Magic Mondays – Life Rune & Circle of Life

For Magic Mondays this week we celebrate all things undead in Z-Land by giving you a whole new rune!

The Life rune does exactly what it’s name means: it distinguishes between that which is alive and that which isn’t. If you simply link Create with Life, it will create a conglomerate of single cells as they are the ancestor of all life, but that isn’t what makes it so interesting. When you modify any Plant or Animal rune (such as Human, Canids, Felids, etc) with Life, you can specify that you only want to target living animals. And as you will see below you can also make exclusionary modifications so that you can specify you only want to target dead things… or in the case of Z-Land, undead things.

And to see the Life rune in action, here is the Circle of Life array:

Notation: Create a Containment Field that excludes Dead Humans if any are present.

Class: Defence

Description: The most basic of anti-zombie arrays you can make, and also the one that will save your life more times than you will be able to count. The Circle of Life destroys dead (and undead) humans when they enter the array’s field of effect. It’s simple, it’s clean, but it brings a new element to the realm of runic array design and that is the concept of the exclusionary modification.

Exclusionary modification works in much the same way as a normal modification. Whatever rune you put as the modifier tells the array what specific sort of material to target. Modify a Blood rune with a Human rune and you tell the array not to target any sort of blood, but to target human blood specifically; modify the Human rune with a Life rune and the array will specifically target living humans only. It all sounds straightforward and very familiar, but what if you don’t want to target living humans or all humans, but specifically dead (or undead) humans?

Well there are two ways to do this. First is to make an array that targets all humans, then use that array as a secondary array inside a larger one and exclude living humans from the effect of that secondary array. It does the same thing as the Circle of Life, but you can easily skip all those steps and simply use the Life rune as an exclusionary modification to tell the array to target humans that are not living.

As you can see in the array above, to make an exclusionary modification is quite simply. All you do is add an extra ring around the rune to show it is being excluded just like you would do with an “If-Not-Then” statement or an “Exclude” statement that the Circle of Life also has.

And there you go, now you have far more flexibility in your runic array designs. Remember you can also use an exclusionary modifications when it comes to speed and size runes to be able to better hone the accuracy of your arrays.

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Also stay tuned for Wednesday when we’ll show you how you will be able to bring the undead, survival goodness to The Runed Age’s Middelburg and you will be able to bring the magic of the runic arrays to the apocalyptic wastelands of Z-Land.

Z-Land Kickstarter Update 1

The Kickstarter is up and running and now 24 hours later we have time to sit back for a while and see what happened.

We’re pleased to announce that in only one day we have already gotten half of our funding goal!

So to you 43 backers who have helped us this far, we cannot thank you enough. But we still have the other half to go, not even to mention all the stretch goals so we need your help, dear reader, to get us that far. Every little bit of funding we get helps, from the largest backer level to even just a dollar, so don’t be intimidated by the higher backing tiers and get scared off, we will be infinitely grateful for any help you can give.

Also, help doesn’t just have to come in the form of backing the Kickstarter. What every Kickstarter campaign need most (after funding of course) is exposure. So if you can share the Kickstarter to your social circle and online groups, you are doing us a favour larger than you can imagine.

And now for a couple of FAQs. It’s only been a day but we’ve already gotten a few.

The System

The first thing a lot of folks want to know is what system Z-Land will be based on, and if they can give it a test or two to see how it works. Well for those of you are curious, Z-Land will be based on the Sigil System, much as The Runed Age, although it will come with a host of unique mechanics focused around survival, social factions and the undead infection. The Sigil System is also available as a free download over on DriveThruRPG, so click the banner below and have a look!

The Money

A fair question if there ever was one is what we plan to do with the money we raise. The short answer is “Art.” The longer answer has a pretty chart along with it.

After the fees that Kickstarter takes from the total funding is taken off, we will be spending the money predominantly in two ways: to cover the printing costs at DriveThruRPG for the physical products and all the art we are going to get. We will squirrel away a few pennies to cover editing and proofreading, but the main costs we want to cover and the main reason for the Kickstarter campaign at all is to get money to fund as much art as we can get our hands on to make the Z-Land Corebook look as grand as possible.

If you have any questions, comments or critiques, please feel free to drop us an email! We are always happy to help.

Z-Land Kickstarter is now Live!

The Z-Land Kickstarter is live! Click the link on the description of the video above, or CLICK HERE to go directly to the Kickstarter page!

This is Z-LAND where humanity is no longer the top of the food chain, where every day could be your last. Hunger, Thirst, Sleep and Exposure all wear down on you in a battle of attrition with the unstoppable Dead. Find the answer to the question “just how long would I survive” as you and your friends attempt to do just that. What makes Z-LAND unique is we take the survival aspect of survival-horror very seriously. You will see your character weaken as sleep deprivation, hunger & thirst slowly whittle them down.

But that is where the choice comes in, will you just take it? Or will you do anything & everything necessary to survive? How much of yourself can you retain in your battle to survive?

Zombie Monday! – Introducing Z-Land

Instead of Magic Mondays this week, we give you a the first look at a project we’ve been working on with our good friend Rycon for quite some time now. The video above says it better than I ever can, so sit back and enjoy!

If you like what you see, you can check out the first iteration of Z-Land’s survival mechanics in The Sigil System, now available for free from DriveThruRPG.