Hotdog800’s Z-LAND Campaign

We always love to see what others can do with the games we make, and here is HotDog800 with his own live-streamed Z-LAND campaign!

We’re not affiliated with him in any capacity, but we’ll definitely give him a plug here on our site. Go check him out and see how his group survives in the apocalypse. If you’ve got your own Z-LAND campaign up and running, give us a shout and we’ll plug you as well!

Z-LAND Beta 4.1

The new version of the Z-Land beta is now out and on its way to you!

It’s version 4.1 and there has been a lot of changes made.

We’ve finished the Apocalypse Era Character Creation. So you can now create a character from birth to adulthood fully in the wastelands of the apocalypse.

We’ve also changed some skills around. Lore and Insight became Logic and Intuition and we’ve done away with Contacts and split Craft into two new types of crafting skills.

And lastly, we completely changed the look of the beta book as well as giving you a new character sheet.

There’s a lot of new stuff in the book so have a good look at the changelog on page 3 and the rest of the book to see what’s changed.