Runic Magic released!

We’ve finished revamping and streamline the runic arrays and the new rules can be found on DriveThruRPG! So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to go get your hands on it!

If you’ve already got yourself The Runed Age Corebook, then you’ll have received an email from DriveThruRPG with a download link to a modified version of these rules just for the Runed Age.

Inside this document you’ll find:

  • Rules for using this magic as both drawn runic magic as well as the more traditional spoken incantations.
  • A full rune list showing how each rune works and how they interact with each other.
  • Sample runic spells to use in your games and use as references.
  • Cutout templates to draw your own runic magic on.

New Runic Magic System

Some of you may have been wondering why there hasn’t been a Runic Arrays post in quite some time. While we have been hard at work on Z-LAND, the real answer is that we have been reworking the runic magic system into a new, more streamlined system.

It won’t replace the original runic magic system found in The Runed Age, but it will allow you to use the magic system more often in game as it is quicker and more efficient to use. And, hopefully, more understandable.

With all that said, here is a preview of what is to come:

The new runic magic system is a slot-based, modular system where you will work from a template to swap runes in and out of their designated positions to create your runic effects. There are five types of slots, and each type of slot has its own selection of runes that can be used. Each runic array must have all five slots (and only one of each), and a rune in all five slots, in order to work. This means that as soon as you understand what all five slots do, you can quickly and easily add and remove runes to create new runic arrays.

The Size slot works much the same as the Size Modification runes before and they just say how big the magical effect will be.

The Shape slot, as its name implies, says what shape the magical effect will be in. Eg: a ball, a cone, a column, a disk, a wall, etc.

The Action slot is where you say exactly what you want to do. Do you want to create, contain, transmute, push, pull, etc. This is what the magical effect will actually be doing.

The Target and Trigger slots share the same pool of runes, because they state what is being done and when it is being done. Or in other words, Do the Action to the Target if the Trigger is present. For example: Create (action) Water (target) if Fire (trigger) is present, or Float (action) Human (target) if Human (trigger) is present.

And that’s it. That is all there is to know about creating the new runic arrays. All those pages and pages of rules from before condensed into five easy rules to remember. This will make it easier to use the runic magic system in your games since that’s all you need to know to make them. And with just these five rules you can make something like this:

This creates a small ball of fire if air is present.

But that’s not all.

Since all the new runic arrays will follow the same format and same template, it is even easier to display them. Rather than putting them in a circle, you can lay them out like this:

And that’s exactly what we will be doing in the future. These runic lines will always follow the same order (Size, Shape, Action, Target, Trigger) so it will be easy to follow along with what we post, and in your games, rather than having someone physically draw out all their arrays, you can simply draw them in a runic line like this to save time and get back into the action. So, in our future posts and in your games, your runic lines can look like this:

So just like the array above, this runic line says Small, Ball, Create, Fire, Air, which means: In a Small Ball Create Fire if there is Air.

And that’s all there is to know about our new magic system, barring the devils in the details. We’re in the midst of typing all this up and you will be able to get the full pdf of the new rules, the new rune list, and all our previous runic arrays on DriveThruRPG before long.

Custom Stormforge Clothing

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Z-Land Campaign Podcast

To go along with the Z-Land Campaign YouTube series (produced by Rycon Roleplays), there will also be a Z-Land Podcast that you’ll be able to download and take with you wherever you go to hear the exploits of an unprepared party in the post-apocalyptic hell that is Z-Land.

While we did, and will, have a camera rolling throughout our campaign sessions, the Z-Land campaign is all about the audio, so just be listening you’ll feel as if you are right there with the group taking on the apocalyptic world one session at a time.

Both the YouTube series and Podcast will start this coming Saturday (North American time), but its regular slot on Rycon’s schedule will be Wednesdays (North American time).

30% Runed Age Products

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ENnie Awards

That time of year is closing in on us again, when all the developers and publishers send in their very best products and start praying feverishly.

That’s right, the ENnie Awards are right around the corner and we have submitted three of our products that we hope to get nominated.

The judges get to work in a couple of weeks and we will all hear by July if we did get a nomination. So keep your fingers crossed and we’ll keep you updated July rolls around.

Discord Channels and Ruined Sale

We’re always to have a chat with anyone that comes by, and with Z-Land now well into its beta we would love to hear feedback and criticism about the game and how we can make it even better.

So if you’re keen for a chat, you can always find us here on the site or on social media, but if you prefer a more real time conversation we also have a little spot on Rycon Roleplays’ Discord Server. We have The Runed Age Channel if you want to chat about anything to do with the Runed Age, its campaigns or anything runic related and then there is also the Z-Land Channel where you can chat with all the other beta testers (and those curious about it) about how the game is coming along.

So CLICK HERE and come join us on Discord for some good conversation!

And because we like all of you so much, we’ve put The Runed Age and its two Ruined Man campaign books on sale over on DriveThruRPG for 50% off! So if you haven’t yet gotten your hands on these, now is your chance!

Z-Land Beta 2.0

The Z-Land 2.0 has been released, and for those who already got into the beta it should be on its way to you right now. If you want to sink your teeth into the beta, you can now grab it from DriveThruRPG.

2.0 brings with it 2 major mechanics: Food Spoilage and Threat.

Food Spoilage is exactly what it says it is. It uses a very simple mechanic to track how long until the food you have spoils and can no longer be eaten. You already have to deal with hunger and starvation and now you have to worry about your good going off. Other than keeping you on your toes, the purpose of this mechanic is to keep you moving. If your food never went off or spoiled then you can happily set up camp somewhere safe, have a pint and just wait for the apocalypse to (hopefully) blow over. But if your food has a time limit that means you have to keep going out there into the ruins scavenging for food and that makes the game exciting.

The second mechanic is Threat. Threat deals with the consequences of going around scavenging or in general just making noise. Threat deals with how many individuals (alive, dead or undead) hear the noise you are making and how far away they are. Threat is also the first foray into our environment system as each environment deals with sound differently. Sound carries further in open plains than in a densely backed urban district, but there are far fewer people out on the open plains than in a city.

So stay on the move and keep your ears and eyes open!

As always, we love to hear feedback on these new mechanics and absolutely everything else in the Z-Land Beta. If you wanna chat to us you can email us at or you can find us on the Rycon Roleplays Discord Server where you can chat to fellow beta testers about your experiences in the apocalypse.

Z-Land beta on sale now!

Due to popular demand, we have made the beta rules to Z-Land publicly available on DriveThruRPG, so CLICK HERE to get it! If you wanted to back the Kickstarter but didn’t get in on time, now is your chance! We will be updating the beta constantly with new rules and fixes and all that carry on, and through the magic of DriveThru’s website, you will automatically get the updates as we put them out.

Just bear in mind that the beta will only ever stay the beta. It will (eventually) have all the rules and mechanics for the game, but no lore or background or pretty art. It won’t transform into the fully completed book at any stage. If you get the beta, you get the beta.

Array Journal Volume 2 Cards

The cards have finally arrived from DriveThru and they are looking absolutely fantastic! If you have been wanting to get the Journal of Array Design Volume 2 in a more pocket friendly version, well then look no further. All the arrays and incantations from the Journal are in the deck and they’ll make your lives at the gaming table so much easier. Not to mention that they look smashing.

So CLICK HERE or the picture above to head over to DriveThru and get your hands on these tasty beasties.

Magic Mondays – Updated Sigil System Incantations

Instead of an array for Magic Mondays this week, we bring you and update to the Sigil System book and to the incantations.

For those of you who already have your hands on the Journal of Array Design Volume 2, you might have noticed that we slyly, and slightly, changed the way incantations work. It’s not a big change, and it does make life far easier for you.

In some arrays (like the Fireball incantation) you will find, or you can make, runes that have modifications on top of modifications on top of modifications. For example, you can want to increase the speed of a Pull rune by modifying it with a Quicken rune that is in turn modified by another Quicken rune and so on until you have a Pull rune with a “tail” of 5 Quicken runes.

Normally, you would read this part of the incantation like so: (Pull, modified by Quicken, modified by Quicken, modified by Quicken, modified by Quicken, modified by Quicken). Or as an incantation: Ob Trehen Ant Schniv Ant Schniv Ant Schniv Ant Schniv Ant Schniv Cob. This is technically correct, but it is also a lot of repetition that needlessly extends the incantation.

Instead, you can simply say by how many times a rune is modified by itself. That would turn this part of the incantation to look like this: (Pull, modified by Quicken by five). Or as an incantation: Ob Trehen Ant Schniv Fayf Cob. You still have the same information, but in a far more compact form.

And that’s it! Rather than repeating yourself endlessly, you can now simply say by many modifications you are using and cut all that time out sounding like you have bad stutter.

If you have already downloaded the Sigil System, you should have received an email for an updated version so you are good to go.

Also, if you haven’t yet gotten your hands on the Journal of Array Design Volume 2, click the banner above and get right onto it.