Magic Mondays

The Ruined City adventure out in two days, we thought we’d help you prepare for what is to come with the only array that will save your life 100% of the time.

This week we give the Vanity’s Tomb array.

Notation: Stop Time, excluding Light, in a Domed area 100 times the array’s size and apply to this the effect of 1 lumen of Light Created per square metre.

Description: No other defensive array has a 100% success rate. No other defensive array can save you every single time. That is a title and award only the Vanity’s Tomb can claim. However, saying that this array “saves your life” is perhaps only correct in the technical sense. Should you ever use this array you will never (well, almost never) be able to do anything else. That is because this array stops time. It is intended to be an array of last resort, to be used only when you are sure you are going to die.

The Vanity’s Tomb is normally inscribed upon a small disk 10 cm in diameter so that the effect is 10 metres across. If you think you are about to die, simply touch stone to disk and you will be saved from death, only to be frozen. But they say it’s better to be trapped in a type of suspended animation for who knows how many decades or centuries with the slim hope that someone in the future will be able to save you, than to be killed.

There’s a few interesting features about the Vanity’s Tomb than simply stopping time. The first is that it stops time for everything, except light. This is very important, because if it didn’t exclude light from this effect (and thus light was stopped along with everything else) all you would see from the outside the effect is a black dome, since if light can’t move, it can’t enter our eyes and we can’t see where it came from. So if you ever want someone to find your unliving statue and hopefully make preparations for your now-quite-predictable-future, you want light to be able freely move throughout the array’s effect.

Other than the trigger for the array (which is fairly standard in order to save up enough energy to freeze all matter within 10 metres for decades if not centuries) the second interesting feature about this array is that is meant to glow. Unlike the ability to allow light to pass through the time frozen dome, this feature is for the good of others, not the one stuck inside. If you chose to freeze yourself for the foreseeable future, you don’t want some poor innocent bystander to walk past and unknowingly get a hand or foot stuck in the time-field and then be glued to your dome for the rest of their life, now do you? That is why this dome glows ever so softly and gently, to warn others not to come closer.

Five more days

That’s right. Just five more days until The Ruined City is released on DriveThruRPG! Until then, here’s the map of the Grand City of Middelburg in all its glory for you to peruse and use for your own homebrewed adventures, or even to keep track of the campaign as it goes along.

Also, don’t forget to keep our publisher page over on DriveThruRPG bookmarked so you can always be the first to get every fantastic new product we produce:

Magic Mondays

This week for Magic Mondays we put the power of the gods in your very own hands.

This week we show you the Thunderstruck incantation.

Notation: Create Lightning in an area Contained to the circumference of the array and to a length one million times that of the array’s diameter. Apply to this the effect of a Containment field one tenth as deep as the array’s circumference that excludes Lightning. Cast this from the Right Hand.

Incantation: Behg Fîtî Blîkse Dün Môk Non Ob Hohd Ant Rônde Ant Mürgrot Ant Mürgrot Ant Mürgrot Cob Kîtî Dün Fîtî Ob Hohd Ant Rônde Sôner Blîkse Cob Kîtî Ent Fin Regahnd.

Description: It’s quite a mouthful to incant and nearly a paragraph to notate, but I’m sure you will instantly see something familiar in this incantation, and that is the Hammer of the Gods array. It is the very same array that the airships that float above the clouds of Alfresia use for their thunder cannons shrunk down to fit, quite literally, in the palm of your hand. With a range of one million times the array’s (or in this case your hand’s) circumference, the Thunderstruck incantation can hit anything that you can see. For all that, I am sure you can imagine what would happen if you link yourself to an object by a bolt of lightning. You might kill it, but you know you will die in the process.

That is why the secondary array in the top left exists. It is the safeguard that a person needs that the airship can do away with. If a wooden cannon get’s destroyed, it means nothing, however a person only has one chance. The secondary creates a containment field right against the array (or hand) that excludes lightning. This means that the lightning bolt can still fire (because the secondary array does not cover the whole containment field created by the primary array), but the lightning created can not bounce back or even touch your hand. It will be as if the lightning starts in mid air.

While a lightning strike is an immensely powerful weapon to have in one’s arsenal, just remember that because of the safeguard secondary array, the incantation is quite long, which means it will not be easy to ever use this in combat.

Ruined City Free Mission

Ruined Man Promo 2 photo ruined city 1.jpg

With the Ruined City little more than a week away from releasing, we’re giving you the first mission absolutely free so that you can see what all the fuss is about. Mission 1 appears exactly as it does in the book, with all the maps and NPCs and arrays you as the GM needs to run through this mission with your group and give them the challenges they need to overcome the madness that the Ruined Man has spread in his wake.

Check out the Ruined City Mission 1 now over at DriveThruRPG:–Mission-1