First look at the Ruined Campaign

Interrupting your Future Fridays with some art hot off the presses!

We just got the our cover finished for the first Ruined Campaign book: The Ruined City.

If you love it as much as we do, check out the artist Daniel Tyka here ( for more of his amazing artwork!

The Ruined City is due to be released exactly two months from today, so stay tuned!

Future Friday

The release of The Ruined City campaign book is getting closer and closer, and so we thought we’d take the last few weeks and show you the projects that we have in store for the future.

This week we show you Fulcrum!

The sister setting to The Runed Age that exemplifies many of the philosophies in that setting. In The Runed Age, you are catapulted into the merciless city of Middelburg and then left to the wolves. Between the near almighty Merchant League, the corrupt politicians and all the other criminals in the metropolis, it is all you can do to survive. Being ground beneath the heels of giants puts life into perspective and you will do what you never thought yourself capable of in order to see the next sunrise.

But if you were the giant? What if you were all powerful and omnipotent with the powers of the gods at your beck and call? Could you still justify your actions, however wrong or malicious they are? There is no one to stop you, but your own conscience. Could you look yourself in the mirror knowing you did what you did? Or will the strong subjugate the weak as nature intended? Will you become the next god-emperor and rule the lands as you see fit?

Fulcrum is a game of morality where all the power is put into your hands. What you do with it is entirely up to you. Although, even as a godlike being, your actions won’t be entirely without consequences.
In Fulcrum, you take the role of a Stem, an artificial human created by the gods and gifted with their Words of Creation and Destruction. You are their final gamble to see which god is best, that of Creation or of Destruction. As such, the two gods will bribe you with “gifts” the more your morality aligns with theirs.

Over time, your outward appearance will change until you are no longer human, but beware that these gifts all come with their own strengths and weakness and they are permanent. What may seem to be a blessing today could be a cruel curse tomorrow.

Fulcrum runs on the same magic system as The Runed Age, but where in The Runed Age the arrays are drawn and carved, in Fulcrum they are only spoken. Your incantations and spells have the capacity to change the world, so use your words carefully.

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Future Friday

With the release of The Ruined City campaign book only two months out, we thought we’d take a few weeks and show you the projects that we have in store for the future.

And with that, we’ll start with The Sigil System

The Sigil System is our own unique system that forms the mechanical basis on which The Runed Age was built. Now we’ll be releasing it as its own, and upgraded, ruleset in September. Not only was, and is, The Runed Age built on top of the Sigil System, but each of our future settings, campaigns, and games will also be using the Sigil System.

The Sigil System book will give you all the rules you need to play absolutely any genre of tabletop RPG. You can use it to play anything from fantasy to science fiction, horror to noir mystery and everything in between. That is not all that The Sigil System will give you. Other than all these generic rules, The Sigil System will give you all the magical, supernatural and unique rules for each of the systems and games we will showcase over the next few weeks, giving you a multitude of different playstyles to use as well as paving the way for the future.

All of this in one book, and it will be all yours in September!

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Milestone reached!

We are very glad to announce that we have broken the 50 sales mark! We have now sold over 50 copies of The Runed Age and have had dozens upon dozens of downloads of the Character Sheets and, already, the Journal of Array Design.

We want to thank you, the fans, for your support and would like to ask you to keep spreading the word so that we keep growing and can keep giving you all the awesome content we can.

We also would like to ask everyone who has bought and/or downloaded one of our products to please rate it on DriveThruRPG. Your starred ratings means a lot and can persuade many others looking at the products to buy them as well.

Coming Soon!

Before we get to The Ruined City coming out in June, we’ve got another release coming soon to DriveThruRPG just for you!

The Journal of Array Design will collect every array we have posted thus far in a neat and tidy pdf format, categorised for your convenience. If you have ever thought about using the arrays we post in your game, it will now be so much simpler with everything you need in one document, right at your fingertips!

This will be the first volume and you know that means there will be more! After this volume, we will start collecting all our arrays together until we’ve gotten enough for a second volume. And if you have ever wanted your magic out there for the world to see, well here’s your chance to have your own array designs included in volume 2. Simply send us the array and a description and your name will go down in history along with the greatest of mages, wizards and sorcerers and having taken part in the writing of a spellbook!

And to add the cherry on the top, the Journal of Array Design will be completely free! It’s a gift from us to you to make your games all the better.

The 2016 Release Schedule

Now that the Christmas season is past and New Years has come and gone, it’s time to look towards the future. The Runed Age Corebook is not the only thing that Stormforge Productions will ever create; we are not a one trick pony. We are currently in preproduction on four new IPs and you will hear more news about them later on this year.

For now, however, here is this years release schedule!

This year we will start the grand first campaign for the Runed Age, beginning with The Ruined City in June and The Ruined People in December. This will be a four part campaign, but perhaps more importantly the four books will be your guide through the city of Middelburg. We will take your through each district in the city, tell you its history and show you the interesting parts of them and you will explore them as you play the campaign. The campaign itself will be a blend of Noir murder mystery and some classic horror. By the end of the campaign, not only will you know as much about the city of Middelburg as I do, you will also have experienced it first hand in this thrilling campaign.

In September we will be releasing The Sigil System as its very own book. The Sigil System forms the backbone of The Runed Age and will form the basis for all the RPGs we will release. So with that in mind we will release it as a setting neutral system and expand it well beyond the scope of The Runed Age so that you can use it to play any sort of game and setting.

We’ve got a busy year and some interesting times ahead, so stay tuned!

Only 7 days to go!

The final countdown is here, folks! Only seven days left till the release of The Runed Age corebook. To mark that, and because we are such kind gents here at Stormforge Productions, we are giving you the fillable character sheet for the Runed Age. Just click below and save it and you will never have to worry about bad handwriting on your characters sheets every again.

Click here to download

A little bit too zealous

Hey there folks.

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Unfortunately for everyone, the spamblocker is just too good at its job and have been damn near blocking anything anyone does, whether it is indeed spam or not. We discovered this a bit too late and it seems that some of your emails to us and your comments got thrown into whatever pit of fire spam usually ends up in.

If you think this happened to you, don’t be upset, don’t worry, we don’t hate you. It was an honest mistake.

We are back to getting rid of spam manually, so if you were affected, just repost and re-email us and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy!

Only 2 weeks to go till release!

That’s right, folks. There are only 14 days left until the release of The Runed Age.

We will be publishing digitally through DriveThruRPG so keep our Publisher’s Page bookmarked (found here) and be the first to own the corebook as it is released!

Until then, if there is anything you desperately want to see on here or on our social media sites in preparation for release, just ask and we’ll deliver.