Entropy Preview: the Etsyon

In the last Entropy Preview, Charly showed us what humanity looks like in the future. This time, we see the first alien species revealed for Entropy: the Etsyon.

The Etsyon is a large race of super-evolved mammals. They outlived almost all other species which came before the Cosmic Exchange, but they remained remarkably stagnant in their way of thinking and practice. They were tranquil until they were disturbed and forced to mingle with the other species, corrupting their neutrality and millennia of traditions.

An Etsyon Assassin

The Etsyons used to spend years in meditation and self-empowerment and purpose. However, since they met with the many species, they strayed away from their root and became much more open to new ideas. Living calmly on their homeworld, in the Crystom system, they train their incredible psionic powers and now share their way of life, as well as adopting a more outgoing stance, and sometimes adopt wrong examples to the letter.

An Etsyon Occultist

Their origin is mired in mystery, but since they took a taste of the galactic life and even the downtown lifestyle which some other species’ capital provides, they are now spread all around space at the dismay of the Etsyon Sages, which are traditionalists purists.

An Etyson Sage

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Entropy open beta at Roll20

Entropy, the Sci-Fi Cosmic Horror roleplaying game made by one of our Stormsmiths, will soon be in testing and openly joinable on the platform Roll20.net as Charly (its creator) will be testing a WIP version with players wishing to join into the fun and die in space.

To join one of the test games, where a BETA version of the manual will be available from the creator, please head towards the Roll20 site and register for an account. Then use the ”Looking For Group” function of the site and search for the name ”Entropy Beta Testing”.

We will run a premade adventure, made by the creator to test out the functions and system, as well as seeing the general interest of the crowd. While other groups are also running games behind the scenes (testers), we value the support and help any perspective can offer us in the long run!

And you can come chat with the creator and the other Stormforge fans on our Discord server!

Free RPG Day – Our $0 games

It’s that time of year (at least it is in my timezone) to give away some free goodies! Free RPG Day is all about getting people introduced to new games and getting games introduced to new people, and we’re going to help with that.

For the next 24 hours (so it’s Free RPG Day somewhere in the world), Haunt and Travel Journal of Short Tales will be absolutely free for you to download! These are two awesome RPGs so get your hands on them before the time runs out!

And don’t forget that we have a free line of games: The Sigil System. It has been, is, and will forever bee 100% free; and we will keep adding mods and content to it to make it bigger and bigger.

So on this best of days, come and grab our free games and share them around!

Gates Public Beta Release

Good news everyone! Gates by Stormforge West is now in public beta on DrivethruRPG! Here’s James to tell you all about it.

For the last five years or so I have been working on this game. It is a cumulation of over 15 years of being immersed into roleplaying games, my ideas, things I love, the stories I dream of, and many hours of playtesting. It has been a struggle of lack of experience, school, work, and other factors. But, now I have the time to give Gates the love it needs. Finally, after far too long, I have decided to release the beta to the public. It is not perfect. The writing is still rough, art is not in its proper place (some of it is just sketches) and the cover and logo are not even final yet. But, it is playable, nearly complete, and immensely fun. And I want to share it with you.

This is very much a community game, and I urge playtesters to join the discord server to discuss your character builds, ideas, worlds, and adventures. With the help of the community, Gates will become a unique and personal experience that we can be proud of. In the multiverse of Gates, anything can and will happen. Your worlds and ideas could be used by others in a way that binds the worlds of Gates into a complex web of fan-made content.

Try out Gates now by clicking on the logo above or just CLICK HERE.

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Initiative in Gates

Want to know how initiative works in Gates? We’ll here’s James to tell you all about it:

The order of combat is a challenge I have been battling with for a while. Gates is a game built on cinematic combat set pieces. It should be quick and exciting. However, the current initiative system is neither. As it stands, you simply roll 2d6 and add initiative, then you play in that order. This takes some unnecessary time. Writing down the order, determining what that order is and so on. I have finally found a solution to this problem.

This is how it works.

First, determine who has the highest initiative value. Any ties, the players decide who breaks it. That person chooses who acts first. The first person takes their turn as normal. When they have finished their turn, the player chooses who acts next. That is the core idea. Once everyone acts, the last person to act chooses who acts first the next round.

There are a few more mechanics to this simple initiative to keep the game more exciting and unexpected. A player may spend a hero die to force themselves or someone else to be chosen. Furthermore, if a character has taken damage, then that character can take their turn at any point after someone else’s turn, eliminating that person’s choice of who acts.

The artwork side of Gates is coming along. The artist, Howard Levy, is doing an amazing job. Here is one of the many pieces of art that will be used to decorate and guide this beautiful game.

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Entropy preview: Humanity

Entropy, the new game coming out by Stormforge West, has over 20 races that you will be able to play as, and we’ll be showcasing some of them as time goes by. To get you started in the Entropy universe, we’ll start off with humanity, to show you what we look like in the far future.

So without further ado, here’s Charly from West to talk about humanity in Entropy:

The Human race is one of the newer addition to the space travel community. Strange people from Earth in the Sol system, with an unsettling focus on establishing and spreading their control, they frighten other communities and cause diplomatic stress daily.

They played a critical role in the horrible events that transpired during the Shroud War. While the snake people, the Cyrex, were tearing apart colonies, Humans fought to profit from other species’ misfortune by force and even using indirect slavery by making them mercenaries against their own people.

In recent years, Humans spread around the Cosmic Exchange like a plague, mixing their culture and gene at an alarming rate. They left the Concord military group’s protection to settle around multiple fronts as independent privateers and colonists, but the sheer amount of Human multiplying makes the Concord still one of the most influential groups in space, at the dismay of the Cosmic Exchange.

A strong Human tradition takes an interest in other cultures, to accumulate enemies or allies, and fight for what they want, making them wonderful and frightening people.

If you want to know more about Entropy join our Discord server, and chat with the dev himself.

Gates Update

It’s been a while since we heard about Gates, so here’s James from Stormforge West to talk about how he’s been getting on with it:

Gates has been in progress for close to four years now. A long time for sure. Schooling has taken up most of my time. Senior year is rough, but it is just about over. Though I can see my bachelors degree on the horizon, and I am itching to focus on making games.

The current state of Gates is playable. Hell, it is damn near complete. What I need to do to finally finish this game is to continue to polish and play it over and over. I need to wait for art, which will take a while because the art style of gates is a beautiful hand-painted (with real paint) aesthetic. I suspect another year will be needed to get Gates to where it needs to be. I am patient, and I hope you will not lose hope. Gates should be given the care it deserves, rather than rushing it out. Similar to what I did for Haunt. Some other time sinks include another RPG project (I am a fool, I know. More on that soon) and a video game studio that I am starting here in a month or two. That, and a full-time job so I may eat.

With the depressing stuff out of the way, here is some info about the game. I have fleshed out some of the rules for worlds. Different rule changes based on the genre of the world. For instance, in a wild west inspired world, there are rules for duels. One of my favourite rules for that genre is the tumbleweed rule. Essentially, combat pauses whenever a tumbleweed blows through the scene.

Naturally, you do not need to follow these rules. But they can make the worlds feel like the genre they are in.

Artifacts are something else I did not talk about in length. So this is a prime opportunity to do that. Artifacts are magic items, but they are also a part of the character. They influence your characters actions as well as give different boons. More importantly, they grow with the character as well. With more spirit, the character can have a more powerful artifact. Here is a quick example is taken from the book (western themed to keep the post consistent, of course.):

Gates is starting to look very good, but its snail pace is frustrating. But, slow and steady, right?


The other RPG I am working on will be a free product. It is an OSR game, and if you are not familiar with that I will make a blog post later to go over the game in detail. In a nutshell, its a retro DND clone. Though, this game has a heavy bronze age theme to it. Instead of saving princesses from dragons, you will be fighting dinosaurs to gain favour with the gods. It’s working title is Stone and Spear: Dawn of Kings.

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Entropy, A new game by Stormforge West

The Stormforge family keeps on growing, and we have a new developer join our Stormforge West team: Charly. Charly is working on an awesome new game called Entropy, so without further ado, here it is:

Entropy is a Science Fiction Cosmic Horror roleplaying game, made with the intent to make players and a game master experience a near future in an alternate universe where monsters and strange things lurk in space.

Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and many other futuristic sources, Entropy offer a balance of horror and action and allow anyone to play from a range of twenty-six player races to adventure and have politics and martial dilemma in space with. Spend your talents and experience how you see fit in a free form system which values a good and story driven character and honour the ones who can manage to survive through what the game has to offer.

Discover strange meanings in reality, become insane trying to make sense of the unknown, have intense shootouts with futuristic weapons and magic, get ripped open by an alien monster on your own ship, or summon a god by mistake when trying to open a portal! Entropy can offer scares and an eerie environment in a world rich with lore and plenty of stories to live through with your friends or strangers with a unique mature theme and plenty of ways to meet your end.

In Entropy, the game is about how you died, not how you live.

If you want to know more about Entropy join our Discord server, and chat with the dev himself.

Travel Journal of Short Tales

We are pleased to announce the newest game from Stormforge West and the newest member of the Stormforge family.

Law C. Esper has joined our team and has made the gorgeously designed Travel Journal of Short Tales. Short Tales is a beautiful game meant for one-two session games full of lighthearted and comfortable adventures. Coming in at only 11 pages, Travel Journal of Short Tales is also a breeze to read and to learn.

Travel Journal of Short Tales is available now on DriveThruRPG for only $1, so grab a copy, get some hot cocoa, and get ready for the comfiest of stories.

And if you want to chat with Law about Short Tales, and with all the other Stormforge fans, then come join our Discord server!

The Things Lost To Time

Stormforge West has a new project, and the first taste of that is already available on DriveThruRPG. So without further ado, here’s James:

The Things Lost to Time is a fantasy dungeon designed for OSR games, but is easily modified to fit any game with moderate tweaking. It is a tale of a vessel, lost to time, that crashed on whichever planet your game takes place. So long ago that it sunk into the earth. When miners unearth the strange, alien ship, an organisation of archaeologists offers to purchase any strange artefacts retrieved from within.

This dungeon is more or less a test for a concept called “The Monthly Crawl”. The goal of this endeavour is to produce one quality dungeon or adventure, for generic fantasy roleplay, a month. I do not know when we will truly begin the Monthly Crawl, but in the meantime Stormforge West will be honing our dungeon crafting skills.

Of course, this is not a replacement for my other projects. I develop dungeons as a hobby for my home group already, so I might as well share them with you.

You can get The Things Lost to Time now on DriveThruRPG absolutely free by clicking here.

Haunt Silver Seller

We are absolutely stoked to announce that Haunt has reached Silver Seller Rank on DriveThruRPG!

And the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Right as Halloween was coming to a close, Haunt got over the mark to hit the Silver rank. What better time for this amazing horror game to level up.

Coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe the dark forces of the great beyond knew it was the right time.

Whatever the case may be, give Stormforge West a round of applause and check out Haunt at DriveThruRPG!


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Gates Sample World: Fair Isles

Today we’re taking looking further into the world of Islia, a sample world from Gates, the upcoming game from Stormforge West. So without further ado, here’s James:

Fair Isles

To the north of the Western Wilds is several large islands collectively known as the Fair Isles. This is the home of the Islian Elves and the center of magic in Islia. If magic was like water, then the Fair Isles would be an ocean. The creatures of the Isles are often born with magical qualities. Bears that can speak, birds who lay diamond eggs, or fire breathing lizards. Some of the plants and natural geography of the Fair Isles are just as magical. Rare flowers that brew a tea of immortality, a lake that heals all wounds, or even a cave which echoes your deepest regrets back to you.

The Elves of the Fair Isles were human many thousands of years ago. But the magic seeped into their very being over the generations, turning them into elves. They live in cities and villages, farm the land, and tend to their seas. They trade with both Nenmaa and the Western wilds. Mages are also drawn to this land in order to study magic.

Twilight Spire

Six hundred years ago, seven mages decided to join together and study the Magic of the Fair Isles. Two elves, Three humans, a Dwarf, and a Lourulf. At first, they made a campsite, which turned into an outpost where their knowledge was recorded. Soon, they were joined by other researchers, craftsmen, and adventurers and they needed to expand. So, together the seven decided to erect a tower to hold their magical secrets and to house their workers. A 40 foot tower was erected and called the Twilight Spire. However, in two short decades even it was too small. So, they built it again.

The Tower, as it is today, is a 2000 ft tall tower that functions more like a city than a scholars tower. At its center is the original tower with a small garden around it. It is left intact as a reminder of its beginnings. The outside of the tower is built from a special stone found in abundance not far from the tower. It has a magical property based on the time of the day. At noon, the tower is stark black, and easily spotted from miles away. Midnight the tower becomes a gleaming white, which shines like a beacon in the moonlight. At twilight, the tower turns a red and blue color, making it almost invisible in the twilight sky. It is separated by one hundred floors, each with their own communities and purposes. At the base of the tower is a small village where farmers, tradesmen, and those who need to travel live. These farmers tend to the earth around the tower, providing enough food for the Spire.

The seven who have built the tower are now dead, but statues have been erected in their honor. Now the Spire is ruled by a magistrate. Eleven mages and an alchemist who each love the Tower dearly. Magic absolutely permeates through the Tower. Elevators powered by magic replace stairs, lights burn without fuel, and animated constructs keep the Spire clean and repaired.

Quest Hooks:

  • Something evil entered the original tower and has locked it from the inside. Someone needs to find a way in and rid it of evil magic.
  • One of the Magistrates was assassinated, and the others have been threatened. The investigation leads to a cult of mages which seek to take the tower as their own.
  • A powerful artifact crafted in the Tower was stolen. It could destroy cities in the wrong hands, and must be returned.
  • Something is draining the magic from the Tower. The investigation leads to a magical experiment gone wrong.
  • Time stopped outside the Tower, and no-one can leave. The adventurers must help fix this. The investigation leads to a spell mishap.
  • Untouched Island

    There was an island in the Fair Islands that has been untouched by man or elf for as long as anyone can remember. Any attempts to reach it have been thwarted by weather and strange, invisible monsters. However, recently the storms and monsters have gone away. People flocked to this island seeking treasure, knowledge, and adventure. It is fairly small, with several smaller islands surrounding it. You could walk from one side to the other in a single day. A small village was found on the island in ruin, and its inhabitants are gone. The village looks recent.

    Quest Hooks:

  • Some insight on the previous inhabitants were discovered, but the proof was stolen by thieves. They must be recovered.
  • Strange monsters attack the new settlers. They seem to be constructs and newly made. Where are they coming from?
  • A fae is found on one of the islands who claims to know what happened, but it speaks in nothing but riddles.
  • A tree with strange delicious fruits has been found, and wine has been made of the fruit. However, when this wine in drunk then the inhibitor becomes violents and sees strange illusions. This wine was shipped to a mainland, and someone needs to stop it from being sold in the market.
  • Spirits of the previous inhabitants warn settlers to stay away. What does this dire warning mean?
  • Ira, the City under the Sea

    There is a coral reef between two of the islands which has a strange property. Anyone in the coral reef can breath the water as though it were air. Elves discovered this and soon built a town into the coral itself. They harvest the coral area, fish from under the sea, and even mine the rare minerals under the coral reef, which they trade to others. The town is simply called Ira but the nickname City under the Sea is used often. The elves who live in Ira have developed a new way of life, and have been called mer-folk despite the fact that they are the same elves as any other.

    Quest Hooks:

  • Sharks are coming close and closer to Ira, and they need to be eradicated.
  • A race of sentient squids is trying to invade Ira, the town needs strong warriors to help defend it.
  • Ruins under the coral suggest that there may be more to this reef than originally thought.
  • An addictive drug is released in the party scene of Ira. This drug is highly addictive and causes magical mutations. The towns leaders wants the Players to track down its source.
  • A leviathan of tremendous proportions is headed straight for Ira. The Players need to find a way to save the town.
  • Gates Sample World: Central Woodlands

    Today we’re taking looking further into the world of Islia, a sample world from Gates, the upcoming game from Stormforge West. So without further ado, here’s James:

    Central Woodland

    This part of the world is north of Nenmaa and South of the Stone-Carved Mountains.The vast majority of the land is a large boreal forest. The southernmost point of the woodlands is a large plain which bleeds into Nenmaa and eventually converts into a desert. The Central Woodland is a difficult place to live. While it is beautiful and vast, it is also filled with all sorts of monsters, evil creatures, and dangerous tribes of goblins. The only people wild and tough enough to tame this land is the wolf-like and centaurian Lourulf.

    The Lourulf have over a hundred different tribes which wander the boreal forest of the Central Woodlands. They are nomadic in nature, and consistently scrabble and fight for territory. Travelers to the Stone-carved mountains who must pass through the Central Woodland often seek out tribes of Lourulf to guide them.

    The animals of the Central woodland tend to be large and healthy. There are true rumors of several animals spotted that are much larger than they would naturally be. Moose which stand twenty feet tall. Bears that knock over trees. Eagles who make nests the size of a large house. These are just a few of the examples.

    The First and Last

    There is a single tree in the Central Woodland which towers above all others. It is seen by anyone above the treeline and can be seen with a spyglass from atop the Stone-Carved Mountains. This tree is known as the Otskai which means both beginning and end. It is told by Lourulf story tellers to be the first tree of the Central Woodland and to be the last tree to fall. It is a sacred tree that, some say, has a spirit of its own.

    Several of the Lourulf tribes use the tree as a point of pilgrimage. When a Lourulf of one of these tribes reaches adulthood, they travel to the tree. Upon arriving, they carve their name or personal symbol. The carvings reach approximately 15 feet up the tree, which makes it difficult for a Lourulf to reach. There are many large stones around the tree that are used to make a makeshift stair to reach, but the stair is always dismantled. The journey is dangerous. Many monsters and dangerous animals roam the area around the tree, protecting it seemingly by instinct. However, what is more dangerous is the Guardian Tribe. The Guardian Tribe, which is how they are introduced to other races, is a group of Lourulf who live at the base of the tree. They attempt to stop anyone from reaching it. Not out of protection, malice, or hate, rather it is a practice of allowing only the worthy to carve their name into the tree.

    The Guardian Tribe does not kill, but they will maim. If they do wound a fellow Lourulf to the point where it is dangerous to return to their tribe, they will escort them back to their tribe. Once the Lourulf seeking the tree places a hand on the tree, the Guardian Tribe halts their efforts. The methods of bypassing the Tribe do not matter, each way shows a different skill and talent. Some simply charge forward and rush through the differences, using brute strength to push to the tree. Others distract the guards, convince them to let them pass, bribe them, sneak through, or even hire mercenaries or adventurers to help them through.

    Quest Hooks:

  • A small, but clever, Lourulf seeks adventurers to hire to get them to the tree.
  • A strange glowing fungus is growing on the tree, and the Guardian Tribe cannot stop it. Discovering its origin leads to a strange cult.
  • The Guardian Tribe is slowly being killed, one by one, by an assassin. But, no Lourulf are currently trying to get to the tree.
  • A large wolf the size of an elephant begins to guard the tree, and kills all who approach. Even the Guardian Tribe. It must be stopped or reasoned with.
  • Strange creatures are climbing down from the top of the tree. Perhaps something is up in its branches?
  • Hidden Village

    There is a rumored monster that wanders the Central Woodland. A large, hairy beast which walks on two legs. It is not strange for monsters to live and roam in the Central WOodland. However, this one is strange in that it is only rumored to exist. There have been many sightings of this creature, called Sasquatch, but no proof. It is widely regarded as a legend, a hoax, and a tale to tell around a bar.

    However, the sasquatch does exist. In fact, it is an entire race of creatures. A small race, with less than 50 members, but they exist. They almost never leave their village, but when they do they act with utmost stealth. The large, furry humanoid is surprisingly stealthy. Able to avoid being seen from less than 5 yards away. The village is situated in the treetops of a certain part of the forest, and it is constructed in a certain way as to be able to be moved. If someone were to find it, it could be moved overnight. An entire army could walk under this village and not notice its presence at all.

    To access the village, one must simply climb a tree connected to it and hope the sasquatch archers do not strike you down. The village is a peaceful place made of wood bridges (disguised as leaves) connecting simple huts together. The Sasquatch have no rulers, but instead live in a hive-mind like society. Each has a slight psionic connection to the others. This psionic connection extends to other creatures as well, but where the sasquatch can communicate with each other and sense each other’s feelings, other creatures merely have their perception shifted. A skilled Sasquatch can stand five feet in front of a human, and the human might not even register something is wrong.

    Quest Hooks:

  • The Sasquatch face an enemy that is hunting them down, and they seek out powerful people to help them.
  • A Sasquatch has somehow been disconnected to their psionic hive-mind and is seeking a way to get back to the Hidden Village.
  • A animal life researcher is desperately looking for signs of the Sasquatch, and they are looking to hire help.
  • The Village has been found by cruel Lourulfs, who are trying to enslave them.
  • Something is turning the Sasquatch into wild, raging monsters and a Lourulf shaman in the know wants to know why.
  • The Serpent’s Maw

    Long before the Lourulf claimed this land, there was an unnamed civilisation which held dominion over the land. Little is known about them, but they were known to be a serpent-like race which has since died out. When this civilisation existed, the Central Woodlands was a steaming swamp and the Stone-Carved mountains were nearly half the size they are now. They left only a few traces of their existence, but they did leave behind something. The Serpent’s Maw.

    During an Elven archeology expedition in the Central Woodlands, an entrance to a vast underground structure was discovered. It appears to be a skull of a giant python, its mouth agape. Down its gullet is a tunnel which leads deep into a winding and twisting maze. At first, the Serpent’s Maw appears to be skeleton. It is constructed of bone. Soon, it becomes apparent the Maw is man-made. Explorers have yet to head deep into the Maw yet, but those who have explored have returned with strange, otherworldly treasures.

    Quest Hooks:

  • Every snake in a 50 mile radius began to migrate to the Serpents Maw, and no-one knows why.
  • An expedition has been sent in, but only one member returned, as a zombie.
  • An artifact deep within the Maw whispers telepathically to a Player to retrieve it.
  • An archeologist wants to hire the party to explore the Maw.
  • Giant snakes have been crawling from its mouth. What else survived down there?
  • Gates Sample World: The Western Wilds

    Today we’re taking looking further into the world of Islia, a sample world from Gates, the upcoming game from Stormforge West. So without further ado, here’s James:

    Western Wilds

    The Western Wilds were named not for the wild of nature, but for the wild nature of people. It is a land constantly at war. The men of the Western Wilds constantly build castles, keeps, and fortresses to hold a small amount of land. It is a land full of several dozens of small kingdoms where at least three kingdoms rise and fall a year. This makes for a fluid and ever changing political landscape. This unstable land makes it difficult to educate anyone, so few people can read and write.

    The wars fought in the Wilds are violent, but they are less deadly than many of the wars elsewhere. Magic is used to heal the wounded, and even rival kingdoms feel a kinship with each other. Two men from the Wilds who meet in a faraway land will greet each other as comrades, even if their kingdoms hate each other politically. Even Kings have high opinions and respect with one another, sometimes meeting in peace for a fine meal while the two kingdoms are at war.

    The Wilds are located in the western continent, south of the Fair Isles. It is ruled by humans, but kingdoms or orcs, goblins, and other creatures occasionally arise.

    Land of the Castle Graves

    At the most western point of the Wilds, is a stretch of land several hundred miles long. This place was a bountiful and wealthy kingdom a long time ago. This kingdom had a powerful mage in its court which cursed the land. The curse meant that any invading force would be cursed while inside a castle that is not their own. This curse befell bad luck and hauntings on those in a castle. Guests are immune to this curse, but the moment they are no longer welcome they are affected by the curse. However, when the kingdom fell, its conqueror moved in. Soon, the new conqueror realised they could not use the castle.

    Rebuilding a castle out of the same materials used for the old castle did not seem to work and destroying the castle was too difficult to be worth doing, so they built their own. The next kingdom to conquer this land was faced with the same dilemma. They could not use either castle, so they built their own. This process repeated over many generations, filling the land with castle after castle. Now, it is a graveyard of crumbling castles of different ages. One could stand from the top of a tower and count three or four other structures in view. Not all of the abandoned structures are castles, of course. Some are fortresses, others are inns that are unable to be entered, old houses, farmhouses, and even a over a dozen lighthouses on the shore. If the building could be destroyed easily, then it is.

    There are three small kingdoms that rule in the Land of the Castle Graves at the moment. They are at war, as most kingdoms are. They often try to use the existing structures tactically in their skirmishes. Finding ways to trick the enemy into using the castles, only to be afflicted by the curse.

    Quest Hooks:

  • A Player receives a deed for a long abandoned castle, but the deed does not explain WHICH castle is theirs.
  • Vast treasures are rumored to be in the treasury of a particularly large castle. But, the curse prevents anyone from reaching it.
  • One of the castles has been seen in several different locations, and a scholar wants to know how it moves, and why.
  • Travelers have become locked in a castle, and have managed to send for help by tying notes to bird legs.
  • An ambitious prince has placed the corpse of a king back on his throne and used magic to force the corpse to “tell” the prince the castle is his. Now, the prince is viciously attacking the surrounding kingdoms and is seeking the graves of old kings.
  • Nameless City

    The Nameless City is a misnomer. The City actually has several names. At least four. However, these names consistently and constantly change. This city was once a city-state ruled by a now extinct people. It was called Khawell. One day, every member of the city disappeared. The city’s inhabitants left behind no signs of murder, mass migration, or any other legitimate cause. They simply disappeared.

    The City-state was powerful because it controlled a key strategic point as well as being situated on an important trade route. Now, the Nameless City is situated at the border of four kingdoms. Each of these kingdoms want control over the city. None can hold it, as the walls have over a dozen breach points. Instead, it has become a battlefield. Lives are constantly lost in this city, but no kingdom will give up for fear of one of the others claiming it permanently.

    Rumors of a constant, slow war held in and around a city have spread throughout the world, and many bandits, mercenaries, and assassins migrated to the city to make a profit from the war. It is a dangerous wilderness inside a city filled with cutthroat bandits, ruthless soldiers desperately holding ground, and assassins offering their services to kill key commanders.

    Quest Hooks:

  • One of the four kingdoms will pay handsomely for the Players aid in the war.
  • An unknown fifth army arrives from beyond the hills, and is making alarming progress in taking the city. The problem is, however, this army seems to have worse intentions than simply taking the city.
  • New evidence of what happened to the original inhabitants of the city is found in a basement. A researcher thinks they can be saved.
  • Monsters have been spotted wandering the city at night, but no-one knows where they came from.
  • One of the generals of the armies has gone mad and has built a magical bomb to destroy the city, and its inhabitants, once and for all. This bomb will be more potent than the general anticipates, and can have lasting effects on the Wilds weather.
  • Caidor, Kingdom of the Dead King

    Caidor is one of the oldest and largest kingdoms of the Western Wilds. Its territory stretches for several hundred miles, and its capital is located in the southern point of the Wilds. What makes this kingdom particularly interesting, is that it is ruled by a king who died over a decade ago. The king is not a ghost nor undead. Simply a corpse on a throne.

    The reason for this is a mixture between tradition, laws, and greed. In Caidor, it is law that only the heir of the king may take up the throne. The king may declare a an heir if no children live. The current king, who is dead, had no heir and claimed none. Stating “This kingdom is now, and forever will be, mine.” The King was never removed from the throne officially. Thus, by the letter of the law, he is still the ruler. By Caidor law, the advisors to the throne, of which there are three, make decisions when the king refuses or is unable to do so.

    Thus, the three advisors rule over the kingdom. They know the ridiculousness of their rule. But they would rather have power on a technicality than no power at all.

    Quest Hooks:

  • Suddenly, the kings corpse begun to move and speak, making wild demands and creating illogical laws. The advisors want to know why, and who is behind the sacrilege.
  • A rival kingdom has declared war, but legally Caidor cannot do anything about it. They need help, or a revolution.
  • One of the advisors to the throne has been murdered, and the weapon was found in the hands of the Dead King.
  • The Dead Kings head is missing, and must be returned before the people riot. The trail leads to a smuggling ring.
  • An Ikydro has possessed the Dead king and is slowly turning Caidor into a force of evil.