Hunter Corps V 1.1

Hunter Corps has been updated to v1.1 with a bunch of changes, additions and fixes to make it even a more awesome game than before.

To celebrate the new version, and the one month anniversary of Hunter Corps’ release, it’s on sale for 20% off for the next two weeks.

So get in while the sale lasts to get your hands on Hunter Corps. You can grab it HERE from DriveThruRPG, or HERE from

Grim Gears

I would like to introduce a game that I have talked about in the past. Grim Gears. For quite a while, I have been interested in a movement called OSR, or Old School Renaissance. Though, for the longest time I did not get a chance to try out that style of play with my group. However, eventually we tried a game called Lamentations of the Flame Princess. From this point, my view on RPGs shifted. We began to play more and more of OSR style, and I developed my own system for it.

I have also been working on a setting of mine. A dark fantasy clock-punk world where airships and cosmic abominations are the norm, and witch hunting is a favorite past time. This world is called Himinil, and I have been struggling for a home for it. At first, I was going to make it a setting for Gates. But, that did not feel right. Gates is an action oriented, hero-simulator. Himinil is not about heros. What it is about is the struggle between faith and magic, law and freedom, and survival. It took a while, but I finally connected the two. Make Himinil into an OSR game. 

I had a homebrew system that I was playing, which evolved into a game called Stone and Spear. It was about playing as cavemen starting civilisation. Moving passed that game, it turned into M.O.S.S. A generic RPG that was a bit too generic for its own good. Now, finally, I have solidified the idea into Grim Gears. So, let’s talk about what it is.

Grim gears is a game about surviving the witch hunts while gaining as much treasure as possible. You are soldiers, mages, cultists, or even witches that have nothing else to do except to hunt for treasure and loot monsters. Here is a rundown of the mechanics, rules, and tidbits. 

  • Sandbox play. Grim Gears is meant to be played as a sandbox, with rules for generating hex-maps, sailing through the skies, and generating encounters and challenges.
  • Class based game. Each character chooses from Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, Magic-user, Elf, Dwarf, and Witch. Clerics, magic-users, and witches each have different mechanics for magic.
    • Fighters are simple. They are tough and fight well.
    • Rogues have a selection of talents that they can use to make themselves more skilled.
    • Clerics are more like cultists of dead religions. They are hunted for being heretics and using foul magic. Their prayer system gives them freedom to cast magic as they see fit, but each cast risks their gods wrath. They do not like to be bothered.
    • Magic-users have a new magic system. Each spell has four levels, and when a mage casts a spell they may choose what level they cast it at. Though, this is limited by level.
    • Elves are short fae. Child sized, and magical. They are like a combination of fighter, rogue, and magic-user.
    • Dwarves are tough and crafty. They are clock makers and warriors. Though, their numbers are low.
    • Witches are fun, but dangerous. Their magic system, Wyrd magic, is a soft-magic system. Where almost any magic can be performed, but failing to cast it can have deadly consequences.
  • Roll under. Stats are low, and it is difficult to succeed at even simple die rolls (unless you are a rogue). This is on purpose. I want players to avoid solutions where they have to roll dice at every opportunity. Why try to jump a pit when you can solve the solution with a clever use of tools or spells?
  • Modularity. The game has several optional rules that can be pieced on or removed from the game. This allows a GM to make the game into what they want it to be. It also gives me plenty of room for future content. 
  • Witch hunts. Rules for the public viewing the characters as a danger, mobs, and witch hunters make it difficult for characters to use magic in public.
  • Monster Generation. Instead of a long list of possible monsters, Grim Gears takes a generative approach. Rules for generating monsters, dragons, Ghouls (orcs and goblins), Rippers (clockwork abominations), Lycanthropes, Fae, cults, and witch hunters. This means a game can be played with no prep, but it does require a lot of dice rolls. 
  • Merchant based equipment. Instead of a list of items, Grim Gears applies its generative approach to its equipment instead. A list of merchants is provided, with rules for populating their shops with objects, and rules for those objects.
  • Alchemy. Alchemy rules allow players to seek out ingredients and craft their own potions with a fun mini-game. These potions are interesting, rather than generic. Instead of an invisibility potion, it’s a potion that turns you into smoke, for example.

Like I mentioned before, Himinil takes a large roll in Grim Gears. Though, any dark fantasy setting can be played in it. The following is a rundown of the setting.

  • Veritism. The faith of veritism has taken over the world completely. They worship an entity called The Truth, but it provides no clerics. They are deeply suspicious of magic, and send witch hunters and inquisitors to seek out practitioners of it, and destroy them.
  • Clockwork. The world is run by clockwork. Airships, clockwork devices, and clockwork weapons are used. 
  • The Great War. 20 years ago or so, the Great War ended. Essentially a world war which boosted all sides technology, and has created a new peace.
  • A crumbling world. Each of the 13 nations of Himinil are on the brink of destruction. Civil war, unrest, conflict, and other issues give players the potential to save the world. It is up to the players to save who they wish to.

The 15 realms are…

Bitter Winds and Vadath

One of the three largest realms. It is mostly land, a large continent. It is a realm of giant monsters, cold survival, and a dichotomy of progression and tradition.

Noble Clouds and Krithia

The second largest realm and the one presented in this book.  A continent where it rains often. It is a land aesthetically similar to renaissance period England. It has themes of nobility versus peasantry, witch hunts, and the church.

Windy Wilds and Mokso

The third major realm of Himinil. It is a wide continent of plains. This realm has anarchists, trains, and civilisation.

Unmappable Sky

The unmappable sky is a realm filled with many islands with secret ways to find. It is a realm of treasure hunting, temple running, and magical maps.

Unkind Sky 

This realm is ruled by a witch of crows. It is a place of freaks, carnivals, and birds.

Stormy Sky

A realm of pirates, deadly storms, and dangerous port towns.

The Sky Below

The home of the dwarves and a realm with much more going on inside the islands, than on-top.

Searing Clouds

A realm of fire and ash. A realm of deadly firestorms and blazing monsters. 

Jeweled Sky 

A realm of magic and home of the elves. It is a realm most similar to the default medieval fantasy setting.

Cloudless Desert 

A realm of sand and heat. A dessert place with ancient tombs and mummy warlocks.

Sky of Silver Clouds

The home of the talons of the sea and a realm about honor, duty, and illusion.

Broken Expanse

A jungle realm with the highest density of islands. A place of hidden peoples, forgotten cities, and island exploration.

Umbral Clouds

A dark realm of Gothic horror and grim people.

Star Sky

A sky far above the rest. Rumored to exist, but often not believed in. It is the home of the dragons.

The final Rest

A realm with no islands and the highest chance to witness a Nerre rising from the sea.

Here is a snapshot of the game in progress. It should be everything you need to play it, except for the casting classes. The full version will have art by Kent Willmeth, all of the tools I mentioned before, and a full list of spells.

Entropy Preview: The Gazoid

In our last Entropy Preview, we showed you the cryptic and foreboding Zord. This time, we show you the scientific and secretive Gazoid

Among the stars travel a race of soldiers without a cause. The Gazoid is the remnant of a once scientifically great species which fell from glory at the end of the Shroud War. They are the survivor who fled from their world as it broke apart into a black-hole and swallowed something from another world. With a strong tradition set on military practice and training, the remaining Gazoids perpetuate their legacy by being extremely good mercenaries and guards across space.

Once part of a species of great scientific genius and very social entity, they lost all their root as their world disappeared with their greatest mind with it. Now only soldiers and tough, hardened troops, they split up to find their way. With only the people who shunned the way of lives of their civilians, they are now in a position of great turmoil. Either they repopulate and form a new culture similar to the glorious, now dead “Zoid”, or they disappear slowly as they mingle with other species and lose their heritage and fade away.

The Gazoids’ most practised hobby is combat. Since the event of the Shroud war, regular civilians and ordinary activities for amusement or to pass the time has disappeared, leaving only the battle-able people that managed to exit the system before the great collapse of their world. Young and old people died, and only adult soldiers exist anymore, pushing the race to reproduce urgently to replenish their numbers or disappear.

This change in population made all typical parent to be fighters who raised their children to be also like them, directly or involuntary, therefore seeing kids with guns in the Gazoid culture is universal and also well seen by other Gazoids. The young practice very early to become the next great mercenary of their family after their parents. Usually, when a child is born, the father or the mother chooses to stay with them a while to be sure they are fit, serving as instructors and military trainer, bonding in the process as well. Meanwhile, the other member of the family is hunting down bounties or working as hired help to feed his or her family.

The Gazoids are ashamed of their past, leaving so many lives and so much history to be engulfed by the black hole that saved the Cosmic Exchange. It is common to see people cheering or interested in the Gazoid by this fact alone, but they rarely talk about it. But sometimes, more detached Gazoids use this historical fact in bars or social gathering to get attention or even to coerce other species. Selling their service is common, and this allows them to be seen anywhere in the galaxy, serving as bodyguards, entourage, or adventurers. Money is their most prized possession, but glory is a very close second. Therefore they always strike to be in better shape and better at what they do, reflecting on their physique. Always trained, always healthy, it is almost impossible to see an unfit or very thin Gazoid, their job is never done.

Gazoid’s military is quite simple, given their combat focus. The most “ranked” Gazoids are the one with the biggest ship, the most kills and the largest pile of riches and trophies. For now, the “throne” of “general” of the Gazoid has Gatavok, a wild and diehard Gazoid that keep completing the most difficult and most dangerous expeditions around the galaxy, upgrading the shuttle he used to flee his homeworld into a real gigantic cruiser that serves him as a home. The only real power this Gazoid had over the rest is the respect and admiration he gets from them, but if a crisis strikes and Gatavok ask for backup, any fit Gazoid around will run to his aid, to be part of the legend’s allies and worthy battles he might get into.

Therefore yes, the military is very vague in the Gazoids, leaving most species clueless to their structure since none exist. If a fight starts around a Gazoid current place, they will try to find compensation and the chance to help for a price as they are all the time on the search for income and action. They are seen as opportunists and cheesy action anti-heroes by most Humans who try to deal with them the less possible, but their service is the best, and they know it.

If you want to know more about Entropy then join our Discord server, and chat with Charly the dev himself.

Entropy Preview: the Vector

Last time on the Entropy Preview, we showed you the enigmatic and mysterious Zord. This time it’s the artificial Vector

Vector, the only synthetic race part of the Cosmic Exchange, in fact, the founder of it. The Vector created the organization to make appointments and connections easier on neutral ground and judged by an entirely disinterested party, the Vector themselves. From an unknown origin, they dragged their race into a utopian society formed by helping each other and working towards a common goal.

However, not all Vector are born in the Power system and sometimes lack the link their brethren has with each other, developing a personal opinion and tastes for everything.

Every species in the galaxy are not sure what to make of the Vector, but the Vector race is aware of the distrust and doubt they are judged with every day. This stigma doesn’t trouble them much; however, as they keep their patient attitude practically all the time.

Being nearly immortal and timeless, they lack the same focus than the usual Human, but they try to work on projects all the time to keep themselves occupied, so an adventurous Vector is a pretty standard sight, even with their unstable relationship with the exterior.

Vectors usually keep to themselves when not involved in politics, but their culture is somewhat known around the galaxy. Since they represent the most neutral point of view in the Exchange, they try to appear as polite and hospitable as possible, but they mainly wish to be left alone to build and work on themselves to achieve their mysterious purposes.

They collaborate to build themselves the future they aspire for, landing on worlds usually impossible to settle and start to gather resources for their large machine on their homeworld and creating more advanced vectors, resembling more and more to their ideal unit. Many species see this as an attempt to surpass all other races and start a massive war on organics, creating killing machines or Vectors able to outsmart any resistance amongst them.

Vectors seem to elude any retort to such accusations and ignore criticism, leading to threats and violent actions. The Vectors only wish to perfect themselves. Not all Vectors are pure, however, and some are even made by wicked deeds and methods, creating wild, unpredictable specimens. Humans and Zelars worked in secret on such experiment and had weird results, from Vector who think they are knights up to the egomaniacs and even nasty and naughty mechs. These studies make the natural Vector very outspoken and hateful towards organics, but it usually fades away in little calm angst against such personalities.

Vector seems to work together correctly, as they believe in one thing, their advancement as a species, but their involvement in galactic politics is omnipresent. They host the Cosmic Exchange meeting and preside any argument or debate the best they can, splitting power and advice amongst the residents of the galaxy. Seen as impartial judges and prone for justice, they are not opposed to their position yet.

Their most ancient Vector is always present to all meetings and seems to glare at all the politicians present at the hearings, never saying anything on its own, only replying as it makes final judgments and decisions, towering everybody in the room with its massive hulking body with many arms and hands, holding different devices and broadcasting instruments. Scary at first but kind, this Vector as no name or official title, people names it themselves with wild, colorful names as “Judge”, “Justice”, “Balance”.

The Vector has an entirely neutral look to all the races in the galaxy, even if the species hate them dearly. Could this be as simple as understanding or on the opposite, indifference?

If you want to know more about Entropy then join our Discord server, and chat with Charly the dev himself.

Entropy Preview: the Zord

In our last Entropy Preview, we showed you the mammal-reptilian hybrids: the Cyrex. This time, we show you the cryptic and foreboding Zord

The Zord is an empire that influences all the Cosmic Exchange with their presence. They are originated from their now dead red planet: Koz, in the currently almost empty system of Jede. Zords are quite cryptic, creepy, and towering individuals that work in almost perfect unison against the forces of the Anomaly. Led by the legendary “ZORD” from which they took the names they use, they patrol space in massive ships of very angular shapes equipped with heavy weaponry.

Zords are seen as very violent and hard to talk to, and most people would prefer them to be as far away from them as possible. Loyalty, faith, and brawn are the most shown qualities amongst the Zord, who train all their life in squads or on the field to hone their talents to kill anything that could stand in their way. Nobody knows the real weight that burden every Zord, for when all hell breaks loose, they will stand tall and give their lives to protect the rest of the galaxy, even if they would kill anyone of them to achieve it.

Zord culture is somewhat remote from the eyes of the other species since they only look like crusaders with a crazy cause as a reason to fight or being mean. This freezing demeanor could be the cause of why they are frown upon or avoided. Even the fear of being accused falsely of Lunacy usage or ritualism is present in stations around the galaxy when Zords are spotted, people hide and wish for them to go away with only the officials addressing them in person with their best spokesman to slow or stop the Zords from overreacting.

Only Zords knows what their people do in their stations for leisure time and diversion. From a few witnesses and meetings, Shlaugs discovered that what they mostly do of their time is: training, outside of their armor musculation, and disciplinary exercises but a few times some of them were seen playing a strange game that they could not observe for too long. Therefore, maybe they do have pass times activities, or this could be merely strategic simulations.

Lively Zords are sometimes encountered, but they are very hard to sympathize with. However, when trust is gain with a Zord, they share war stories and tactics advice with other people, since they travel a lot, they are full of wild and impressive tales of the unknown. Storytelling is the strong suit of Zords who wish to express themselves with other species that dare to approach them. Zords most precious thing in life is their limitless faith in their leader. They carry banners and kill in his name with high energy on the battlefields. They work for him and bring his words because the enigmatic “ZORD” never leaves his mothership in the Jebe system, in orbit around Koz. The interior of the station is decorated like a church and is full of depictions of Zords in action, chasing down monsters and “heretics” in the glory of their master.

If you want to know more about Entropy then join our Discord server, and chat with Charly the dev himself.

Gates Beta 1.1

Gates has had its first major update for its beta version, so here’s James with what’s changed:

Gates has been a fun ride so far. Its gone through many updates behind the scenes, even being rewritten several times. All of those updates and rewrites served to polish the game into the best form it could be in. Though, I have a long way to go. This first update for the public beta progresses some of the game, but actually removes some as well. The following is a short update on the changes:

  • Lots of little rewrites and grammar changes. I have a lot of work to do to turn my writing into something presentable, but over time it will become a professional work.
  • Descriptions of talents are simplified. This is a preventative measure for me. Essentially, I am making them simple now so I can experiment with different description types and styles. When I find one I like, I will be slowly fine tuning all of the descriptions.
  • Reordered the book. Some of the rules are introduced at awkward times, so I simply moved them to where they are relevant.
  • Monsters! I added several enemy examples. These enemies are for mundane to heroic tier. I will add some more powerful examples latter as well.
  • Colossi rules have been expanded. Giving proper rules for climbing and battling them.

My personal favorite monster is the ninja. Particularly because of its ninja swarm ability. Essentially, if the ninja is in a large group of other ninja, then it is severely weakened. This gives that reverse ninjitsu feel that cinematic movies have. And what else is cooler than fighting hordes of ninja?

Try out Gates now by clicking on the logo above or just CLICK HERE.

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Entropy Preview: The Cyrex

In our last Entropy Preview, we showed you the mystic and enigmatic Etsyon, at once so familiar but yet so alien. In this post we present giant talking snakes, otherwise known as the Cyrex.

The Cyrex is a race of reptile-mammal hybrids wandering space pirates, coming from a damp and hot jungle world where horrible predators live, and the law of the strongest is in effect.

The Cyrex is undoubtedly the most active predators in the Cosmic Exchange. Since they were discovered, thousands of people were killed, used as food or enslaved into breeding cults by the Cyrex in a strange effort to mix their traits with the most species in space. They are a physical culture who value appearance, strength, and talent into their friends, allies, and enemies.

Not all Cyrex are space pirates, but they always keep their primal predator spark when in civilisation and relationships, as well as their incredible hunger for meat, making them undying carnivores who can swoop and attack at any moment when craving their prizes, flesh or a good conversation alike.

Since they joined the Cosmic Exchange, in the effort of calming the hostilities and reform the species into a more modernised whole, they managed to buy back their reputation a little, but slavery and debauchery cults still are present everywhere making them one of the most polarised species in space.

Cyrex military is significantly focused on the ruthless attributes of their race. They hunt, kill, and feed on others they overcame. Their diet lets them eat what they kill and allow them to explore for an unlimited amount of time until they run out of target or they fulfil their mission. Sent out into the unexplored area of the galaxy to raid and explore for their warlord, they seek artefacts and technology they steal and take from the dead hands of the creatures that live there and with these technologies they upgrade their own.

The most apparent theft was made against the Zelar when the Cyrex managed to capture scientists and Arc weapons, enslaving and using the scientists until they were completely drained of energy and life. They built gear and ships able to help them in their endeavours. Stolen technology makes the bulk of their offensive power, and their artistic raw crafting skills led to the development of the Shredders, used by a majority of close-quarter fighters all around the galaxy.

Warlords of all clans do not see eye to eye, and all fight for the praise of the most powerful active one around. It is not rare to see warlords of inferior clans trying to attract and marry the most influential Cyrex warlord to merge their clans or merely kill them to steal it. Sometimes, female rulers offer themselves to the strongest to bear their children as a token of peace and raise it until it becomes strong enough to take their father’s place. The same thing can happen with the role reversed if the strongest is a female in search of an heir.

If you want to know more about Entropy then join our Discord server, and chat with Charly the dev himself.

Entropy Preview: the Etsyon

In the last Entropy Preview, Charly showed us what humanity looks like in the future. This time, we see the first alien species revealed for Entropy: the Etsyon.

The Etsyon is a large race of super-evolved mammals. They outlived almost all other species which came before the Cosmic Exchange, but they remained remarkably stagnant in their way of thinking and practice. They were tranquil until they were disturbed and forced to mingle with the other species, corrupting their neutrality and millennia of traditions.

An Etsyon Assassin

The Etsyons used to spend years in meditation and self-empowerment and purpose. However, since they met with the many species, they strayed away from their root and became much more open to new ideas. Living calmly on their homeworld, in the Crystom system, they train their incredible psionic powers and now share their way of life, as well as adopting a more outgoing stance, and sometimes adopt wrong examples to the letter.

An Etsyon Occultist

Their origin is mired in mystery, but since they took a taste of the galactic life and even the downtown lifestyle which some other species’ capital provides, they are now spread all around space at the dismay of the Etsyon Sages, which are traditionalists purists.

An Etyson Sage

If you want to know more about Entropy then join our Discord server, and chat with Charly the dev himself.

Entropy open beta at Roll20

Entropy, the Sci-Fi Cosmic Horror roleplaying game made by one of our Stormsmiths, will soon be in testing and openly joinable on the platform as Charly (its creator) will be testing a WIP version with players wishing to join into the fun and die in space.

To join one of the test games, where a BETA version of the manual will be available from the creator, please head towards the Roll20 site and register for an account. Then use the ”Looking For Group” function of the site and search for the name ”Entropy Beta Testing”.

We will run a premade adventure, made by the creator to test out the functions and system, as well as seeing the general interest of the crowd. While other groups are also running games behind the scenes (testers), we value the support and help any perspective can offer us in the long run!

And you can come chat with the creator and the other Stormforge fans on our Discord server!

Free RPG Day – Our $0 games

It’s that time of year (at least it is in my timezone) to give away some free goodies! Free RPG Day is all about getting people introduced to new games and getting games introduced to new people, and we’re going to help with that.

For the next 24 hours (so it’s Free RPG Day somewhere in the world), Haunt and Travel Journal of Short Tales will be absolutely free for you to download! These are two awesome RPGs so get your hands on them before the time runs out!

And don’t forget that we have a free line of games: The Sigil System. It has been, is, and will forever bee 100% free; and we will keep adding mods and content to it to make it bigger and bigger.

So on this best of days, come and grab our free games and share them around!

Gates Public Beta Release

Good news everyone! Gates by Stormforge West is now in public beta on DrivethruRPG! Here’s James to tell you all about it.

For the last five years or so I have been working on this game. It is a cumulation of over 15 years of being immersed into roleplaying games, my ideas, things I love, the stories I dream of, and many hours of playtesting. It has been a struggle of lack of experience, school, work, and other factors. But, now I have the time to give Gates the love it needs. Finally, after far too long, I have decided to release the beta to the public. It is not perfect. The writing is still rough, art is not in its proper place (some of it is just sketches) and the cover and logo are not even final yet. But, it is playable, nearly complete, and immensely fun. And I want to share it with you.

This is very much a community game, and I urge playtesters to join the discord server to discuss your character builds, ideas, worlds, and adventures. With the help of the community, Gates will become a unique and personal experience that we can be proud of. In the multiverse of Gates, anything can and will happen. Your worlds and ideas could be used by others in a way that binds the worlds of Gates into a complex web of fan-made content.

Try out Gates now by clicking on the logo above or just CLICK HERE.

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Initiative in Gates

Want to know how initiative works in Gates? We’ll here’s James to tell you all about it:

The order of combat is a challenge I have been battling with for a while. Gates is a game built on cinematic combat set pieces. It should be quick and exciting. However, the current initiative system is neither. As it stands, you simply roll 2d6 and add initiative, then you play in that order. This takes some unnecessary time. Writing down the order, determining what that order is and so on. I have finally found a solution to this problem.

This is how it works.

First, determine who has the highest initiative value. Any ties, the players decide who breaks it. That person chooses who acts first. The first person takes their turn as normal. When they have finished their turn, the player chooses who acts next. That is the core idea. Once everyone acts, the last person to act chooses who acts first the next round.

There are a few more mechanics to this simple initiative to keep the game more exciting and unexpected. A player may spend a hero die to force themselves or someone else to be chosen. Furthermore, if a character has taken damage, then that character can take their turn at any point after someone else’s turn, eliminating that person’s choice of who acts.

The artwork side of Gates is coming along. The artist, Howard Levy, is doing an amazing job. Here is one of the many pieces of art that will be used to decorate and guide this beautiful game.

If you want to chat with James and the other devs of Stormforge West about the games they’re making, come join our Discord server.

Entropy preview: Humanity

Entropy, the new game coming out by Stormforge West, has over 20 races that you will be able to play as, and we’ll be showcasing some of them as time goes by. To get you started in the Entropy universe, we’ll start off with humanity, to show you what we look like in the far future.

So without further ado, here’s Charly from West to talk about humanity in Entropy:

The Human race is one of the newer addition to the space travel community. Strange people from Earth in the Sol system, with an unsettling focus on establishing and spreading their control, they frighten other communities and cause diplomatic stress daily.

They played a critical role in the horrible events that transpired during the Shroud War. While the snake people, the Cyrex, were tearing apart colonies, Humans fought to profit from other species’ misfortune by force and even using indirect slavery by making them mercenaries against their own people.

In recent years, Humans spread around the Cosmic Exchange like a plague, mixing their culture and gene at an alarming rate. They left the Concord military group’s protection to settle around multiple fronts as independent privateers and colonists, but the sheer amount of Human multiplying makes the Concord still one of the most influential groups in space, at the dismay of the Cosmic Exchange.

A strong Human tradition takes an interest in other cultures, to accumulate enemies or allies, and fight for what they want, making them wonderful and frightening people.

If you want to know more about Entropy join our Discord server, and chat with the dev himself.

Gates Update

It’s been a while since we heard about Gates, so here’s James from Stormforge West to talk about how he’s been getting on with it:

Gates has been in progress for close to four years now. A long time for sure. Schooling has taken up most of my time. Senior year is rough, but it is just about over. Though I can see my bachelors degree on the horizon, and I am itching to focus on making games.

The current state of Gates is playable. Hell, it is damn near complete. What I need to do to finally finish this game is to continue to polish and play it over and over. I need to wait for art, which will take a while because the art style of gates is a beautiful hand-painted (with real paint) aesthetic. I suspect another year will be needed to get Gates to where it needs to be. I am patient, and I hope you will not lose hope. Gates should be given the care it deserves, rather than rushing it out. Similar to what I did for Haunt. Some other time sinks include another RPG project (I am a fool, I know. More on that soon) and a video game studio that I am starting here in a month or two. That, and a full-time job so I may eat.

With the depressing stuff out of the way, here is some info about the game. I have fleshed out some of the rules for worlds. Different rule changes based on the genre of the world. For instance, in a wild west inspired world, there are rules for duels. One of my favourite rules for that genre is the tumbleweed rule. Essentially, combat pauses whenever a tumbleweed blows through the scene.

Naturally, you do not need to follow these rules. But they can make the worlds feel like the genre they are in.

Artifacts are something else I did not talk about in length. So this is a prime opportunity to do that. Artifacts are magic items, but they are also a part of the character. They influence your characters actions as well as give different boons. More importantly, they grow with the character as well. With more spirit, the character can have a more powerful artifact. Here is a quick example is taken from the book (western themed to keep the post consistent, of course.):

Gates is starting to look very good, but its snail pace is frustrating. But, slow and steady, right?


The other RPG I am working on will be a free product. It is an OSR game, and if you are not familiar with that I will make a blog post later to go over the game in detail. In a nutshell, its a retro DND clone. Though, this game has a heavy bronze age theme to it. Instead of saving princesses from dragons, you will be fighting dinosaurs to gain favour with the gods. It’s working title is Stone and Spear: Dawn of Kings.

If you want to chat with James and the other devs of Stormforge West about the games they’re making, come join our Discord server.

Entropy, A new game by Stormforge West

The Stormforge family keeps on growing, and we have a new developer join our Stormforge West team: Charly. Charly is working on an awesome new game called Entropy, so without further ado, here it is:

Entropy is a Science Fiction Cosmic Horror roleplaying game, made with the intent to make players and a game master experience a near future in an alternate universe where monsters and strange things lurk in space.

Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and many other futuristic sources, Entropy offer a balance of horror and action and allow anyone to play from a range of twenty-six player races to adventure and have politics and martial dilemma in space with. Spend your talents and experience how you see fit in a free form system which values a good and story driven character and honour the ones who can manage to survive through what the game has to offer.

Discover strange meanings in reality, become insane trying to make sense of the unknown, have intense shootouts with futuristic weapons and magic, get ripped open by an alien monster on your own ship, or summon a god by mistake when trying to open a portal! Entropy can offer scares and an eerie environment in a world rich with lore and plenty of stories to live through with your friends or strangers with a unique mature theme and plenty of ways to meet your end.

In Entropy, the game is about how you died, not how you live.

If you want to know more about Entropy join our Discord server, and chat with the dev himself.