New Year, New Sigil System

It’s a brand new year and that means new things are just around the corner!

First up for you this year we have the Sigil System 1.2.

It’s a major update that comes with a whole list of changes.

The biggest change you will see is how Skill Checks work. Rather than trying to get as far below your Skill Level as possible, you now want to get as high as possible while still remaining under your Skill Level. Think of it like Blackjack rules. You want to get at or under, but never above. So now you will never have to take your roll result and subtract it from your Skill Level. Now, as long as you rolled below your Skill Level, your roll result is your final result. This will make combat a breeze.

Speaking of combat, we’ve also added in an Initiative system that keeps the narrative quality of the Sigil System while giving you a more structured combat sequence.

We’ve changed some of the skills around to give you some more options. We’ve expanded the Craft Skill into two (Broad-Craft and Fine-Craft) and we’ve changed Insight and Lore into Intuition and Logic to make them a bit more useful in more situations. We’ve also gotten rid of the Perform Skill and expanded the Athletics Skill into Athletics (for your quick and agile movements) and Might (for your strength type actions).

We’ve also removed the Contacts Skill and created a whole Contacts Creation system so that you have a bit more personal touch with the NPCs in your game.

Lastly we’ve expanded on the weapons rules to give you better weapons ranges and different damages for different classes of weapons.

More to come

Now that Sigil 1.2 is out we’re going to revamp the Stealth and Runic Magic Mods to bring them up to speed as well as to add some character creation options for if you want to add in some magical and/or stealthy background options to your characters.

Our next major release that’s just around the corner will be a Mod dedicated to all things cleric/paladin and warlocks. “Brightest Night” will cover all your holy and evil magics as well as ways to bring them into your campaign, so stay tuned.

Runed Christmas Sale

Another year is almost gone and Christmas is already just around the corner! And you know what that means, it means jolly good old sale!

While you’re looking around for presents to buy, treat yourself to a little runic magic and delve into the world of the Runed Age with the Runed Christmas sale. You’ll find all 3 major Runed Age books in this bundle as well as a few free goodies to get you started in the massive, magical, metropolitan city of Middelburg.

You’ll get all of this for only $19.99 and you can click on either the banner below or the image above to get straight to the bundle.

The sale will run for the entirety of the Christmas season so you be sure to spread the word around and have everyone have a very merry runic Christmas!

Z-LAND Beta 5.0 released!

The new version of the Z-Land beta is now out and on its way to you!

It’s version 5.0 and it is a huge beta release. So much has changed since the wee days of 4.1.

We’ve changed how Opposed Rolls and Damage is done. No longer do you need to work out how far below your skill you rolled. Now as long as you rolled below your skill, whatever it says on the dice is the degree of success. For Opposed Rolls this means whoever rolled highest under their skill wins. Same with damage. If you roll a 30 and that’s under your skill, then you did 30 damage.

We’ve changed how Physical and Mental Grievous Wounds heal. They are no longer a 10 session sentence. Now Grievous Wounds will heal in game time until that limb is usable again. Got a bone fracture? Well then that’s 6-8 weeks of in game time before you’ll lose that -15 penalty. Similar with Grievous Mental Wounds. Now you will have to overcome the terrors in your mind by being exposed to whatever caused your Grievous Mental Wound before you’ll lose it.

We’ve added in damage classes for both melee and ranged weapons and changed the range bands of ranged weapons. Now it will matter whether you are carrying a knife or a wood axe with you in the apocalyptic wastelands.

We also now have an initiative/turn order system so you’re combat encounters will be more streamlined and more ordered without losing any narrative quality.

Exposure is now a thing, so you better make sure you’re never too hot or too cold or else you can get hypo/hyperthermia. That would be a sad way to go in a world of zombies.

Lastly we’ve given some new ways to gain EXP at the end of a session and it’s all through beating death. Avoided infection from a zombie bite? 1 EXP for you? Survived hypo/hyperthermia? Another EXP for you. Same with thirst, hunger and exhaustion. The more you survive the cold hands of death, the more EXP you will get.

Also we got a questionnaire for all of you that have read or played Z-LAND. It’s about the beta and it will help us make the beta even better than it is now. Please take a minute and help us help you help Z-LAND.

Halloween Sale!

It’s the Halloween Sale over on DriveThruRPG and everything horror related is 31% off!

Lucky for you, we have three of our products in the sale, so click on one of the banners below to get your hands on them before the sale ends!

The Grand City of Middelburg is a vast metropolis that is home to over a million souls… and one hellish demon. This hellion stalks the shadows to prey on the lives of men and feast on their very terror. This ruin of a man has come into the city like a thief in the night and now seems to rule it through fear, yet noone has ever lain eyes upon it and lived. The string of murders left behind in its wake grows more gruesome and horrific as the days tick by and yet there seems to be no end to what this monstrosity has planned for this once serene city. Can you survive the Ruined Man’s machinations? Can you survive in a city that is tearing itself apart at the seams? Can you survive when all around you the people turn upon one another in paranoia and suspicion? Can you survive in the Ruined City?

Welcome back to the Grand City of Middelburg, a vast metropolis that is home to over a million souls… and one hellish demon. Once the most prosperous and bustling city on the continent’s east coast, it is now the haven of fear, distrust, grief and death. It has been six month since the hellion that stalks the night began its reign of terror, butchering its victims in the most cruel and inhuman ways, and the city bleeds like an injured doe. You have survived thus far in the Ruined City, but as your comrades leave this world through the Ruined Man’s mad machinations, you wonder for how long. The city has now become his and its citizens his fearful vassals. Can you survive the chaos all around you? Can you survive as brother turns upon brother in desperation and paranoia? Can you survive when friends betrays friend and parents murder their children for a scrap of food? Can you survive the Ruined People?

This is Z-Land where humanity is no longer the top of the food chain, where every day could be your last. Hunger, Thirst, Sleep and Exposure all wear down on you in a battle of attrition with the unstoppable Dead. Find the answer to the question “just how long would I survive” as you and your friends attempt to do just that. What makes Z-Land unique is we take the survival aspect of survival-horror very seriously. You will see your character weaken as sleep deprivation, hunger & thirst slowly whittle them down. But that is where the choice comes in, will you just take it? Or will you do anything & everything necessary to survive? How much of yourself can you retain in your battle to survive?

Runic Magic released!

We’ve finished revamping and streamline the runic arrays and the new rules can be found on DriveThruRPG! So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to go get your hands on it!

If you’ve already got yourself The Runed Age Corebook, then you’ll have received an email from DriveThruRPG with a download link to a modified version of these rules just for the Runed Age.

Inside this document you’ll find:

  • Rules for using this magic as both drawn runic magic as well as the more traditional spoken incantations.
  • A full rune list showing how each rune works and how they interact with each other.
  • Sample runic spells to use in your games and use as references.
  • Cutout templates to draw your own runic magic on.

New Runic Magic System

Some of you may have been wondering why there hasn’t been a Runic Arrays post in quite some time. While we have been hard at work on Z-LAND, the real answer is that we have been reworking the runic magic system into a new, more streamlined system.

It won’t replace the original runic magic system found in The Runed Age, but it will allow you to use the magic system more often in game as it is quicker and more efficient to use. And, hopefully, more understandable.

With all that said, here is a preview of what is to come:

The new runic magic system is a slot-based, modular system where you will work from a template to swap runes in and out of their designated positions to create your runic effects. There are five types of slots, and each type of slot has its own selection of runes that can be used. Each runic array must have all five slots (and only one of each), and a rune in all five slots, in order to work. This means that as soon as you understand what all five slots do, you can quickly and easily add and remove runes to create new runic arrays.

The Size slot works much the same as the Size Modification runes before and they just say how big the magical effect will be.

The Shape slot, as its name implies, says what shape the magical effect will be in. Eg: a ball, a cone, a column, a disk, a wall, etc.

The Action slot is where you say exactly what you want to do. Do you want to create, contain, transmute, push, pull, etc. This is what the magical effect will actually be doing.

The Target and Trigger slots share the same pool of runes, because they state what is being done and when it is being done. Or in other words, Do the Action to the Target if the Trigger is present. For example: Create (action) Water (target) if Fire (trigger) is present, or Float (action) Human (target) if Human (trigger) is present.

And that’s it. That is all there is to know about creating the new runic arrays. All those pages and pages of rules from before condensed into five easy rules to remember. This will make it easier to use the runic magic system in your games since that’s all you need to know to make them. And with just these five rules you can make something like this:

This creates a small ball of fire if air is present.

But that’s not all.

Since all the new runic arrays will follow the same format and same template, it is even easier to display them. Rather than putting them in a circle, you can lay them out like this:

And that’s exactly what we will be doing in the future. These runic lines will always follow the same order (Size, Shape, Action, Target, Trigger) so it will be easy to follow along with what we post, and in your games, rather than having someone physically draw out all their arrays, you can simply draw them in a runic line like this to save time and get back into the action. So, in our future posts and in your games, your runic lines can look like this:

So just like the array above, this runic line says Small, Ball, Create, Fire, Air, which means: In a Small Ball Create Fire if there is Air.

And that’s all there is to know about our new magic system, barring the devils in the details. We’re in the midst of typing all this up and you will be able to get the full pdf of the new rules, the new rune list, and all our previous runic arrays on DriveThruRPG before long.

Custom Stormforge Clothing

We just got ourselves a Spreadshirt online store and we’ll be packing it to the rafters with Stormforge designed clothing. So if you’ve always had a desire to wear some awesome runes and sigils (as well as give us some free advertising by walking around in public with it), then just click the banner above and see what we have on offer so far.

And for the next two weeks, you’ll get a 15% discount on all our clothes on Spreadshirt, so get in quick for some cheap Stormforge clothing.

As time goes by, we’ll be adding more designs to the clothing store, and you can definitely expect a lot of Z-Land clothing to come in the next few months as we start digging into the art.

If you happen to live in our neck of the woods down here in Oceania, you can check out our PrintMighty store and shop a bit more locally.

For both stores, if you ever want to see anything specific, just give us a shout and we’ll put the design onto the stores.

Z-Land Campaign Podcast

To go along with the Z-Land Campaign YouTube series (produced by Rycon Roleplays), there will also be a Z-Land Podcast that you’ll be able to download and take with you wherever you go to hear the exploits of an unprepared party in the post-apocalyptic hell that is Z-Land.

While we did, and will, have a camera rolling throughout our campaign sessions, the Z-Land campaign is all about the audio, so just be listening you’ll feel as if you are right there with the group taking on the apocalyptic world one session at a time.

Both the YouTube series and Podcast will start this coming Saturday (North American time), but its regular slot on Rycon’s schedule will be Wednesdays (North American time).