling that was heard in the morning returns, barks and howls follow them as they both pick up the pace, running through the troughs of the land, hiding themselves from further view.

As they reach the shore and their kayak the hounds are right on their tail. A pack of dogs varying in species dart after them with foaming mouths and bloodied faces. Pushing the kayak into the water they begin to paddle as quickly as they can. The fastest of the hounds leap into the water after them. Nic smacks them back with his paddle while Jake continues to power forward in the front. Before long they begin to outpace the creatures but the hounds haven’t given up their chase yet. Pulling the kayak back on board the yacht the anchor is reeled back up and the sail unfurled. The yapping, growling and snarling surrounds the boat as they kick the small engine into action, giving them a starting chance. Finally the wind finds the sails and the engine is turned off. They escape, leaving the hounds behind and with them the chance of finding Red and Green.

Their voyage over the next year follows a very similar course, but with each landing they both become more proficient. They stay in the Firth of Thames for some time, gathering equipment, resources, and holding onto the hope of finding Red and Green. Their procedures for dealing with the dead help them search in areas otherwise inaccessible. Using batteries and the removed horns from vehicles, they manage to lure much of the dead away from the areas in which they search, and when they cannot the two of them work in tandem to take each threat down one by one.

In one of these raids they manage to acquire semi-portable radio equipment from Thames-proper, but not without danger. Their foray into the city of Thames on a moonlit night revealed a new kind of danger, many of the bones the littered the streets where just that, bones. No flesh remaining on them at all, similar to what they had experienced in Warkworth. Finally the cause was found in the form of a squeaking, squealing mass of rodents, hundreds of the things but they all seemed somewhat different to the rats Jake and Nic knew pre-fall: many had little to no hair and appeared sick and pale. They washed over the streets like a flood, climbing up and over the decaying cars, flowing out from the sewer openings and towards the two of them. The mass was fast, faster than the Jake and Nic, and the only option seemed to be to climb and so them did, but the mass followed.

Nic helped Jake on top of a nearby cargo truck and with only moments before the wave would crest the top the large vehicle it seem to lessen, the rodents toppled and falled as their base gave way, chasing something else, something further down the road. It was one of lifeless, the shambling dead. The wave of rodents rushed towards it and toppled the man in seconds. The swarm writhed over the top of him and Jake and Nic took this as their chance to escape. With the equipment in hand they ran from the horrid scene as the noise of the creatures consuming the dead creature stayed firmly locked in their minds.

Using the yacht’s small solar and wind system Jake enacts an idea to broadcast an AM frequency station everyday at the same time, to share what information the two of them have learnt so far: Information on the dead, Survival Techniques, Medical Knowledge, Information on Food, Fishing, Growing Etc, Where Not To Go, and Sharing Noteable Events.

They broadcast on the boats CB radio earlier in the day, sharing the radio frequency of the AM broadcast and hoping that someone might respond. However no one ever does. After acquiring what they could from Thames cautiously approaching the city again and again the decision to move on is made.

They journey around the peninsula at night, and as the path brings them within sight of Great Barrier Island, the two of them quietly look out towards the large island a shadow on the night time horizon. Recalling the horror that was dropped onto Little Barrier, they silently slip by, eventually reaching the many coastal towns along the southern edge of the peninsula. All are seemingly deserted or with a number of dead too large to manage by themselves. Still, they gather what supplies and information they can, searching for signs of life and sometimes finding the remains of it. Large campsites, with many tents and rudimentary structures but all seem abandoned or in the worse cases graveyards with the grisly remains of those who called this place home on display.

Whangamata and Waihi show signs of widespread fire with many structures in complete ruin. Along the beaches are the remains of countless people and boats that wash ashore, they are the lifeless and many can do nothing but crawl on their stomachs back into the waves to “chase” the yacht as is sails on by. It’s as they reach the heart of the Bay of Plenty that they encounter their first true sign of life. From the direction of Mount Maunganui they spy two small metal dinghies headed right towards them. With a set of binoculars it quickly becomes apparent that the two vessels rushing towards them have a number of armed individuals on board. Jake counts six in total, three on each ship. They have what look to be rifles of a kind pointed towards the yacht and they are blitzing towards them at full speed. There is no way to out run them with the current winds so another action is demanded.

What’s going to happen to Jake and Nic? Find out next time on the Z-LAND timeskip!


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New Year, New Runed Age

We hope you all have a very happy new year, and a prosperous 2019 ahead.

Now that Brotherhood is on DriveThruRPG, it’s time to start work on the next project. You voted on what we should work on next, and as you can see by the colourful pie-chart above, you want us to update The Runed Age to the Sigil 1.2 rules.

We’re already hard at work on updating The Runed Age, and making it look clean and pretty for its 1.2 version (and if you join our Discord server, you’ll already see a few sneak peeks), but it’s not just about the looks with this update. When we are finished with it, you will finally be able to get your hands on a Runed Age hardcover version. If you’ve already bought the Runed Age, then when the time comes, we’ll give you a coupon to get the hardcover version at cost price.

And while we start on updating The Runed Age, you can already start having your say about what we should work on afterwards.

Sigil Casino Games: Blackjack

Has your character ever wandered into a bar, tavern or inn and wanted to pass some time? Does your character want to make some quick and have the itch for cards and dice? Or do you just want to play some mini games inside of your game?

Well in this side-series of posts, we’ll cover some popular casino games and how your characters can play them in your games.

First off: Blackjack


The rules of Blackjack are fairly simple: you want to get as close to the number 21 without going over. Go over and you lose, get closer to 21 than the rest of the group (or the dealer) and you win. This works pretty much exactly like a Sigil System Skill Check, so it should be quite familiar.

Rather than using cards, for Sigil Blackjack you use d10s. Just like with the cards, when you roll a 1 you can choose whether it counts as a 1 or an 11. So if you roll a 10 and a 1, you can declare that 1 to be an 11 and you got your 21 right there.

To start a game of blackjack, everyone places their bets (which we’ll get to below), and then and then all the players involved roll 2d10 to get their starting numbers. The players can then elect to stay at their current number, or to roll an additional d10 to add to their total. This goes on until everyone has decided to stay at their totals, or have gotten a number higher than 21. Then, whomever has gotten closest to 21 takes the pot. If more than one person got 21, they share the pot.

Note: that this only counts if you play informally in a group. If your character walked into a casino and is playing against a dealer, then count every player as playing a single game against the dealer, rather than each other.

Extra Rules

Splitting: If you roll doubles, you can decide to turn each dice into its own bet and its own hand. This means that you bet a second time, and roll an additional dice for each existing dice. Playing two hands at once doubles your chances at succeeding, but it also doubles the risk.

And speaking of doubling:

Doubling down: After rolling just 1 more dice (for a total of 3), you can decide you like your hand so much that you are going to double down. This means that you double your bet, but you can’t add any more dice to your totals.


Betting in the Sigil System works by using “points” of your character’s Wealth Skill Level. If you win, you gain a bonus to your Wealth Skill Check equal to the amount of points you’ve won until such a time as your GM decides you have used up all of your winnings (at least for 1 session). Similarly, you won’t lose any levels in your Wealth Skill if you lose a bet, but you will take a penalty to any Wealth Skill Checks equal to the amount of points your lost.

You can bet as many points of Wealth up to your character’s Wealth Skill Level plus any points you have already won. Other characters can “spot” you some money by taking a penalty to their Wealth Skill Checks, and you will gain some “points” to bet with.

Brotherhood is now on sale

The Brotherhood faction mod for the Sigil System is now available for PWYW on DriveThruRPG. Click the banner above or CLICK HERE to get your hands on it!

Brotherhood is all about getting your characters some friends, family and a home to call their own. It’s about making factions, playing in and against them, and working towards something larger than yourself.

Inside the mod you’ll find:

  • A full generator for building your faction’s history alongside its skills and attributes
  • Rules for creating a base for your faction and how to upgrade and expand it during play
  • A system for recruiting prospects that subtly change your faction the more members you get
  • A mission system for sending your faction out on assignments
  • Random events that can destabilise your faction if not managed
  • Sample factions to start your campaign with

Brotherhood: Bards’ Guild

Last time on our faction system walkthrough, we showcased the Thieves’ Guild.

And with Brotherhood finally done now, here is the last of the guilds.

Bards’ Guild

Faction Fluff

Name: The Twisted Lillies
Faction Type: Entertainers/Bards
Theme: Money/Trade
Motto: Beauty And Fame
Rulership: Seniority of Service
Recruitment offers: Brotherhood
Oddities: Distinctive weapon/tool
Faction Goal: Extend/increase their influence over an area/faction.
Allied Faction: Socialites/Bourgeois
Rival Faction: Thieves/Smugglers
Age: Old
# of Events: 6
Events: Bribery, Creation, Miracle, Betrayal, Betrayal, Champion
# of Members: 29


Reputation: 66
Wealth: 58
Notoriety: 24
Treachery: 40
Might: 38


Athletics: 37
Coercion: 24
Combat: 37
Craft: 58
Drive: 25
Mental: 59
Negotiate: 62
Perception: 46
Special: 62
Stealth: 46

Faction Base

Luxuriousness: Rich
Acquisitions: Crew Quarters, Entertainment Space, Hygiene/Bathing, Kitchen/Dining, Dock/Garage, Vehicles, Specialist Quarters, Office Space
Specialists: Diplomat

And that’s it for all the Guilds. Next time we’ll give you a sneak peak at what the faction sheet will look like before Brotherhood gets released .


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Turn yourself into a Sigil character

For the Sigil System as well as the next supplement for Z-LAND, we are working on creating a character generator that will model your character after you (the real life you) in the most faithful way possible. In essence, we want to turn your into a Sigil character.

To build that generator, we need to know one thing: how the 20 Sigil Skills fit together. We need to know which ones go with which, what Skills are contrasted, and if there are groups of Skills that naturally flow together.

That’s where you come in. We made a survey just for you. It has the 20 Sigil Skills in it and you just have to say how good you think you are at each Skill in real life. We’ll then take all the responses, do some fancy data analysis on it, and see what pops out. After all that, we will build the character generator and publish it.

So if you’ve ever wanted to really play as yourself in a tabletop RPG, here is the survey: https://goo.gl/forms/9mdYvxTv7IxzVSiV2

Brotherhood: Thieves’ Guild

Last time on our faction system walkthrough, we showcased the Warriors’ Guild.

And with Brotherhood just around the corner, here is the Thieves’ Guild.

Thieves’ Guild

Faction Fluff

Name: The Black Rats
Faction Type: Thieves/Smugglers
Theme: Criminal/Underworld
Motto: Wealth Through Silence
Rulership: Democratic Single Ruler
Recruitment offers: Wealth
Oddities: Communicates chiefly in code.
Faction Goal: Gain more usable, spendable money.
Allied Faction: Entertainers/Bards, Assassins/Contractors
Rival Faction: Vigilantes/Lawmen
Age: Vintage
# of Events: 6
Events: Blackmail, Betrayal, Bribery, Fall, Sprout, Friend Gained
# of Members: 37


Reputation: 22
Wealth: 37
Notoriety: 39
Treachery: 75
Might: 70


Athletics: 70
Coercion: 41
Combat: 70
Craft: 38
Drive: 41
Mental: 38
Negotiate: 27
Perception: 72
Special: 28
Stealth: 72

Faction Base

Luxuriousness: Poor
Acquisitions: Armory, Camouflage, Crew quarters, Dock/Garage, Hygiene/bathing, Jail, Kitchen/dining, Office space, Safehouse, Specialist quarters, Misc (eg storage)x2, Training grounds, secret passageway, Vehicles, Defensive structures
Specialists: Scout

And that’s it for the Thieves’ Guild. Next time will be the last of the premade faction showcase, and we’ll cap it all off with the Bards.


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Brotherhood: Warriors’ Guild

Last time on our faction system walkthrough, we showcased the Mages’ Guild.

This time we’re showcasing the most noble of factions, the Warriors’ Guild.

Warriors’ Guild

To be in the Warrior’s Guild is to be amongst brothers who’ve bled and fought alongside you.

Faction Fluff

Name: The Broken Blades
Faction Type: Warriors/Soldiers
Theme: War/Combat
Motto: Death Gives Us Honour
Rulership: Might Makes Right Autocrat
Recruitment offers: Might
Oddities: Arduous joining/initiation rituals.
Faction Goal: Build up and expand their offensive power.
Allied Faction: Traders/Craftsmen, Vigilantes/Lawmen
Rival Faction: Assassins/Contractors
Age: Ancient
# of Events: 9
Events: Champion, Battle Won, Sprout, Destruction, Sprout, Fall, Friend Gained, Battle Lost, Loyalty
# of Members: 42


Reputation: 1
Wealth: 27
Notoriety: 42
Treachery: 37
Might: 63


Athletics: 62
Coercion: 42
Combat: 63
Craft: 28
Drive: 43
Mental: 27
Negotiate: 1
Perception: 32
Special: 1
Stealth: 32

Faction Base

Luxuriousness: Poor
Acquisitions: Armoury, Crew Quarters, Training Grounds, Dock/Garage, Vehicles

And that’s it for the Warriors’ Guild. Next time we’ll show you what the Thieves’ Guild is like.


Remember that you get to choose what we work on after the Brotherhood faction Mod has been made, so CLICK HERE to vote!

Z-LAND Timeskip: Month 1

The next season of Z-LAND will take place 5 years after the last.

To get you ready for it, Rycon has written what happens during those 5 years and we’ll be posting them here so you can follow along with what happens to the survivors.

Last time we covered the first week of the group’s stay at the Marine Discovery Centre. This time it’s the next month.

Month 1

Having returned successfully with medical supplies and prosthetics Scott begins to work and refit one of the legs to work for him. Schalk refuses to use an arm and continues to live a somewhat isolated life atop the Accom Roof.

Schalk’s rooftop home keeps him isolated from the others but he still share meals with the group, but refuses to share the information he has gathered over the radio. The harbor around him has remained calm. No sign of watercraft or aircraft for that matter and as the month draws on a renewed sense of isolation begins to set in… almost, if not for the series of beeps he has begun to communicate with. The person to which he “speak” reveals very little about themselves other than the fact that they had no idea that anyone was still alive on the mainland. They have made the assumption that Schalk’s signal isn’t coming from where ever they are based. His communication with this person surrounds nothing of strategic importance but rather the mundane aspect of their life and Schalk’s. Over the passing days something of a bond has been forming between the two of them, but then as the month begins to draw to an end the communication abruptly stops and is replaced once again by the same routine transfers of information: longitude and latitude for locations down the West Coast of New Zealand.

These night time communications weren’t his only responsibility, however, and during some days of the week he cycled out with Frank and some of the other survivors, helping out with the construction efforts. While on their look out the other survivors took point atop the Red Hill, the location of which the skeletal remains of two children were found. The hill has a great view of the surrounding area so the others are fine to leave Schalk’s roof top abode alone, with a few of them imagining his arm bone or other pieces just laying about (rumors have been a foot).

Over the month Scott continues his mornings fishing with Charles. The lines are still biting and they’re both careful to take only what they need as the community is still limited by what they can preserve and store. At request of Jake, Charles & Jonah have begun sailing lessons for the group. Scott, Charles, Jonah, Jake and Nic travelled on the Second Chance back to Little Barrier early in the morning, arriving just as the sun began to rise. Looking out from the boat in the dull light Scott witnesses the blackened remains of the bunkhouses. He doesn’t seem to see any sign of the powder that was once dropped on the cove but the decision to stay on the water remains. Piloting the Second Chance, he drops Jonah and Charles off at two of the eight sailing vessels that remained anchored in the bay, Jake and Nic having split themselves between the two ships. Six of the sailboats remained anchored in the cove as the three piloted ships they all control make their way back to Goat Island.

After the successful mission, lessons are held before lunch each day with every member of the community attending except Willow, Lulu, Schalk and the children. Early on in the month Scott begins the process of constructing a Blacksmithing Workshop in the garage beneath the MDC Lab 1 Block. Thankfully many tools were already present at the MDC, acetylene torches, welders both above and below water varieties and the space to begin constructing a forge. Coming across an anvil substitute was difficult but at the beach hire shop close by a large oblong piece of steel seemed to fit the bill.

To start off, Scott begins working on small objects, arrowheads in particular after Chloe asked if it would be possible. Frank had taken an interest in the project and worked alongside Scott in the creation of the forge and the subsequent arrowheads. As the month drew on the two of them became more proficient at their work as well as repurposing objects around into new forms. Frank floated the idea of making bracers to protect the arms and legs when the group inevitably left to scavenge and the next stage of the project began.

Chloe and Lulu have become temporary guardians of the two little ones Olivia and Elsa. Lulu spends most of the time with them as Chloe leave the Accom to work on the barricading the MDC accom (once her leg was good enough to walk on) with Frank, Jake, Nic, Schalk, Jonah and occasionally Willow. Once the project is complete and seeing that Scott was attempting to create his first few objects in his newly created workshop, Chloe requests he try make some arrowheads. Chloe wrangles Jen and the kids into a craft project of sorts using duct tape to create fletching for arrows while Chloe attempts to learn how to use some of the woodworking tools the workshop contained. It took many attempts but as the month goes on Chloe gains the capability to make passable arrow shafts and, once combined with Scott arrowheads she had her arrows. In that time Chloe had also made a bow for herself and Jen, and while they’re not incredibly effective, they are enough for the two of them to practice with.

Chloe sets up targets out the back of the MDC by the four large tanks and it was there that the two of them practices during their downtime.

As one of the heads of the barricading effort, Nic assists Jake who seems to be project managing the endeavor. During that time Nic also helps Scott become accustomed to his prosthetic leg, helping him move easier in it and adjusting it as it’s needed. Nic also continues to watch over Chloe as she recovers from her shooting and bite wounds. Schalk’s arm seems to be coming along nicely and there has been no sign of infection, and redressing will no longer be required.

Early in the month Nic takes the time to take stock of all the medicine and medical equipment they have at the MDC. Whenever anything is needed he checks it off the list and a protocol is established that if something is needed they’ve got to come to Nic first. That way nothing should go missing. At least he hopes.

Willow has been a difficult issue for everyone to deal with and the woman still chooses to live alone in the house on the hill. Jen brings her food each days and seems to be the only one to have talked to her. Nic has seen her as she helps with the barricading, always working but always silent. Lulu suggests that seingas it seems that they’ve lost their nurse that the group will need another one, insinuating Nic.

Nic spend the evenings using what little light is left to read the emergency first aid manuals that he’s come across while scouring the MDC. He also notices that Lulu has setup a small lab of her own in one of the existing labs with the hopes to produce medication somewhere down the line. It seems like a pie in the sky plan but he assists her where he can.

With everyone working on the barricading on rotating schedules it’s finished early in the month with all windows on level one sealed with silicon across the whole window with chicken wire reinforcing the glass and finally covered with plywood boards. Furthermore lavender bushes are replanted near the base of the building and in small pots hanging from the second story windows to cover any human smells that might drift. Around either entrance to the building a fenced off “airlock” is built using plywood and fencing posts. Essentially allowing them use this “airlock” to limit the chance of something entering behind another.

On the upper levels of the Accom stairways are reinforced with slide out barricades that sit at waist height limiting the ability of an attacker on the stairs. Curtains are stripped from the other buildings and layered over the existing curtains to create a blackout effect limiting light leak to the outside.

On the second level two rooms are set aside as contamination rooms which have an extra level of sealant around the entrances. A drop plank barricade is set on either door too, to keep an occupant locked inside. Once the first stage of construction is complete Jake begins his sailing lessons alongside the others. In the afternoons Jake, Nic and Jonah scout the surrounding area, searching the houses for supplies and tools. On one of their first trips out, a house close to the MDC is discovered to have two large solar panels on its roof and a storage system. The three of them disconnect it and return it to the MDC, choosing the top of the Accom building as the prime location for the panels. Schalk assists Jake in setting up the panels on the roof and will be wiping them clear of any debris each morning. The battery system is stored on the third floor with the cables entering through a gap in one of the windows that is again sealed with silicon.

On sunny days they find themselves with a fair bit of energy and power is always left in reserve for a bit of nighttime light. On the energy front the MDC is discovered to have its own emergency generator which can provide power to the whole complex. However fuel reserves are low and the decision is made by the group to leave the generator for emergencies only.

Manual washing machines are set up, just a drum on an angle with a few paddles attach to the internal side of it driven by a push bike. Two stations are used, one for home gear and one for scouting gear, always washed separately.

As the month draws to an end Jake prepares himself mentally for what is to come. He will be leaving, but will he tell the others before he does, and does he intend to ask Nic to join him?

The month is quiet on the dead front. While searching the nearby properties it becomes clear that many left the area after the longest night. Some grizzly scenes are still found in bedrooms and nurseries as the scavenging teams search through them. Corpses nearly eaten to the bone and smashed windows where the creatures had exited into the wider world. As the month continues the group slowly starts to become more of a community with everyone taking up a position of some kind. Some learning new skills, others practicing old ones. They’ve all remained quite, enjoying the change of pace. For the first time in many nights they find themselves sleeping well in their recently reinforced building. New friendships begin to form between what once was two groups, but a collective unease around Willow still remains.

Everyone has participated in the watch at some stage with The Red Hill being chosen as the best spot to watch over the complex and the wider Goat Island region.

Food has been plentiful thanks to the marine reserve and water has come clean from the collection tanks on the complex. They could get used to this, the pace of life and a chance to breath after what has felt like a none stop sprint from the longest night till now. Roots have the planted and projects have begun but this is only that start of Goat Island. What will the next year bring?


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Brotherhood: Mages’ Guild

Last time on our faction system walkthrough, we showcased the first of the premade factions that you’ll find in the mod, the Assassins’ Guild.

This time we’re showcasing the most otherworldy of factions, the Mages’ Guild.

Mages’ Guild

To be a mage is to be a god amongst men, so what happens when you put of gods together?

Faction Fluff

Name: The Runic Prophets
Faction Type: Academics/Scholars
Theme: Supernatural/Occultism
Motto: Knowledge Thus Magic
Rulership: Appointed Merito/Geniocrats
Recruitment offers: Mysticism
Oddities: Extensive ritualistic practices.
Faction Goal: Become better at what they specialise in.
Allied Faction: Bureaucrats/Officials
Rival Faction: Warriors/Soldiers
Age: Old
# of Events: 5
Events: Creation, Lunacy, Destruction, Wisdom, Miracle
# of Members: 34


Reputation: 100
Wealth: 82
Notoriety: 3
Treachery: 1
Might: 56


Athletics: 55
Coercion: 3
Combat: 56
Craft: 82
Drive: 3
Mental: 82
Negotiate: 98
Perception: 1
Special: 96
Stealth: 1

Faction Base

Luxuriousness: Lavish
Acquisitions: Base, Crew Quarters, Specialist quarters x4, Office Space x3, Kitchen/Dining, Hygiene/Bathing, Training Grounds, Misc (library).
Specialists: Tutor, Sage, Bouncer, Physician

And that’s it for the Mages’ Guild. Next time we’ll show you what the Warriors’ Guild is like.


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