Gates Sample World

Today we’re taking a peek again at Gates, the upcoming game from Stormforge West. So without further ado, here’s James:


There will be four sample worlds in the final product of Gates. To show you what sort of worlds you can expect here is a taste of one of them. This world is meant to be familiar, yet interesting. A classic fantasy world. The others are a bit different. Such as a cyberpunk world, one set in fairytales, and another that is a wasteland that tests even the strongest of Gate Striders. The information of this world may change in the future as the game moves forward.

Islia, The Land of Heroes

Islia is a world where heroes come from. It is a place where, no matter where you go, you will find something grand and magical. Its deserts are exotic, its mountains are full of drakes and dungeons, even its oceans are filled to the brim with warring merfolk and sea serpents. The people of Islia have a natural urge to explore and adventure. Indeed, many of the people of Islia have very little choice in the matter.
This is a world with over twenty Gates known. Thus, Gate Striders come here to rest, recover, and to go on grand adventures. More importantly, however, this is a world that can boast creating the most Gate Striders of them all. The world itself is largely untamed. Vast wilderness hide ruins of old and homes of those who do not wish to be found. Wandering monsters pillage and eat anything in its path. Anyone can set off into the forests and be faced with a trial before they can even say “Adventure”.
This section will show the world, not a prebuilt campaign. So there will not be statistics for enemies, Combat maps, or anything of the sort. Rather, this section will detail five areas of the world, three sub-areas for each one, and story ideas for each sub-area. This section will also discuss the different types of people, and the dangers of the world.

The World of Islia

Islia is made of two continents, both of equal size, an eastern and western continent. The western continent is broken into several islands, while the eastern continent is larger. The more south you travel, the hotter the and dryer it becomes. The world is lush, with plants and animals of all variety and large healthy oceans. The animals of Islia are fairly similar to our own, save the magical creatures and monsters.


Nenmaa is a vast desert located in the south western aea of the world. It is also the largest singular empire. Nenmaa’s control includes the southern half of the eastern continent. Nenmaa is an empire ruled by a Queen. Always a queen, a lineage of daughters. They have spread from their desert lands down to a large island to the south, and north into the Central Woodlands. They conquered the other desert peoples of Isla, uniting them under one rule.
Nenmaa is a empire built upon slavery. They do not enslave humans, but rather various magical creatures. Most of its power comes from 1001 Djinn bound into servitude. 99 to the city of Nemnei, 200 to keep the land safe, and 701 to expand the empire. 200 of the Djinn designated to expand have been killed, and the rest now realise they are mortal, which has slowed the expansion of the Empire. Other creatures have been magically bound to their servitude as well, including elementals, Lesser Sphinx, and even giants captured from the stone carved mountains.

Western Wilds

The Western Wilds were named not for the wild of nature, but for the wild nature of people. It is a land constantly at war. The men of the Western Wilds constantly build castles, keeps, and fortresses to hold a small amount of land. It is a land full of several dozens of small kingdoms where at least three kingdoms rise and fall a year. This makes for a fluid and ever changing political landscape. This unstable land makes it difficult to educate anyone, so few people can read and write.
The wars fought in the Wilds are violent, but they are less deadly than many of the wars elsewhere. Magic is used to heal the wounded, and even rival kingdoms feel a kinship with each other. Two men from the Wilds who meet in a faraway land will greet each other as comrades, even if their kingdoms hate each other politically. Even Kings have high opinions and respect with one another, sometimes meeting in peace for a fine meal while the two kingdoms are at war.
The Wilds are located in the western continent, south of the Fair Isles. It is ruled by humans, but kingdoms or orcs, goblins, and other creatures occasionally arise.

Central Woodland

This part of the world is north of Nenmaa and South of the Stone-Carved Mountains.The vast majority of the land is a large boreal forest. The southernmost point of the woodlands is a large plain which bleeds into Nenmaa and eventually converts into a desert. The Central Woodland is a difficult place to live. While it is beautiful and vast, it is also filled with all sorts of monsters, evil creatures, and dangerous tribes of goblins. The only people wild and tough enough to tame this land is the wolf-like and centaurian Lourulf.
The Lourulf have over a hundred different tribes which wander the boreal forest of the Central Woodlands. They are nomadic in nature, and consistently scrabble and fight for territory. Travelers to the Stone-carved mountains who must pass through the Central Woodland often seek out tribes of Lourulf to guide them.
The animals of the Central woodland tend to be large and healthy. There are true rumors of several animals spotted that are much larger than they would naturally be. Moose which stand twenty feet tall. Bears that knock over trees. Eagles who make nests the size of a large house. These are just a few of the examples.

Stone-carved Mountains

To the north of the Central Woodlands is a vast range of mountains collectively known as the Stone-Carved Mountains. Life on the mountain is harsh. The only creatures that thrive here are the giants, monsters, and dwarves. The Dwarves of Islia claim this territory as their own. They are particularly suited to surviving in these harsh environments because these dwarves are not made of flesh and warm blood. Instead, they are constructed from the mountains themselves.
The Giants of the Stone-carved mountains range from 30 to 50 feet tall. They live with an honor system which keeps them peaceful against the Dwarves. The Giants live in wandering tribes, and often battle amongst themselves. Sometimes, a giant goes mad and decides to fight the Dwarves, or even head south into the Central Woodland.

Fair Isles

To the north of the Western Wilds is several large islands collectively known as the Fair Isles. This is the home of the Islian Elves and the center of magic in Islia. If magic was like water, then the Fair Isles would be an ocean. The creatures of the Isles are often born with magical qualities. Bears that can speak, birds who lay diamond eggs, or fire breathing lizards. Some of the plants and natural geography of the Fair Isles are just as magical. Rare flowers that brew a tea of immortality, a lake that heals all wounds, or even a cave which echoes your deepest regrets back to you.
The Elves of the Fair Isles were human many thousands of years ago. But the magic seeped into their very being over the generations, turning them into elves. They live in cities and villages, farm the land, and tend to their seas. They trade with both Nenmaa and the Western wilds. Mages are also drawn to this land in order to study magic.


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Gates Character Creation Example

Stormforge West is hard at work on Gates (see the introduction here), and today we can show you an example of how character creation works in Gates. So take it away James!

One of the key aspects of Gates is its character customization. Nearly any type of character can be made in Gates. To showcase this property, I will show you the process for making two very different characters. The first is one of the Gate Striders that has a quote in the book, Gregor Rokan. The second will be a character that is a bit more… unique. We will get to that soon. But first, lets go through the making of Gregor.

Gregor Rokan

So, we need to know who Gregor Is. I know I want him to be an archer of sorts, perhaps a fantasy sniper/ranger type.

Step 1: Talk to party

Before creating any character, you will need to talk to the GM and the party as a whole. Discuss the game with them, and use this to build the character. However, we do not have a party to speak too. So, this will be skipped.

Step 2: Background

This step is where we consider the background of the character. We will need to consider who Gregor was and what his past was like. Gregor is a Gate Strider. This means that he is an impressive individual. So who was Gregor Rokan? Gregor was raised in a fantasy world with danger at every corner. He lived in a small town, one situated in a woods. This character is a sniper, so lets tie that in to his background. One day, His town was attacked by hordes of Orcs, which he played a key part in defending the town. Using his sniping skills with a bow, he slaid thirty two orcs before they even arrived.

Now, lets build his background mechanically. We have five background points to spend on different traits. These traits are split into four categories: Lifestyle, Challenge, Journey, and world. It is not necessary to choose a background trait from each section, but we will for demonstration.

Lifestyle represents who the character was and how they lived their life. There are many background traits to choose from, but lets select “Survivor”. Survivor is a trait that means the character was adept at surviving in the wild. Because Gregor spent much of his time hunting, he has learned the ins and outs of this trait fairly well. Mechanically, this means Gregor gains the Survival skill set. More on that latter.

The Challenge is a the trait which makes the Gate Strider a Gate Strider. This is why they were chosen to explore the worlds. Gregor was chosen because he was fearless in the face of danger. Thus, we will give him “Fearless” which means Gregor is immune to fear.

Journey traits are gained on the road. Between becoming a Gate Strider and the start of the adventure, a character will have traveled through a few worlds. In this journey, they will have picked up equipment, made friends, and learned some valuable information. These are represented by Journey traits. For Gregor, lets give him “Travelers Lore”. This mean he has traveled to many worlds and has learned many bits and pieces of lore. He may spend a hero die in order to gain insight on any unique artifact or Gate Strider.

The final Background Trait is the world trait. This is a trait gained from the world the character comes from. Since Gregor comes from a fantasy world, then lets select “Trinkets” which means the character begins the game with several magical trinkets.

So, to summarize, we have decided to select Trinkets, Survivor, Travelers Lore, and Fearless as the background traits. This means that we have 1 background point left. This transfers into a Hero Die. Hero Dice represent a characters luck and are equal to 1+ the remaining Hero Dice. Thus, two Hero Dice.

Step 3: Abilities

There are 6 abilities in Gates. Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Spirit. When determining their starting points, set each one equal to 2 and spread 10 points throughout them. Because we know Gregor is an archer/ranger type. We will give him a higher Dexterity and Focus. This is how we will spread the abilities:

Strength 3
Dexterity 5
Constitution 4
Intelligence 3
Focus 5
Spirit 2

He has low spirit, but the high dexterity and focus will help him stay alert and ready for any situation.

Step 4: Classes

This is a very important decision for us to make. Here, we will decide on two classes that will make up the character. We know that a part of Gregor’s character is being an expert archer. Archer is a school within the Warrior class, so let’s choose that as the first class. The second class is a bit tricky. We could go down a more sniper route and select Rogue. Alternatively, we can select Naturalist and give him a more mystical nature connection. Gregor is not a mystical character, so let’s go with a Warrior/Rogue.

Step 5: Cores

A Core is a core ability of a character. A character selects three Cores for their character. These are selected from the classes chosen as well as two universal Cores. The Cores for warrior are “Attack Training” and “Defence Training”. The Cores for Rogue are “Sneak Attack” and “Hide”. The Universal Cores are “Enhanced Ability” and “Ability Mastery”.
Let’s choose “Attack Training”, “Sneak Attack”, and “Hide.” This will give the character accuracy with attacks, the ability to hide quickly and easily, and the ability to perform deadly sneak attacks. I will not go over these Cores right now, as I will cover them in a future blog post.

Step 6: Skills

Similar to Cores, we select three skill sets from the classes we have chosen. The skills available are Acrobatics, Thieving, Athletics, and Tactics. Now, because he has the Survivor trait, then Gregor gains the Survival skill set already. Because Gregor is not a thief, we will select Acrobatics, Athletics, and Tactics. This means he is very physically adept and has a keen eye for tactics.

Step 7: Health

Next, we calculate health and Threshold. Health is calculated from a combination of the classes, plus double constitution. In Gregor’s case, this is 21 HP. Threshold is the same, except instead of double Constitution It is equal to Constitution + Spirit. Threshold of 19.

Step 8: Statistics

Now, we need to calculate the statistics. I will glosse over this section because the character statistics will be explored in detail latter. For now, know that you select either attack or defence to increase by 1. Lets increase attack. Next, let’s calculate initiative (Dex+Foc), healing factor (Con+Str), Proficiency (begins at 2), Load (Half Strength +1), Attunement (Half Spirit). Gregors stats are:

Initiative 8
Healing Factor 8
Load 2
Attunement 1

Step 9: Equipment

This is the final step to creating a character, starting equipment. A character gains one Advanced item, two basic items, and three simple items. The specifics of what these mean are not important right now, but Gregor will start with a Longbow, a Sturdy horse, Leather armor, an adventurer’s kit, a dagger, and a cloak to use along with the dagger.

So, that is Gregor! His character is a bit basic. To be honest, it is a tad boring. Gregor was just a warmup. A sample. So, lets make something a bit more wild to really show off the character creation. This next character will test the limits of what Gates can do. Lets build Jalik..


© Anderson Maia

There is a world that has been destroyed by a magical war long ago. Now, it is a wasteland full of mutant animals, cobbled technology, and magical contamination. Jalik was a wild child, he ran with the mutated animals through the fields during the day, and tinkered on stray bits of electronics at night. During a hunt, he fell into a pool of water. This water was filled to the brim with ancient magic left over from the war. When he came out, he was changed. Jalik was stronger, lion-like, and his form was slightly mutable. With focus, he could change the length of his claws. Returning home, his mother, Leena, did not believe this monster was his son. So, he was forced to roam. Eventually, Jalik stopped and stayed at a junk town. Using his knowledge of engineering, he furthered his mechanical mind. To make a living, he battled in an arena to make money, winning most fights. Eventually, he constructed his first mechanised suit designed to further increase his power. He became the champion of the town. Became rich, but lost all challenge. So he set out to find more excitement. This was when he found his first Gate, and his new found hobby as a Gate Strider.

This is a doozy of a character, but it is surprisingly standard for a Gates character! Let’s get to building!

Step 1: Talk to party


Step 2: Background

Jaliks background has a lot going for it, but I have decided that three background traits will fill him out nicely. We will give him “Well Equipped” because he was a wealthy gladiator which used his wealth to purchase weaponry. This gives him an extra advanced item, two more basic items, and three more simple items. The next trait will be “Feat of Strength”. Jalik’s incredible lion-like body allows him great feats of strength. Mechanically, this gives him a bonus when attempting to lift or move huge objects. The last trait will be “Predator”. This should be self explanatory, and allows him to automatically find one person he is tracking, but only once per session.
Because he only selected three traits, Jalik has three hero dice.

Step 3: Abilities

This is going to be more in depth than Gregors. But, for reasons that will become apparent soon, let’s hold off on the abilities for now.

Step 4: Classes

What classes would cover a shape-changing monster walking around in mechanised armor? Easy, Artificer and Naturalist. Artificers are all about the equipment and crafting while Naturalist would be perfect for emulated the “wild” side of Jalik.

Step 5: Cores

The Cores available to Jalik are “Craft Equipment” and “Jury Rig” from artificer, “Nature Aspect” and “Animal Friend” from naturalist, and “Ability Master“ and “Enhanced Abilities”. For Jalik, Craft Equipment will be good. It will give him more starting equipment, as well as allow him to recraft his starting equipment. Specifically, three more simple items, two more basic items, and one more advanced item.

Let’s also give Jalik Nature Aspect. This will give him a choice of different aspects of nature which can give him animal like qualities. Let’s choose Natural attack and Fur. This gives him powerful claws to use, as well as allowing him to resist the cold.

Finally, He will get Enhanced abilities. This simply gives him three more ability points to spend on his ability scores. This is why we waited for abilities.

Step 3: Abilities

Alright, Jilak now has 13 points to work with. But first, let’s take a look at innate perks. Innate perks are traits that can be purchased with ability points. We will pick “Scent” and “Intimidating” for his perks. Scent gives him a particularly strong sense of smell. Intimidating grants a bonus to intimidating, a no brainer choice for Jalik. These both cost one ability point, so that leaves us with 11 left. Here is his ability points after spreading them out.

Strength 6
Dexterity 3
Constitution 4
Intelligence 4
Focus 3
Spirit 3

Step 6: Skills

The skills available to Jalik are “Craft” and “Science” from artificer, and “Survival” and “Magic” from naturalist. Jalik does not know much about magic, so let’s go with Craft, Science, and Survival.

Step 7: Health

Using the same formula for HP and TH as Gregor, Jalik has 20 HP and 19 TH. Not as tough as Gregor, but that is ok.

Step 8: Statistics

Calculating Jalik’s Statistics, we get:

Initiative 6
Healing Factor 10
Load 4
Attunement 1

Step 9: Equipment

Now, we get to have fun with equipment. Jalik, from a combination of his background and Cores, has three advanced items, six basic Items, and nine simple items. These three types of equipment act as a sort of currency, which can be spent to upgrade equipment. Most of this will go into his mechanised suit.

All three advanced items will go into the armor. It is heavy armor, which requires 2 load, and mechanised. Mechanised means he is treated as having the large innate perk while wearing it and weapons may be installed. We are going to install one weapon. Perhaps a shotgun installed in the knuckles of the mech. The hands are left free, to make use of his claws.

For his basic items, lets convert three of them into two advanced items and use these to buy him a truck. A large mount which is sturdy. This will allow him to carry around his armor with ease. The last three will go to installing a shield onto the mech, and to purchase a climbing kit.

Simple items are a doozy. With nine of them, we have a lot of room to play. Let’s convert three of them into a basic item. WIth this, we will use it to give Jalik five grenades. Two of them simple items will go into packs. An adventurers pack and a mechanics pack. These are bundles of equipment that will be handy for Jalik. A dagger is always handy, so let’s give him one. This leaves three simple items remaining. One of them will go to a set of hide armor, for when Jalik cannot wear the mech, and the other two will be spent to give him two one-use traps.

Alright, so that is Jalik. All-in-all, he is not so complicated a character. Except, maybe his equipment. But the character creation in Gates does not stop here. Almost any character can be made. Pistol wielding dragon? A flying sprite with deadly magic? What about a dracotaur with the power to shape earth? All of these are perfectly viable Gates characters.

Introduction to Gates

While I’m busy tinkering away at the Faction mod for the Sigil System, Stormforge West has been working hard on their next game after Haunt. It’s amazing, it’s called Gates, and here is James from Stormforge West to tell you all about it:

For the past 4 years, I have been developing a roleplaying game that has become my personal muse. It is the game that I call “The Game”. A combination of my entire lifetimes experience with role playing games, polished down into a cohesive and truly epic role playing game.This game is Gates. Gates is a roleplaying game set in a multiverse of possibility. Every conceivable world and setting fits inside this game. Fantastic lands where dragons soar the skies, Futuristic metropolis ruled by robots, and even stranger places still such as a world made of floating, sky islands or a place where gravity just doesn’t work the way it is intended. These are the settings in Gates that your party will explore.

The Party and characters

You will play as Gate Striders. They are heroic character that come from a multitude of different worlds. Gate Striders are given the ability to walk between portals called Gates. Each one is a dungeon of its own, and it leads to strange exotic worlds. Because players come from so many worlds, the party has multiple genres within it. A cyborg pirate could join forces with a valiant knight with psychic powers. Or a police officer who dabbles in witchcraft might be allies with a literal dragon. The only limitation to the party is your imagination.
Characters choose two classes right off the bat. Choosing between Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Channeler, Perfectionist, Naturalist, Bard, Psionic, Elementalist and Artificer. The characters are further detailed through backgrounds and skill choices. As they level, they can gain a myriad of special abilities which add to their style, making each character one of a kind.
Your goal as Player Characters will be to travel between worlds and go on quests to prove your worth. You will begin the game as powerful heroes who can turn the tide in a war, but near the height of your power you will be battling gods across massive battlefields where the fate of the multiverse lies in the balance.

The Gameplay

Gates uses vast options for combat, varied and unique character options, and a zone style movement system to create epic and cinematic combat encounters. One fight may take place on the tops of speeding cars on the highway while the next day you could be doing battle with griffons atop a crumbling castle.
The game uses two six sided dice as its main dice mechanic, with extra dice rolled when you have advantages. In combat, you are given a stunt which may modify any attack. Outside of combat, you will make use of the social encounter system, the traveling rules, and the downtime rules. Leveling your character is not handled by experience. Rather, you will gain Advancement Points. To gain these Advancement Points, you must go out into a world and complete a quest. The more difficult, the better.

The Future

Keep an eye on this blog as well as my twitter handle @Stormforge_West for updates to the game. The Beta playtest for Gates will be on DrivethruRPG for free sometime in the coming months. After that, we will work on the Kickstarter for Gates so we can fill it with beautiful art and superb editing. Any questions regarding the game, please come to the Discord server at or email me directly at Good Gate Striding.

Haunt is now out in print!

This is a game about secrets. Your secrets may be dark, but the Haunt’s are deadly. Whose past will be uncovered first? Who will survive?

Haunt is now available in printed hard copy over on DriveThruRPG. Now you can bring the horrors and mysteries of Haunt to your table in luxurious, premium softcover format, just like the dark spirits of the haunts intended. And what’s even better is that you can grab the softcover version of Haunt for only $10.95! So click the image above, or CLICK HERE to get your hands on the new hardcopy of Haunt.


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The Stormforge West Roadmap

Haunt is selling like hotcakes over on DriveThruRPG and is well on its way to hitting that Copper medal. Stormforge West is more than just one game, however, so here’s James to talk about the future of Stormforge West and what you can expect to see from them.


The purpose of this post is to tell all of you my plans for the future. Now that Haunt is released, I want to focus on more games. I love making these games and sharing them with you and I want you to be aware of things to come. Note, these are not set in stone. The order of these and their contents may change over time. This post is not to tell you what WILL be released. Instead, this post is to tell you the direction my thoughts of things to come.

I have three largeish projects I am working on. The first is called Grim Gears. This is a game in the Sigil System ruleset about Brothers Grimm style fairy tails set in a sky-island world with a clockwork aesthetic. The focus of this game will be on the setting and the stories told within. Grim Gears is a collaborative project, so hopefully things will move quickly for it. I have never worked with another for a product, so it is an exciting experience.

The second large game is actually my first real RPG. The name of the game is Gates and I have been working on it off and on for quite a while. Gates is about a group of adventurers from different worlds and genres. Cyborg ninjas fighting alongside werewolf knights. Cowboy deadeyes who works with a vampire CEO. These are just a few examples of the characters in that game. The game will focus on cinematic combat and crazy genre mashed adventures.

The third large game I have in the works has little work going into it. This project has no name, but it will be about scholars from various schools being sent to newly discovered locations to log information. It is a game about finding artifacts, learning of new cultures, and trying to amass more knowledge for your report than the other players.

Those are the three main projects I will be working on. However, during those projects I will be making several smaller projects. The first will be a mod for the Sigil System. This mod, Rituals and Recipes, is nearly complete and will be about performing magic rituals and crafting magic potions. It will add a little bit of wizardry to your games.

Now that Haunt is released, I have gotten a lot of feedback and I know many want a module for it. So, that is in the works as well! The module will have a few different haunts for a map that will be supplied. It will also have further description of how to make your own haunts.

After that module, I plan to release a game called Odyssey of the Few. It is a small RPG about the same size as Haunt. It is also just as strange. Instead of playing a character, you take on the role of a Fate. This means you guide the party alongside the other Fates. Your goal will be to solve the players goal while also skewing things to complete your own personal goal.

These are the projects I am going to release, in that approximate order. I will be constantly creating of course. I will be making many splat books for Sigil, Haunt, and other products. I could go on and on about my ideas, but the ones I have talked about are the ones that will likely be actually finished. Eventually, I will also begin a YouTube channel to talk about my games and ideas. Alongside the YouTube channel will be a patreon so you may support me and my work. However, that will not be for another year until that gets started.


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Haunt Merch

Haunt is out on DriveThruRPG and is doing fantastic! Now we got something extra for you Haunt fans: clothing merch! Over at Print Mighty and Spread Shirt we got some Haunt shirts and hoodies for sale, and we’re just starting out. Keep an eye on these stores as we will be making new Haunt clothing designs in the future.

So if you’re in NZ or Oceania, check out the Haunt shirts at Print Mighty below.

Or if you’re in North America or Europe, you can find the Haunt clothing at Spread Shirt.


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Haunt is released

As the title of the blog says, the Haunt RPG is now released and available only on DriveThruRPG for $4.95! Click the cover above or HERE to get your hands on Haunt.

If you haven’t been following the blog posts and don’t know about Haunt, here’s a quick intro:

Haunt does exactly what the title implies, it sets your characters in a spooky location and then sets the horrors upon them.

It’s a game that is set up quickly and gets your players into the game even quicker and easier, but the thing that makes Haunt special is its Secrets System.

In Haunt, players keep secrets from the GM and these secrets are the PCs’ lifeline. Whenever they make a mistake, the GM asks them a question to try and unravel what hidden secrets they have kept buried.

If the GM discovers all their secrets, it’s game over.

So get Haunt now and see how long you can survive before the creatures of the night descend upon you.


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Haunt is nearing completion

Haunt is almost finished, so now is the LAST CHANCE to pick up the playtest document of Haunt. At 5pm CST tomorrow, the playtest version of this game will be removed from DrivethruRPG. This has been a long an enlightening journey creating this game. I went in with little skill or experience in this. My next project will be much larger and be even better! I want to thank everyone who has supported this games development.

Pick up the playtest HERE. You don’t have much time left!


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Also, if you haven’t yet done it, fill out our survey and get a free game!

Archetypes in Haunt

Haunt separates its characters into broad archetypes of supernatural investigators. These archetypes represent the kind of people who would find themselves in these types of situations. The archetypes do three things. First, they determine your starting attributes (Faith, Intuition, and Knowledge). The second thing archetypes do is give you boons. Boons are useful tools which allow the player to learn something or help fend off the haunt. Boons are activated by giving the Game Master a hint, so every use is a risk. The third and final use of the archetype is to help you get an idea of your character and how they work. The archetypes in the book are by no means the only possible archetypes or represent what exactly your character is. It is perfectly acceptable to create your own should these not suffice.

The six archetypes in the book are: Priest, Scientist, Psychic, Investigator, Exorcist, and Mystic.


The Priest is the character that represents Faith. Their belief in a higher power is what grants them this attribute. Priests (of various religions), pastors, or even social workers (for a no religious approach) are examples of Priests. The boon, Confession, is a defensive boon. When someone in the same location of the Priest fails a roll, the Priest may give the Game Master a hint to stop him from asking the player a question. This can save someone’s life, but it can also shorten yours. The Priest is willing to sacrifice themselves in order to save others.


The Scientist is the character that represents Knowledge. Half a lifetime’s worth of study and contemplation have granted them this attribute. Teachers, professors, doctors, or other types of scholars are examples of Scientists. The boon, Explanation, is a boon that is best used in preparation. The Scientist gives the Game Master a hint and every character in the Scientist’s location increases their Courage skill by one. This means these characters are better at defending against the supernatural terror. Unfortunately, this extra courage lasts only until it is used. The Scientist sees the world in a logical way, and can explain exactly why everyone is ok.


The Psychic is a character that represents Intuition. Their sixth sense is very acute, granting them this attribute. Doomsayers, people with psychic ability, and those who have opened their third eye are examples of Psychics. The boon, Visions, is a boon that can help you confirm suspicions. You give the Game Master a hint, and you get to ask him a question. This question must be a yes or no question. Did Jacob murder the ghost? Will destroying the body destroy the ghost? These are a few good examples. The Psychic gains visions of the future and the past. They can see parts of the truth, but not all of it.


The Investigator is the character that blends Intuition and Knowledge. They use a combination of experience and gut instinct to discover what is going on. Police officers, private investigators, and journalists are a few examples of Investigators. The Boon, Investigate, is there to help you when you get stuck. The Investigator gives the Game Master a hint, and the Investigator learns where the closest important clue is. This should only be used when the players are truly stuck and have no idea where else to go. An investigator has the know-how to spot a clue in a pile of red herrings.


The Exorcist is the character that blends Knowledge and Faith. They use religious texts and incantations to battle the dark. Occultists, witch hunters, and those who hunt the dead are a few examples of Exorcist. This archetype is the only that can truly stand up against the spirit. The boon, Ritual, is one of the most potent defensive boons. When the ghost attacks, the Exorcist may give the GM a hint and banish the ghost for a short time, nullifying the attack. This can be a lifesaver near the end of the game, when the spirit is the most dangerous. The Exorcist wields their faith like a weapon and strikes down the things that go bump in the night.


The Mystic is the character that blends Faith and Intuition. They combine their sixth sense with a unique outlook on the world. Druids, faith healers, and medicine men are a few examples of Mystics. The boon, Commune, is one of the most difficult boons to use. The Mystic gives the Game Master a hint, and the Mystic may ask the spirit, ghost, demon, or whatever is out there a single question. This is tricky for the Game Master and the Player, because the ghost must answer truthfully. However, the ghost does not need to be clear. They can speak in riddles or metaphors to confuse the Mystic. The Mystic can get the closest with the spirit and has the deepest connection to it. But a door once opened can be entered through both ways.

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Haunting Secrets

With Haunt right around the corner, let’s hear from James to see what makes Haunt so unique.


Haunt is a game about secrets. Players have secrets, Game Master’s have secrets, and even NPC’s have their secrets.

Let’s explore these secrets in detail.

When creating a character in Haunt, the Game Master needs to physically get up and leave the room. He cannot be here during this time, otherwise the game becomes trivial. Once the Game Master is gone, you can really dig into these dark secrets. There are three secrets each character has, and each one has certain limitations to it. These secrets are the Haunt Secret, Character Secret, and Background Secret. The players talk together to explore their secrets. It is important that each player knows everyone’s secrets. The reason for this is it makes sure that no individual player can lie about their secrets.

The first secret is the Haunt Secret. Think of a phrase that fits within these guidelines: something that has to do with why your character came to this location or why they hunt the supernatural. Let’s look at a few examples. At the beginning of the game the Game Master explains the setting to the players as much as he can. The players use this knowledge to choose their haunt secrets. In this example, the haunted location is an old abandoned house that several people have not returned from. One character’s Haunt Secret might be “I was left behind while my friends went to this house,” and anothers is “I am a paranormal investigator who wants to get to the bottom of this!” The Haunt Secret gives your character a reason for being at this location.

The Character Secret is the most fun secret to choose. The limitations of this secret is that it must have something to do with another character. This secret strengthens the bonds between the characters and helps build up even more of a backstory. Some examples of these secrets would be “I am secretly in love with Mary,” and “The people I murdered had a son. He is another character.”

The Background Secret has the most freedom connected to it. It is simply a secret from your characters past. This is a good way to flesh out your characters background a little bit. Some examples of these secrets would be “I stole another mans identity.” and “I was convicted for a murder I did, but got away.”

Something magical happens when creating these secrets. Talking about them with your friends at the table, you will start to make connections between your secrets. A detailed and interesting backstory begins to reveal itself. When you create your characters’ secrets you will see how your characters’ backstories interact. This makes a small web of interconnected events that can make for some very interesting stories. Of course, you can ignore all of these connections and just play these secrets mechanically, but I have noticed that the kind of people who truly enjoy roleplaying games cannot help but to create these connections instinctually.

Now that we know what the secrets are and how they are formed, the Game Master needs to know how to discover them. Throughout play, the Game Master will gain the opportunity to ask a player a question. This question is the primary technique for finding the players’ secrets. Did you murder anyone in your past? Is your character in love? Are you a runaway? Who is your character secret with? These are all types of questions that you can ask. Each one whittles away at a character’s secrets until the darkest ones are revealed. It is important for the Game Master to use context clues and gauge the players reactions to your questions. The human element of investigation is very important, because once the Game Master uncovers all three of a character’s secret, that character is out of the game.

The three secrets, Haunt, Character, and Background, are just the tip of the iceberg. There are a few other optional secrets as well which will be in the full version of the game. These include Legacy secrets, Outsider secrets, and Hellbound secrets. And many more varieties are possible as well. As long as they are consistent, Game Masters can even create their own.

You can get the playtest version of Haunt for free by CLICKING HERE.

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Intro to Haunt

Haunt is the first product created by Stormforge West. It has been in development for nearly a year and is now nearing completion. Soon, a fully fleshed out roleplaying game filled with beautiful, hand painted art will be fully available for purchase.

So to get you started with Haunt, here’s James with more about the game:

Let’s Talk about Haunt

In Haunt, you play as a group of private investigators, psychics, scientists, and exorcists being hunted by a supernatural creature. Haunt is a horror tabletop roleplaying game. This means your table will soon be a center of dread and terror. Haunt creates this tension by spiraling your failures. Everytime you speak to a non-player character; every time you attempt to find a clue; every time the evil spirit makes itself known; you can fail, and with each failure, it becomes easier and easier to fall to the ghost. Losing the game is easy when your darkest secrets are exposed, your will to survive is lost and you are killed.

Winning the game is significantly more difficult. To win Haunt, you must track down the clues and learn about what exactly is hunting you. Once you know what’s hunting you, predator becomes prey. Killing a ghost is not easy. It is a deeply personal task, one that requires you to learn about the ghost’s past actions and current intentions. Every haunt has a unique method of banishing it. Some may require you to solve their past mistakes. Others require dark rituals to be performed. The method of banishment is just as important to the ghost is its origins.
What makes Haunt different from other RPGs is its secret mechanic. Every player has 3 dark secrets. These secrets are so secret in fact, that the GM does not know what they are. As a GM, your job will be to uncover these secrets. There are a few ways to go about this, but the easiest is to just ask them. Whenever a player fails a roll, you may ask a question that they have to answer truthfully. Did you ever murder anyone? Were you a criminal? Are you in love? Did you lose a loved one? These are the sort of questions you should ask. Every time you discover a secret, every roll the players make becomes more difficult to pull off.

This is the backbone of Haunt: the secrets. They force the GM to play along with the players. While the players are investigating the haunted house, the GM must investigate the players. The GM must try to kill the players instead of trying to almost kill them. Haunt is a race. The GM must find the players secrets before the players find out the haunts secrets. Who will win? Who will survive?

You can get the playtest version of Haunt for free by CLICKING HERE.

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