Runed Age Dev Journal 4

On the last Dev Journal we showed how the new Skills will look in the Runed Age 1.3. This time we are talking about the most important part of the Runed Age: the runes.

What’s new with the runes?

Absolutely nothing. Well that’s not entirely true, but the runes, runic arrays and their rules will not be changing in the Runed Age 1.3. All the designs you’ve come up with in your games will still be working exactly the same way in the new Runed Age as in the old. That also means that all the runic arrays from the Journal of Array Design 1, and it’s sequel will work normally as well.

What we will be doing, however, is rewriting how we explain the rules, to make it easier to pick up and start designing your own runic arrays.

Minor additions

Since the Runed Age went on sale, we’ve developed several new runes, and most of these will be making their way into the new 1.3 version. These are runes such as the Rotate rune that we showed off with the Furious Breath array, the Life rune from the Circle of Life array, and the Invert rune from the Effective Solution array. These are all runes that exist within the world of the Runed Age, and so will eventually find their way to the grand city of Middelburg for you to play with.

New Skill Rules

As we talked about in the previous dev journal, two of the new Skills will be majorly involved in all things runes: Logic and Fine-Craft. Logic is all about analysing runic arrays and their effects to determine what’s going on, whodunit, and all that carry on.

Fine-Craft is the new Skill for actually drawing out the runic arrays, and will be the Skill to use for rolling to see how effective it was. So out with rolling your Runes Skill, and in with Fine-Craft.

As with everything else in life, it’s not just that simple. We have some new runic modifiers for the Fine-Craft Skill Check that will come into play in 1.3. I say “new”, but if you’re familiar with Runes of Power, then you already know these modifiers.


The first modifier is the Diligence Modifier and it does pretty much what you think it does. It is all about how much effort you put into drawing the array perfectly. The better a runic array is drawn, the better it will work, so being diligent will get you what you need every time.

The Diligence Modifier runs all the way from a +30 if you’re a perfectionist, to a -30 if your runic array is near illegible. How do you know which you are? Well that is the decision the GM will make, based on your roleplay. And speaking of GM decisions…


The second modifier at work for your Fine-Craft Check. This modifier says how suitable your array design is for what you want it to do, and like the Diligence modifier runs from +30 for perfectly suitable to -30 for not suitable at all.

Your GM will determine where it falls on that scale, but it is a common sense thing. If you want to take down a stone wall, making an array that said “Contain-Exclude-Wall” would be perfectly suitable for what you want, and you’ll get that +30. If you made a runic array that said “Pull-Heat-Bird” then no, that just won’t work at all.

So between these two Modifiers, you could potentially get up to +60 to your Fine-Craft Skill Check, which is a near certainty that you’ll be succeeding in anything you try to do.

And that’s it for the runes. It’s a short update, but then we are intentionally not changing much about them.

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Runed Age Dev Journal 3

Last time we showed off probably the biggest new addition to the Runed Age 1.3. In this post we’ll go through some changes that will impact every part of your game.

Skill Changes

Starting with the Sigil System 1.2 and then going on to Z-LAND, the base Skill System that began with the Runed Age has seem some changes, and those changes are now coming back full circle to the Runed Age 1.3. There’s a fair bit that will change, and in particular how the runes and runic arrays interact with the Skills have been completely overhauled.

Out with the old…

The biggest changes you’ll see will be the absence of a few Skills. Perform, Contacts, and Runes have all been taken out. That doesn’t mean you can’t use these anymore, just that doing so will look a bit differently. The three social Skills (Deceive, Diplomacy, Intimidate) will now handle any type of performance you might want to create, and the Contacts subsystem (a whole dev journal is coming up just about this) will be dedicated just handling all your contacts in Middelburg.

Losing Runes was tough, because let’s face it, it is called the Runed Age and the entire magic system is all about runes. But it was one Skill that encompassed the entirety of the runic magic system and the nearly infinite amount of things you could do with it. That is way too powerful, and we saw far too many characters that put all their EXP into Runes.

What we’ve done instead is divide everything you can do surrounding runic arrays, and split them up into various other Skills. Now you can be amazing at drawing out runic arrays, but not the best at thinking up designs, and vice versa. The two Skills that will now handle the bulk of the runic business are two somewhat new Skills: Fine-Craft and Logic. Fine-Craft as the name implies will be the go-to Skill for seeing how well you’ve drawn the runic arrays, and Logic will be all about designing the arrays themselves.

And speaking of these skills

… in with the new.

Not only has Perform, Contacts and Runes gone, we’ve split up some other Skills into two to make them feel more like real individuals with a good spread of talents. The old Athletics now becomes Athletics and Might: Athletics is all about how dexterous and quick you can be, while Might is your raw brute strength. Craft has now become Fine-Craft and Broad-Craft, not the most creative of names, but we wanted to get their meaning across easily. Fine-Craft is all about the fine details, like putting together a clock, while Broad-Craft is about the bigger picture and working in broadstrokes, like building a cupboard, making a meal, etc.

We also have two Skills who have undergone a name change to make them a bit broader in use: Insight has become Intuition; and Lore has become Logic. They still fulfil their old roles, but Logic can now be used to overcome puzzles, and Intuition can now also be used to see what your gut has to say about a situation or even what you can remember.

Lastly, and straight from Z-LAND, we are putting the Luck Skill into Runed Age 1.3. Luck is a powerful Skill, and not only because it will determine your Sigil Threshold. You can use Luck in almost any situation where chance is a factor, and so can your GM. The muggers with loaded guns, who do they target in your party? Roll a Luck Skill to figure out who is the most unlucky between you. Are you lucky enough to find what you need in the first place you look? Your Luck Skill will tell you. Was anyone close enough to hear the vault door you blew up? Roll Luck to find out. We will also be putting in some looting mechanics that will depend on your Luck Skill.

And that’s it for the changes to the Skills in the Runed Age 1.3. Tell us what you think of it, any other changes you can suggest, and what you will do with these new Skills.

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Runed Age Dev Journal 2

Last time we showed you what you can expect in the new Runed Age 1.3. In this post we’ll show you perhaps the biggest (by page size) addition to the Runed Age: Perks & Quirks

Perks & Quirks

Perks & Quirks are the newest addition to the Sigil System itself, and we’re still in the process of updating all the mods to have them. In the Runed Age 1.3, you’ll find 100 Perks and 100 Quirks.

Most of these will be the same ones you’ll find in the Sigil System, so that the two systems will stay compatible and all the Sigil mods will work with the Runed Age. However, there will be a lot of Perks and Quirks unique to the Runed Age that will give you more potential to get the most out of the runic arrays and living in the grand city of Middelburg.

How they work

At their most basic, Perks & Quirks are alternatives to Specialisations to make your characters more unique and more powerful.

You can get a Perk in the same way as a Specialisation: when you get a Skill to Level 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100. When you get a Skill to these Levels, you now have a choice: you can either get a Specialisation, or you get a Perk. Many Perks have Skill prerequisites which mean you can only get that Perk if you level up that specific Skill.

There is always a third choice: take two. When you get that Skill Level up to a multiple of 10, you can always take both a Perk and a Specialisation, two Specialisations, or two Perks. However, if you do this, you must also take a Quirk… and you don’t get to choose which Quirk you get. Your GM will either roll for a Quirk for you or pick one that he feels fits best.

Another way to get Perks is through character creation. At the end of creating your character, you can roll to see how many Perks your character starts the game with. There are two catches here, you don’t get to choose your Perk, you have to roll for them randomly; and you must have as Quirks as Perks at character creation.

Example Perks & Quirks

Below are a few Perks and Quirks unique to the Runed Age 1.3:


Blessed by Bür: Spending a Sigil to grant a bonus to Skill Checks about runes and arrays gives a +50 bonus.

In With a Grin: Choose a single Merchant League Family. Spending a Sigil in Social Skills Checks with NPCs related to this family does not reduce your number of Sigils. (This Perk can be selected multiple times)

Dead Drop: Once per session you can spend a Sigil and declare that you have a hidden dead drop nearby containing d10 items of your choice (GM’s discretion if the item is reasonable).


Runic Illiteracy: You cannot spend Sigils for Skill Checks involving the effectiveness of your runic arrays.

Local Menace: Your GM chooses a district of Middelburg. You’ve been declared a public menace here by the Alderman and will be arrested if discovered.

Runic Luddite: Reduce the amount of EXP you gain at the end of the session by the number of runic arrays you used or created (down to a minimum of 0).

For all the other runic Perks & Quirks, you’ll have to wait until the book is done.

And while we are busy with The Runed Age, you can have your say about what we should work on afterwards by filling out this little survey.

Starting on Runed Age 1.3

You voted on what you wanted us to work on next, and we showed off the results of that last time. This time we’re going to talk a little bit about what’s in store for The Runed Age 1.3

First off, don’t worry that this is going to be a whole new edition. We are purposefully calling it 1.3 and not 2.0. It’s more of an upgrade and a clean up than something completely new. With that said, there is a fair bit that will seem new to some folks.

As we developed the Sigil System and got it up to v1.3, and through our work making Z-LAND, we learned a hell of a lot, and our base system is polished gem now compared to the rough diamond it was back when The Runed Age was released. So we’ll be taking everything we have learned and using it to make The Runed Age better.

What you can expect:

Better Explained Magic Rules. We know that the runic magic system that gives The Runed Age its name can be a beast to work with at times, and seem as complex the deeper you delve into it. But there is a difference between complex and complicated, and we want to make sure the runic system is the former and not the latter. So while the system itself won’t change (much) it will be far easier to read and follow along.

Revamped Skills. Perform? What’s that? That’s not a Skill we know of… anymore. Now we have Skills like Might and Fine-Craft, and soon The Runed Age will have it as well. We’re also going to be getting rid of the Runes Skill and making runic-array-related-actions spread across a few Skills so you won’t be pigeonholed into one Skill if you want to be good at creating runic arrays.

Perks & Quirks. Brand new to the Sigil System and we’re busy updating all the Sigil Mods with it as well, Perks & Quirks will be in The Runed Age as well. This gives you an alternate and parallel Advancement path alongside Specialisations that you can use to further customise and empower your characters.

Overall Rules Clean-Up. A bit of a miscellaneous category this one. Over the years so many small rules changes have cropped up and been put into the Sigil System that it’s hard to keep track of. All of them will be making their way into the new book however.

New Design and Layout: The Runed Age isn’t that old, but we’re still going to be updating and modernising the design and layout of the book to make it easier on the eyes, easier on monitors and displays, and more importantly, easier on…

Printing: That’s right. Once we finish with the update, you’ll be able to get your hands on The Runed Age in glorious hardcover goodness. Also, everyone who buys The Runed Age before the release of 1.3 will get a discount code sent to make sure they can get the hardcopy version at the base cost price, literally the cheapest we can make it.

And much, maybe, more: The rules of Sigil 1.3 is the main reason for the update, but if we come across anything else that can do with a polish, we certainly will give it a good whack. This is also the part where you can suggest any changes you’d like to see in 1.3. If you’ve played the game and read the book and can think of any improvements, give us a shout and we’ll get ready with pen and paper to jot down any of your ideas.

And while we are busy with The Runed Age, you can have your say about what we should work on afterwards by filling out this little survey.

New Year, New Runed Age

We hope you all have a very happy new year, and a prosperous 2019 ahead.

Now that Brotherhood is on DriveThruRPG, it’s time to start work on the next project. You voted on what we should work on next, and as you can see by the colourful pie-chart above, you want us to update The Runed Age to the Sigil 1.2 rules.

We’re already hard at work on updating The Runed Age, and making it look clean and pretty for its 1.2 version (and if you join our Discord server, you’ll already see a few sneak peeks), but it’s not just about the looks with this update. When we are finished with it, you will finally be able to get your hands on a Runed Age hardcover version. If you’ve already bought the Runed Age, then when the time comes, we’ll give you a coupon to get the hardcover version at cost price.

And while we start on updating The Runed Age, you can already start having your say about what we should work on afterwards.