Z-LAND S2 Chapter 2 “Down the Rabbit Hole” Part 3

It’s time for the final part of Chapter 2!

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Quick NPC Generator

Since our Motto Generator was so popular, we thought we’d give you a few more randomisation tools that you can use in your games. Next up is a Quick NPC Generator made by James from Stormforge West. Just like the Motto Generator, you’ll eventually see this being used in a future game, and that will most likely be Grim Gears, so keep an eye on James’ Skies of Himinil setting over on World Anvil.


To create an NPC, simply roll a d100 for each of the three tables below and see what sort of NPC they’ve made.

Personality Quirk

The personality quirk of an NPC is something noticeable that will make the NPC memorable and appear to have more depth. These quirks are a combination of personality traits, moods, and circumstances, which may be determined with context of the other tables. This is how the NPC acts at the given moment, and it may or may not actually represent their character if you wish to make them more in depth.

1-5 Angry
6-10 Skittish
11-15 Cheerful
16-20 Sorrowful
21-25 Nervous
26-30 Quiet
31-35 Blunt
36-40 Funny
41-45 Cold
46-50 Mean
51-55 Haughty
56-60 Humble
61-65 Logical
66-70 Kind
71-75 Motherly
76-80 Careful
81-85 Crazy
86-90 Rushed
91-95 Cruel
96-100 Generous


This is the NPCs goal at the moment. If you stop someone on the street or sitting at a table, they are either going somewhere for a reason or waiting for something. Sometimes, this goal might not fit with the current situation. In these cases, the goal is what is on the person’s mind.

1-5 Hungry
6-10 Bored
11-15 Need to relax
16-20 Making Money
21-25 Meeting a friend
26-30 Finding love
31-35 Has nowhere to go
36-40 Needs to be alone
41-45 Needs to help someone
46-50 Betraying someone
51-55 Commiting a crime
56-60 Running from something
61-65 Spend money
66-70 Confront enemies
71-75 Lost
76-80 Lying about… (roll again)
81-85 Going Home
86-90 Trying to learn something
91-95 Putting off something
96-100 Wants to have fun

Something Unique

Everyone has something unique about them. This can range from who they are to what they have. This list is of things that are noticeable right away that seem interesting, a bit off, or is just hard to ignore.

1-5 Speaks with a strong accent
6-10 Ethnicity not common
11-15 Carries a weapon
16-20 Wearing clothes beneath their station
21-25 Is obviously wealthy
26-30 Has a unique hairstyle
31-35 Is obese
36-40 Unhealthily skinny
41-45 Is wounded
46-50 Wears a mask
51-55 Uncommon hair color
56-60 Bad breath
61-65 Exotic scent
66-70 Exotic clothing
71-75 Unique jewelry
76-80 Noticeable Scar
81-85 Strange tattoos or piercings
86-90 Carrying a strange object
91-95 Is mildly deformed
96-100 They make you feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason.


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Z-LAND S2 Chapter 2 “Down the Rabbit Hole” Part 2

With flesh hanging from it’s teeth something horrid charges towards Chloe in today’s episode of Z-LAND

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We also got something new for you today: Stormforge West is now on Google+!

d100 Motto Generator

As we tinker away on our various projects, we also happen to make some things that very rarely see the light of day. The Motto Generator is one of them. It’s too good to keep in the dark, however, so we’re sharing it with you so you can use it in your own games. Eventually you’ll see it in one of our games or mods, so keep your eyes on this space, but for now, see what you can do with the generator.


To create your own motto, all you need to do is roll 3d100. Take your first result from the Word List, your second result from the Joiners, and your third result from the Word List again. That’s it, you got your own motto now that you can use for any character, faction, organisation or who-knows-what in your settings and games.


01-10. and
11-20. comes before
21-30. creates
31-40. from
41-50. gives us
51-60. is
61-70. in
71-80. over
81-90. through
91-100. thus

Word List

1. Advancement
2. Adversity
3. Authority
4. Beauty
5. Blood
6. Boldness
7. Bravery
8. Brotherhood
9. Charity
10. Compassion
11. Courage
12. Damnation
13. Danger
14. Darkness
15. Death
16. Destiny
17. Devotion
18. Dignity
19. Dishonour
20. Duty
21. Equality
22. Eternity
23. Everything
24. Excellence
25. Faith
26. Fame
27. Family
28. Fear
29. Fortune
30. Freedom
31. Glory
32. Gluttony
33. Greed
34. Haste
35. Health
36. Honour
37. Hope
38. Humility
39. Humour
40. Independence
41. Joy
42. Justice
43. Kindness
44. Knowledge
45. Labour
46. Laughter
47. Life
48. Love
49. Loyalty
50. Luck
51. Madness
52. Magic
53. Might
54. Misery
55. Nothing
56. Order
57. Pain
58. Peace
59. Perfection
60. Perseverance
61. Pleasure
62. Power
63. Precision
64. Pride
65. Prosperity
66. Protection
67. Sacrifice
68. Service
69. Silence
70. Sin
71. Sincerity
72. Solidarity
73. Sorrow
74. Sovereignty
75. Splendour
76. Steadfastness
77. Strength
78. Success
79. Suffering
80. Technology
81. the Law
82. the Spirit
83. the State
84. the Throne
85. the World
86. Time
87. Triumph
88. Trust
89. Truth
90. Unity
91. Valour
92. Vengeance
93. Victory
94. Vigilance
95. Virtue
96. War
97. Wealth
98. Wisdom
99. Worship
100. Wrath


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Z-LAND S2 Chapter 2 “Down the Rabbit Hole” Part 1

Z-LAND is back and it’s time to travel down the rabbit hole in this the first part to Chapter 2 of Season 2!

If you want to get in on the apocalyptic action, you can grab a copy of the Z-Land beta here.

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The Stormforge West Roadmap

Haunt is selling like hotcakes over on DriveThruRPG and is well on its way to hitting that Copper medal. Stormforge West is more than just one game, however, so here’s James to talk about the future of Stormforge West and what you can expect to see from them.


The purpose of this post is to tell all of you my plans for the future. Now that Haunt is released, I want to focus on more games. I love making these games and sharing them with you and I want you to be aware of things to come. Note, these are not set in stone. The order of these and their contents may change over time. This post is not to tell you what WILL be released. Instead, this post is to tell you the direction my thoughts of things to come.

I have three largeish projects I am working on. The first is called Grim Gears. This is a game in the Sigil System ruleset about Brothers Grimm style fairy tails set in a sky-island world with a clockwork aesthetic. The focus of this game will be on the setting and the stories told within. Grim Gears is a collaborative project, so hopefully things will move quickly for it. I have never worked with another for a product, so it is an exciting experience.

The second large game is actually my first real RPG. The name of the game is Gates and I have been working on it off and on for quite a while. Gates is about a group of adventurers from different worlds and genres. Cyborg ninjas fighting alongside werewolf knights. Cowboy deadeyes who works with a vampire CEO. These are just a few examples of the characters in that game. The game will focus on cinematic combat and crazy genre mashed adventures.

The third large game I have in the works has little work going into it. This project has no name, but it will be about scholars from various schools being sent to newly discovered locations to log information. It is a game about finding artifacts, learning of new cultures, and trying to amass more knowledge for your report than the other players.

Those are the three main projects I will be working on. However, during those projects I will be making several smaller projects. The first will be a mod for the Sigil System. This mod, Rituals and Recipes, is nearly complete and will be about performing magic rituals and crafting magic potions. It will add a little bit of wizardry to your games.

Now that Haunt is released, I have gotten a lot of feedback and I know many want a module for it. So, that is in the works as well! The module will have a few different haunts for a map that will be supplied. It will also have further description of how to make your own haunts.

After that module, I plan to release a game called Odyssey of the Few. It is a small RPG about the same size as Haunt. It is also just as strange. Instead of playing a character, you take on the role of a Fate. This means you guide the party alongside the other Fates. Your goal will be to solve the players goal while also skewing things to complete your own personal goal.

These are the projects I am going to release, in that approximate order. I will be constantly creating of course. I will be making many splat books for Sigil, Haunt, and other products. I could go on and on about my ideas, but the ones I have talked about are the ones that will likely be actually finished. Eventually, I will also begin a YouTube channel to talk about my games and ideas. Alongside the YouTube channel will be a patreon so you may support me and my work. However, that will not be for another year until that gets started.


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Haunt Merch

Haunt is out on DriveThruRPG and is doing fantastic! Now we got something extra for you Haunt fans: clothing merch! Over at Print Mighty and Spread Shirt we got some Haunt shirts and hoodies for sale, and we’re just starting out. Keep an eye on these stores as we will be making new Haunt clothing designs in the future.

So if you’re in NZ or Oceania, check out the Haunt shirts at Print Mighty below.

Or if you’re in North America or Europe, you can find the Haunt clothing at Spread Shirt.


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What mod should be done next

We always have a few ideas for future mods floating around. Unfortunately we can’t work on them all at the same time, so we have to pick one and leave the rest on the back burner for now. Here’s your chance to tell us which mod you’d like us to work on next.

CLICK HERE to check out the poll and have your say. You can only pick one of the proposed mods, so if you like more than one idea, remember that all these ideas will eventually get worked on, and we’ll make new polls as we go through the mods.


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Haunt is released

As the title of the blog says, the Haunt RPG is now released and available only on DriveThruRPG for $4.95! Click the cover above or HERE to get your hands on Haunt.

If you haven’t been following the blog posts and don’t know about Haunt, here’s a quick intro:

Haunt does exactly what the title implies, it sets your characters in a spooky location and then sets the horrors upon them.

It’s a game that is set up quickly and gets your players into the game even quicker and easier, but the thing that makes Haunt special is its Secrets System.

In Haunt, players keep secrets from the GM and these secrets are the PCs’ lifeline. Whenever they make a mistake, the GM asks them a question to try and unravel what hidden secrets they have kept buried.

If the GM discovers all their secrets, it’s game over.

So get Haunt now and see how long you can survive before the creatures of the night descend upon you.


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D&D Homebrew Initiative System

We normally just post things related to Stormforge on this blog… well we always just post things related to Stormforge on this blog, but we do also play other RPGs and with us being designers, we always think about ways of improving them. James had an excellent idea for a D&D initiative system, and I thought it was neat enough that you all need to see it.

So here’s James with his homebrewed initiative system for D&D:

I want to start this post saying that this idea is not originally my own. A good friend of mine came up with the idea, and I helped expand on it. What this initiative system does is create a fast, fluid, and dynamic system which can take the strain off the DM. To use this initiative system, all you need is a deck of cards. I know, I know. “Cards in D&D!” I hear you cry. Trust me on this, the extra bit of weirdness is worth it. Here is how the initiative system works:

  • Before the game, place the deck of cards somewhere on the table. The DM then writes down on a piece of paper, in this order, “Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1”. This list of card suits and numbers will act as a slider so the DM can keep track of what card you are on.
  • When combat breaks out every combatant draws a number of cards equal to one plus your initiative modifier. Then, pick one card as your initiative that round and discard the rest. If you have a negative modifier, draw one plus your negative score. Then, the DM chooses which card you use.
  • After this first drawing, the DM calls out “Aces” and anyone with aces acts. If people tie on cards, act by suit order.
  • After Aces, lair actions are taken.
  • Then the DM calls out “Queens” and the queens’ act. And so on, following the order the DM wrote at the beginning of the game. After each player takes their turn, they leave their card face up and draw a new card for next rounds initiative. This is to speed things along, so the fight does not have to stop each round.
  • When you reach 2, start over from Ace.
  • When the deck runs out, a player whose turn it is not, shuffles.
  • That is the basics of this card style initiative. It sounds complicated, and yes it technically is more complicated than rolling initiative once a round. In practice, however, it is faster. How is this so? Let me explain. Because the DM does not need to write down a long list of initiative or ask anyone’s initiative, the fight starts much faster. If the players keep up with drawing cards after their turns for the next turn, then there is no need to stop the combat for any reason. This initiative method also has many other benefits that the classic system lacks.

    Firstly, this initiative is dynamic. Every turn the order of combat is different. This keeps the initiative exciting and engaging. Secondly, it makes higher initiative have a much higher chance to act first. This makes faster characters feel much faster. Thirdly, this system allows for more strategic thinking of turn order. Not only can faster characters act first on average, but they can also choose to act later. This makes spells that last until the beginning or end of your turn gain a tactical edge to them.

    My latest D&D session used this card system, and I was amazed at how quick, easy, and fun it is. I hope that your group will find it as fun as mine did.


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    Wizards of the Coast, Dungeons & Dragons, and their logos are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast LLC in the United States and other countries. © 2015 Wizards. All Rights Reserved.

Haunt is nearing completion

Haunt is almost finished, so now is the LAST CHANCE to pick up the playtest document of Haunt. At 5pm CST tomorrow, the playtest version of this game will be removed from DrivethruRPG. This has been a long an enlightening journey creating this game. I went in with little skill or experience in this. My next project will be much larger and be even better! I want to thank everyone who has supported this games development.

Pick up the playtest HERE. You don’t have much time left!


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Synthesising the Sigil System

We have a few mods out now, and one thing we always keep in mind when designing them is to make sure they can all be used together. You can create characters using all the mods, your characters can use the powers and abilities from all the mods, and everything will be balanced with each other and feel like they belong. But since each mod is self contained and comes out individually, it can sometimes be hard to see how they can all be used be used together.

And that’s why we are synthesising the Sigil System with the next mod we are working on.

It’s called Sigil Synthesis and what it will do is show you how you can use all the mods together. The mod will be full of pre-made characters that were made using some or all of the mods. With all the characters, you’ll see all the chargen options from the mods that were used to create them, a full character sheet you can use in your games, and some backstory for the characters to give them some life. But the biggest thing with each character will be us walking you through the character creation process for each character and giving you a lot of hints, tips and clues on how you can effectively use the rules in all the mods when it comes to actually playing the characters.

Sigil Synthesis is the mod that will never stop growing. With each new mod we put out, we’ll come back to Sigil Synthesis and add in new characters using the newest mod and all the old ones, so you can expect there to be dozens and dozens of characters in there by the end of it.


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Archetypes in Haunt

Haunt separates its characters into broad archetypes of supernatural investigators. These archetypes represent the kind of people who would find themselves in these types of situations. The archetypes do three things. First, they determine your starting attributes (Faith, Intuition, and Knowledge). The second thing archetypes do is give you boons. Boons are useful tools which allow the player to learn something or help fend off the haunt. Boons are activated by giving the Game Master a hint, so every use is a risk. The third and final use of the archetype is to help you get an idea of your character and how they work. The archetypes in the book are by no means the only possible archetypes or represent what exactly your character is. It is perfectly acceptable to create your own should these not suffice.

The six archetypes in the book are: Priest, Scientist, Psychic, Investigator, Exorcist, and Mystic.


The Priest is the character that represents Faith. Their belief in a higher power is what grants them this attribute. Priests (of various religions), pastors, or even social workers (for a no religious approach) are examples of Priests. The boon, Confession, is a defensive boon. When someone in the same location of the Priest fails a roll, the Priest may give the Game Master a hint to stop him from asking the player a question. This can save someone’s life, but it can also shorten yours. The Priest is willing to sacrifice themselves in order to save others.


The Scientist is the character that represents Knowledge. Half a lifetime’s worth of study and contemplation have granted them this attribute. Teachers, professors, doctors, or other types of scholars are examples of Scientists. The boon, Explanation, is a boon that is best used in preparation. The Scientist gives the Game Master a hint and every character in the Scientist’s location increases their Courage skill by one. This means these characters are better at defending against the supernatural terror. Unfortunately, this extra courage lasts only until it is used. The Scientist sees the world in a logical way, and can explain exactly why everyone is ok.


The Psychic is a character that represents Intuition. Their sixth sense is very acute, granting them this attribute. Doomsayers, people with psychic ability, and those who have opened their third eye are examples of Psychics. The boon, Visions, is a boon that can help you confirm suspicions. You give the Game Master a hint, and you get to ask him a question. This question must be a yes or no question. Did Jacob murder the ghost? Will destroying the body destroy the ghost? These are a few good examples. The Psychic gains visions of the future and the past. They can see parts of the truth, but not all of it.


The Investigator is the character that blends Intuition and Knowledge. They use a combination of experience and gut instinct to discover what is going on. Police officers, private investigators, and journalists are a few examples of Investigators. The Boon, Investigate, is there to help you when you get stuck. The Investigator gives the Game Master a hint, and the Investigator learns where the closest important clue is. This should only be used when the players are truly stuck and have no idea where else to go. An investigator has the know-how to spot a clue in a pile of red herrings.


The Exorcist is the character that blends Knowledge and Faith. They use religious texts and incantations to battle the dark. Occultists, witch hunters, and those who hunt the dead are a few examples of Exorcist. This archetype is the only that can truly stand up against the spirit. The boon, Ritual, is one of the most potent defensive boons. When the ghost attacks, the Exorcist may give the GM a hint and banish the ghost for a short time, nullifying the attack. This can be a lifesaver near the end of the game, when the spirit is the most dangerous. The Exorcist wields their faith like a weapon and strikes down the things that go bump in the night.


The Mystic is the character that blends Faith and Intuition. They combine their sixth sense with a unique outlook on the world. Druids, faith healers, and medicine men are a few examples of Mystics. The boon, Commune, is one of the most difficult boons to use. The Mystic gives the Game Master a hint, and the Mystic may ask the spirit, ghost, demon, or whatever is out there a single question. This is tricky for the Game Master and the Player, because the ghost must answer truthfully. However, the ghost does not need to be clear. They can speak in riddles or metaphors to confuse the Mystic. The Mystic can get the closest with the spirit and has the deepest connection to it. But a door once opened can be entered through both ways.

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Scarlet Bones is released

The next mod for the Sigil System is out now and it focuses entirely on blood, bone, gore, and becoming immortal.

You can be a blood mage and jump your consciousness from host to host, becoming the perfect infiltrator; and shape your (or others) blood telekinetically to form weapons, armour or tools as you need them.

Or you can be a necromancer, forever living with your decaying body, but raising undead slaves to do your bidding, fight your battles and grant you access to supernatural powers beyond mortal reckoning.

Just remember that immortality and otherworldly powers aren’t free, or even cheap, and you’ll need to pay for it with your very humanity.

CLICK HERE or the image above to get Scarlet Bones now for Pay What You Want only on DriveThruRPG.

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The Final War project

Creating a setting is one of the most fun things a person can do. Worldbuilding is a hobby that never ends because there are always more worlds to build. The next world on Stormforge’s plate will work a little bit differently. Rather than building it in secret, releasing only a tease here and there before the big release, we’re going to build it from the ground up in a place where you can see it grow from one little paragraph to a fully fledged setting in which you can play. You can be there every step of the way, and you can tell us what you like and don’t like, and what works and doesn’t work. Your input will be invaluable to us and you’ll see your suggestions and feedback become a reality in the world we will be building. We are aiming for this to become a true collaborative setting between Stormforge and all of you. We have always said that we are tabletop gamers first and foremost and so we would love to be able to make this a setting for gamers by gamers.

So with all of that said, let’s introduce The Final War! It’s a dark fantasy setting where the last few kingdoms of humanity have bound together to form the Dominion of Man so that they can fight back against the gargantuan undead Eternal Empire.

The name is subject to change as is everything in the project, which is entirely the point. We just started it off, so expect it to grow and grow as time passes, so keep the page bookmarked, become a follower on World Anvil and you’ll be kept up to date on everything that happens!

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