Brotherhood: Bards’ Guild

Last time on our faction system walkthrough, we showcased the Thieves’ Guild.

And with Brotherhood finally done now, here is the last of the guilds.

Bards’ Guild

Faction Fluff

Name: The Twisted Lillies
Faction Type: Entertainers/Bards
Theme: Money/Trade
Motto: Beauty And Fame
Rulership: Seniority of Service
Recruitment offers: Brotherhood
Oddities: Distinctive weapon/tool
Faction Goal: Extend/increase their influence over an area/faction.
Allied Faction: Socialites/Bourgeois
Rival Faction: Thieves/Smugglers
Age: Old
# of Events: 6
Events: Bribery, Creation, Miracle, Betrayal, Betrayal, Champion
# of Members: 29


Reputation: 66
Wealth: 58
Notoriety: 24
Treachery: 40
Might: 38


Athletics: 37
Coercion: 24
Combat: 37
Craft: 58
Drive: 25
Mental: 59
Negotiate: 62
Perception: 46
Special: 62
Stealth: 46

Faction Base

Luxuriousness: Rich
Acquisitions: Crew Quarters, Entertainment Space, Hygiene/Bathing, Kitchen/Dining, Dock/Garage, Vehicles, Specialist Quarters, Office Space
Specialists: Diplomat

And that’s it for all the Guilds. Next time we’ll give you a sneak peak at what the faction sheet will look like before Brotherhood gets released .


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Turn yourself into a Sigil character

For the Sigil System as well as the next supplement for Z-LAND, we are working on creating a character generator that will model your character after you (the real life you) in the most faithful way possible. In essence, we want to turn your into a Sigil character.

To build that generator, we need to know one thing: how the 20 Sigil Skills fit together. We need to know which ones go with which, what Skills are contrasted, and if there are groups of Skills that naturally flow together.

That’s where you come in. We made a survey just for you. It has the 20 Sigil Skills in it and you just have to say how good you think you are at each Skill in real life. We’ll then take all the responses, do some fancy data analysis on it, and see what pops out. After all that, we will build the character generator and publish it.

So if you’ve ever wanted to really play as yourself in a tabletop RPG, here is the survey:

Brotherhood: Thieves’ Guild

Last time on our faction system walkthrough, we showcased the Warriors’ Guild.

And with Brotherhood just around the corner, here is the Thieves’ Guild.

Thieves’ Guild

Faction Fluff

Name: The Black Rats
Faction Type: Thieves/Smugglers
Theme: Criminal/Underworld
Motto: Wealth Through Silence
Rulership: Democratic Single Ruler
Recruitment offers: Wealth
Oddities: Communicates chiefly in code.
Faction Goal: Gain more usable, spendable money.
Allied Faction: Entertainers/Bards, Assassins/Contractors
Rival Faction: Vigilantes/Lawmen
Age: Vintage
# of Events: 6
Events: Blackmail, Betrayal, Bribery, Fall, Sprout, Friend Gained
# of Members: 37


Reputation: 22
Wealth: 37
Notoriety: 39
Treachery: 75
Might: 70


Athletics: 70
Coercion: 41
Combat: 70
Craft: 38
Drive: 41
Mental: 38
Negotiate: 27
Perception: 72
Special: 28
Stealth: 72

Faction Base

Luxuriousness: Poor
Acquisitions: Armory, Camouflage, Crew quarters, Dock/Garage, Hygiene/bathing, Jail, Kitchen/dining, Office space, Safehouse, Specialist quarters, Misc (eg storage)x2, Training grounds, secret passageway, Vehicles, Defensive structures
Specialists: Scout

And that’s it for the Thieves’ Guild. Next time will be the last of the premade faction showcase, and we’ll cap it all off with the Bards.


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Brotherhood: Warriors’ Guild

Last time on our faction system walkthrough, we showcased the Mages’ Guild.

This time we’re showcasing the most noble of factions, the Warriors’ Guild.

Warriors’ Guild

To be in the Warrior’s Guild is to be amongst brothers who’ve bled and fought alongside you.

Faction Fluff

Name: The Broken Blades
Faction Type: Warriors/Soldiers
Theme: War/Combat
Motto: Death Gives Us Honour
Rulership: Might Makes Right Autocrat
Recruitment offers: Might
Oddities: Arduous joining/initiation rituals.
Faction Goal: Build up and expand their offensive power.
Allied Faction: Traders/Craftsmen, Vigilantes/Lawmen
Rival Faction: Assassins/Contractors
Age: Ancient
# of Events: 9
Events: Champion, Battle Won, Sprout, Destruction, Sprout, Fall, Friend Gained, Battle Lost, Loyalty
# of Members: 42


Reputation: 1
Wealth: 27
Notoriety: 42
Treachery: 37
Might: 63


Athletics: 62
Coercion: 42
Combat: 63
Craft: 28
Drive: 43
Mental: 27
Negotiate: 1
Perception: 32
Special: 1
Stealth: 32

Faction Base

Luxuriousness: Poor
Acquisitions: Armoury, Crew Quarters, Training Grounds, Dock/Garage, Vehicles

And that’s it for the Warriors’ Guild. Next time we’ll show you what the Thieves’ Guild is like.


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Z-LAND Timeskip: Month 1

The next season of Z-LAND will take place 5 years after the last.

To get you ready for it, Rycon has written what happens during those 5 years and we’ll be posting them here so you can follow along with what happens to the survivors.

Last time we covered the first week of the group’s stay at the Marine Discovery Centre. This time it’s the next month.

Month 1

Having returned successfully with medical supplies and prosthetics Scott begins to work and refit one of the legs to work for him. Schalk refuses to use an arm and continues to live a somewhat isolated life atop the Accom Roof.

Schalk’s rooftop home keeps him isolated from the others but he still share meals with the group, but refuses to share the information he has gathered over the radio. The harbor around him has remained calm. No sign of watercraft or aircraft for that matter and as the month draws on a renewed sense of isolation begins to set in… almost, if not for the series of beeps he has begun to communicate with. The person to which he “speak” reveals very little about themselves other than the fact that they had no idea that anyone was still alive on the mainland. They have made the assumption that Schalk’s signal isn’t coming from where ever they are based. His communication with this person surrounds nothing of strategic importance but rather the mundane aspect of their life and Schalk’s. Over the passing days something of a bond has been forming between the two of them, but then as the month begins to draw to an end the communication abruptly stops and is replaced once again by the same routine transfers of information: longitude and latitude for locations down the West Coast of New Zealand.

These night time communications weren’t his only responsibility, however, and during some days of the week he cycled out with Frank and some of the other survivors, helping out with the construction efforts. While on their look out the other survivors took point atop the Red Hill, the location of which the skeletal remains of two children were found. The hill has a great view of the surrounding area so the others are fine to leave Schalk’s roof top abode alone, with a few of them imagining his arm bone or other pieces just laying about (rumors have been a foot).

Over the month Scott continues his mornings fishing with Charles. The lines are still biting and they’re both careful to take only what they need as the community is still limited by what they can preserve and store. At request of Jake, Charles & Jonah have begun sailing lessons for the group. Scott, Charles, Jonah, Jake and Nic travelled on the Second Chance back to Little Barrier early in the morning, arriving just as the sun began to rise. Looking out from the boat in the dull light Scott witnesses the blackened remains of the bunkhouses. He doesn’t seem to see any sign of the powder that was once dropped on the cove but the decision to stay on the water remains. Piloting the Second Chance, he drops Jonah and Charles off at two of the eight sailing vessels that remained anchored in the bay, Jake and Nic having split themselves between the two ships. Six of the sailboats remained anchored in the cove as the three piloted ships they all control make their way back to Goat Island.

After the successful mission, lessons are held before lunch each day with every member of the community attending except Willow, Lulu, Schalk and the children. Early on in the month Scott begins the process of constructing a Blacksmithing Workshop in the garage beneath the MDC Lab 1 Block. Thankfully many tools were already present at the MDC, acetylene torches, welders both above and below water varieties and the space to begin constructing a forge. Coming across an anvil substitute was difficult but at the beach hire shop close by a large oblong piece of steel seemed to fit the bill.

To start off, Scott begins working on small objects, arrowheads in particular after Chloe asked if it would be possible. Frank had taken an interest in the project and worked alongside Scott in the creation of the forge and the subsequent arrowheads. As the month drew on the two of them became more proficient at their work as well as repurposing objects around into new forms. Frank floated the idea of making bracers to protect the arms and legs when the group inevitably left to scavenge and the next stage of the project began.

Chloe and Lulu have become temporary guardians of the two little ones Olivia and Elsa. Lulu spends most of the time with them as Chloe leave the Accom to work on the barricading the MDC accom (once her leg was good enough to walk on) with Frank, Jake, Nic, Schalk, Jonah and occasionally Willow. Once the project is complete and seeing that Scott was attempting to create his first few objects in his newly created workshop, Chloe requests he try make some arrowheads. Chloe wrangles Jen and the kids into a craft project of sorts using duct tape to create fletching for arrows while Chloe attempts to learn how to use some of the woodworking tools the workshop contained. It took many attempts but as the month goes on Chloe gains the capability to make passable arrow shafts and, once combined with Scott arrowheads she had her arrows. In that time Chloe had also made a bow for herself and Jen, and while they’re not incredibly effective, they are enough for the two of them to practice with.

Chloe sets up targets out the back of the MDC by the four large tanks and it was there that the two of them practices during their downtime.

As one of the heads of the barricading effort, Nic assists Jake who seems to be project managing the endeavor. During that time Nic also helps Scott become accustomed to his prosthetic leg, helping him move easier in it and adjusting it as it’s needed. Nic also continues to watch over Chloe as she recovers from her shooting and bite wounds. Schalk’s arm seems to be coming along nicely and there has been no sign of infection, and redressing will no longer be required.

Early in the month Nic takes the time to take stock of all the medicine and medical equipment they have at the MDC. Whenever anything is needed he checks it off the list and a protocol is established that if something is needed they’ve got to come to Nic first. That way nothing should go missing. At least he hopes.

Willow has been a difficult issue for everyone to deal with and the woman still chooses to live alone in the house on the hill. Jen brings her food each days and seems to be the only one to have talked to her. Nic has seen her as she helps with the barricading, always working but always silent. Lulu suggests that seingas it seems that they’ve lost their nurse that the group will need another one, insinuating Nic.

Nic spend the evenings using what little light is left to read the emergency first aid manuals that he’s come across while scouring the MDC. He also notices that Lulu has setup a small lab of her own in one of the existing labs with the hopes to produce medication somewhere down the line. It seems like a pie in the sky plan but he assists her where he can.

With everyone working on the barricading on rotating schedules it’s finished early in the month with all windows on level one sealed with silicon across the whole window with chicken wire reinforcing the glass and finally covered with plywood boards. Furthermore lavender bushes are replanted near the base of the building and in small pots hanging from the second story windows to cover any human smells that might drift. Around either entrance to the building a fenced off “airlock” is built using plywood and fencing posts. Essentially allowing them use this “airlock” to limit the chance of something entering behind another.

On the upper levels of the Accom stairways are reinforced with slide out barricades that sit at waist height limiting the ability of an attacker on the stairs. Curtains are stripped from the other buildings and layered over the existing curtains to create a blackout effect limiting light leak to the outside.

On the second level two rooms are set aside as contamination rooms which have an extra level of sealant around the entrances. A drop plank barricade is set on either door too, to keep an occupant locked inside. Once the first stage of construction is complete Jake begins his sailing lessons alongside the others. In the afternoons Jake, Nic and Jonah scout the surrounding area, searching the houses for supplies and tools. On one of their first trips out, a house close to the MDC is discovered to have two large solar panels on its roof and a storage system. The three of them disconnect it and return it to the MDC, choosing the top of the Accom building as the prime location for the panels. Schalk assists Jake in setting up the panels on the roof and will be wiping them clear of any debris each morning. The battery system is stored on the third floor with the cables entering through a gap in one of the windows that is again sealed with silicon.

On sunny days they find themselves with a fair bit of energy and power is always left in reserve for a bit of nighttime light. On the energy front the MDC is discovered to have its own emergency generator which can provide power to the whole complex. However fuel reserves are low and the decision is made by the group to leave the generator for emergencies only.

Manual washing machines are set up, just a drum on an angle with a few paddles attach to the internal side of it driven by a push bike. Two stations are used, one for home gear and one for scouting gear, always washed separately.

As the month draws to an end Jake prepares himself mentally for what is to come. He will be leaving, but will he tell the others before he does, and does he intend to ask Nic to join him?

The month is quiet on the dead front. While searching the nearby properties it becomes clear that many left the area after the longest night. Some grizzly scenes are still found in bedrooms and nurseries as the scavenging teams search through them. Corpses nearly eaten to the bone and smashed windows where the creatures had exited into the wider world. As the month continues the group slowly starts to become more of a community with everyone taking up a position of some kind. Some learning new skills, others practicing old ones. They’ve all remained quite, enjoying the change of pace. For the first time in many nights they find themselves sleeping well in their recently reinforced building. New friendships begin to form between what once was two groups, but a collective unease around Willow still remains.

Everyone has participated in the watch at some stage with The Red Hill being chosen as the best spot to watch over the complex and the wider Goat Island region.

Food has been plentiful thanks to the marine reserve and water has come clean from the collection tanks on the complex. They could get used to this, the pace of life and a chance to breath after what has felt like a none stop sprint from the longest night till now. Roots have the planted and projects have begun but this is only that start of Goat Island. What will the next year bring?


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Brotherhood: Mages’ Guild

Last time on our faction system walkthrough, we showcased the first of the premade factions that you’ll find in the mod, the Assassins’ Guild.

This time we’re showcasing the most otherworldy of factions, the Mages’ Guild.

Mages’ Guild

To be a mage is to be a god amongst men, so what happens when you put of gods together?

Faction Fluff

Name: The Runic Prophets
Faction Type: Academics/Scholars
Theme: Supernatural/Occultism
Motto: Knowledge Thus Magic
Rulership: Appointed Merito/Geniocrats
Recruitment offers: Mysticism
Oddities: Extensive ritualistic practices.
Faction Goal: Become better at what they specialise in.
Allied Faction: Bureaucrats/Officials
Rival Faction: Warriors/Soldiers
Age: Old
# of Events: 5
Events: Creation, Lunacy, Destruction, Wisdom, Miracle
# of Members: 34


Reputation: 100
Wealth: 82
Notoriety: 3
Treachery: 1
Might: 56


Athletics: 55
Coercion: 3
Combat: 56
Craft: 82
Drive: 3
Mental: 82
Negotiate: 98
Perception: 1
Special: 96
Stealth: 1

Faction Base

Luxuriousness: Lavish
Acquisitions: Base, Crew Quarters, Specialist quarters x4, Office Space x3, Kitchen/Dining, Hygiene/Bathing, Training Grounds, Misc (library).
Specialists: Tutor, Sage, Bouncer, Physician

And that’s it for the Mages’ Guild. Next time we’ll show you what the Warriors’ Guild is like.


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Haunt Silver Seller

We are absolutely stoked to announce that Haunt has reached Silver Seller Rank on DriveThruRPG!

And the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Right as Halloween was coming to a close, Haunt got over the mark to hit the Silver rank. What better time for this amazing horror game to level up.

Coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe the dark forces of the great beyond knew it was the right time.

Whatever the case may be, give Stormforge West a round of applause and check out Haunt at DriveThruRPG!


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Z-LAND Timeskip: Week 1

The next season of Z-LAND will take place 5 years after the last.

To get you ready for it, Rycon has written what happens during those 5 years and we’ll be posting them here so you can follow along with what happens to the survivors.

Week 1

Jake drives out from the compound to clear his head after the tragedy, choosing to travel to his home. Nic accompanies him with the two of them travelling in the Golf Jake had come upon earlier.

The front door is locked, but many of the windows are broken. Inside they find no bodies but there are signs of major struggle and blood loss. The windows have been broken from the inside out.

They find no sign of life or undeath.

The two of them continue to scavenge the surrounding area and attempt to investigate the smoke and the light. The smoke can be seen as a distant plume rising from the direction of the city, drifting with the wind. It is thick and black

Returning with their spoils, and no sign of the lightsource, they begin to help Jonah and Frank with the barricading and reinforcing of the building with the intention to build out further fortifications as the main building is safe.

For the first few days Chloe remains in her bed, resting her leg before she starts to ease it back into use. Jen and the kids have chosen to sleep in the common area along with her as they don’t feel safe in the rooms anymore. Chloe find out that Willow has moved out of the main building, choosing instead to live in the house close to the center on the hill. She will remain here for a longtime. Chloe and the others attend the burning of the fallen islanders, whose remains were set alight on a rocky ledge jutting into the sea. Willow wasn’t present, choosing instead to remain in her self-imposed exile (no decision has been made about her yet). Charles for the first time in days spoke. He spoke of his wife and the pain her loss has brought him, he spoke of the early days when their numbers where small, that he shouldn’t be here, they should, she should. In the coming days Chloe begins to help with the construction efforts assisting the barricading effort.

Schalk treks to the top of the hill where a tent flaps in the wind. Disposing the remains of the previous residents, he hoses the thing down back at the MDC and props it atop the ACCOM where he begins to construct his crows nest. A little home for himself above the rest. Here Schalk keeps his belongings safe, along with a powerful portable radio. Taking a set of headphones found the barracks below, he listens to the device away from the others, choosing to keep it a secret. Scanning through the channels, listening to the voices of wider Auckland. He hears a small desperate few who broadcast every day at 12pm and 12am they are confused and afraid. Always whispering into the radio, he can tell nothing more than that it’s a voice speaking Russian. He also hears strings of beeps in what he soon learns to be a binary code. Decoding it takes time, but the beeps seem to reference longitude and latitude. Checking a map in the center below, Schalk determines one of the locations to be Little Barrier Island. Not sharing this new information, he sticks to constructing his little home before assisting the greater effort to secure the MDC.

Scott sees to recovery of Jen, and helps Lulu inside the building preparing and preserving what little food they have. Once Jen finds her feet, Scott chooses to invite Charles to fish alongside him after hearing him speak for the first time in days at the funeral of the islanders. Scott speak to him on the level and after a calm but tense argument Scott seem to be making headway with the stubborn man. Fishing is a dream at Goat Island and the two of them bring in plenty of fish. It might just been the fresh air the ellation of catching so many fish but he swears he is starting to see and improvement in Charles. Much of their time together is spent in silence, watching the waves and occasionally sharing stories of before the fall. Scot catches Charles often looking down at the ring on his finger. After a week of early morning starts plenty of fish caught life seems to be returning to the man. Scott even saw him attempt to poach a fresh snapper fillet for his daughter. She accepts but doesn’t say a word. The two have a long way to go but for the time Charles seems to be staying away from the drink, he doesn’t have much choice in the matter as nary a drop is found off the boat. Getting around the MDC hasn’t been easy with Scott’s crutch and he asks once again nicely that the next scavenging run-attempt to find him something to help with the matter. A sheepish Willow adds that more medical supplies will be needed for the future: antibiotics, painkillers, everything but the kitchen sink. The request is heard by the team and with Jonah back on his feet he’s keen to get some air, the plan to search the larger Warkworth hospital after the MDC was secure and work on an outer wall had begun.

A much larger team travels out this time, Nic, Jake, Chloe, Jonah and Frank head south to Warkworth, taking the second chance they sail to Warkworth via the Mahurangi River. From the river bank they spy the medical center right next to the New World. The temptation to peak inside the Supermarket is high but they all stick to their mission after Frank chastises anyone going “off script” the streets and quiet but not without the bones and shredded remains of the living. Usually some of the flesh is left but on these corpses the bones and gnawed clean.

They continue the short walk to the hospital where they find even more remains but again only bones. The doors to the hospital have been chained shut so Chloe and Nic choose force open a window along the front of the building. Upon entering the smell of death and decay is heavy, they all pull their filter and gas masks close. They quickly learn that they aren’t alone in the building when faced with a large number of emaciated shambling corpses. These prove to be easy work as it appears that the lot of them had been chained together wrist to wrist with zip ties. Some had come free as the plastic tore into their flesh but the mangled mess was put down as the survivors smash head after head, Jonah with a hunting knife and Frank with a sharpened metal pole he fashioned into a spear.

The hunt for supplies began as each of the survivors searched the building for everything of use. Gloves, instruments, medication, bandages, gauze, everything they’d need to get a small field hospital on the go. In addition they found three wheelchairs of which they bring back one. Three prosthetic arms, two left, one right and four prosthetic legs, two left, two right. They return their haul to the second chance, leaving behind the oddly gnawed remains that litter the streets, and return home.


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Brotherhood: Assassins’ Guild

Last time on our faction system walkthrough, we showcased the first of the premade factions that you’ll find in the mod, the Adventurer’s Guild.

This time we’re showcasing the deadliest of all factions, the Assassins’ Guild.

Assassins’ Guild

They live for one thing and one thing only: death. Whether they do this in service of chaos or order, is up for you to decide.

Faction Fluff

Name: The Crimson Thorns
Faction Type: Assassins/Contractors
Theme: Politics/Influence
Motto: Death And Eternity
Rulership: Divinely Ordained King
Recruitment offers: Goal/Cuase
Oddities: Extensive ritualistic practices.
Faction Goal: IGrow their number of members, contacts, specialists.
Allied Faction: Thieves/Smugglers
Rival Faction: Vigilantes/Lawmen
Age: Established
# of Events: 2
Events: Fiend, Lunacy
# of Members: 29


Reputation: 15
Wealth: 29
Notoriety: 34
Treachery: 88
Might: 48


Athletics: 47
Coercion: 36
Combat: 48
Craft: 29
Drive: 35
Mental: 29
Negotiate: 20
Perception: 84
Special: 20
Stealth: 84

Faction Base

Luxuriousness: Poor
Acquisitions: Base, Crew Quarters, Camouflage, Jail, Safehouse, Training Grounds, Defensive Structures, Misc (storage).

And that’s it for the Assassins’ Guild. Next time we’ll show you what the Mages’ Guild is like.


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Brotherhood: Adventurer’s Guild

Last time on our faction system walkthrough, we finished off the rules of Brotherhood.

So while we turn the blog posts into the Sigil Mod, we’ll showcase some example factions that you can use. First up: the Adventurer’s Guild

Adventurer’s Guild

The Adventurer’s guild is a staple of heroic fantasy stories and RPGs. It’s a place where adventurer’s congregate, share stories, and most importantly find new jobs, missions and quests.

If you want a quick Adventurer’s Guild in your game, here’s what it can look like:

Faction Fluff

Name: The Drunken Stallions
Faction Type: Adventurers/Mercenaries
Theme: Money/Trade
Motto: Fortune Creates Freedom
Rulership: Military Rank Hierarchy
Recruitment offers: Wealth
Oddities: Iconophiles
Faction Goal: Increase their fame/infamy.
Allied Faction: Thieves/Smugglers
Rival Faction: Adventurers/Mercenaries
Age: Established
# of Events: 3
Events: Fiend, Champion, Destruction
# of Members: 25


Reputation: 66
Wealth: 28
Notoriety: 21
Treachery: 33
Might: 43


Athletics: 42
Coercion: 21
Combat: 42
Craft: 28
Drive: 21
Mental: 28
Negotiate: 66
Perception: 33
Special: 66
Stealth: 33

Faction Base

Luxuriousness: Average
Acquisitions: Base, Crew Quarters, Dock/Garage

And that’s it for the Adventurer’s Guild. Next time we’ll show you what the Assassin’s Guild is like.


Remember that you get to choose what we work on after the Brotherhood faction Mod has been made, so CLICK HERE to vote!

Gates Sample World: Fair Isles

Today we’re taking looking further into the world of Islia, a sample world from Gates, the upcoming game from Stormforge West. So without further ado, here’s James:

Fair Isles

To the north of the Western Wilds is several large islands collectively known as the Fair Isles. This is the home of the Islian Elves and the center of magic in Islia. If magic was like water, then the Fair Isles would be an ocean. The creatures of the Isles are often born with magical qualities. Bears that can speak, birds who lay diamond eggs, or fire breathing lizards. Some of the plants and natural geography of the Fair Isles are just as magical. Rare flowers that brew a tea of immortality, a lake that heals all wounds, or even a cave which echoes your deepest regrets back to you.

The Elves of the Fair Isles were human many thousands of years ago. But the magic seeped into their very being over the generations, turning them into elves. They live in cities and villages, farm the land, and tend to their seas. They trade with both Nenmaa and the Western wilds. Mages are also drawn to this land in order to study magic.

Twilight Spire

Six hundred years ago, seven mages decided to join together and study the Magic of the Fair Isles. Two elves, Three humans, a Dwarf, and a Lourulf. At first, they made a campsite, which turned into an outpost where their knowledge was recorded. Soon, they were joined by other researchers, craftsmen, and adventurers and they needed to expand. So, together the seven decided to erect a tower to hold their magical secrets and to house their workers. A 40 foot tower was erected and called the Twilight Spire. However, in two short decades even it was too small. So, they built it again.

The Tower, as it is today, is a 2000 ft tall tower that functions more like a city than a scholars tower. At its center is the original tower with a small garden around it. It is left intact as a reminder of its beginnings. The outside of the tower is built from a special stone found in abundance not far from the tower. It has a magical property based on the time of the day. At noon, the tower is stark black, and easily spotted from miles away. Midnight the tower becomes a gleaming white, which shines like a beacon in the moonlight. At twilight, the tower turns a red and blue color, making it almost invisible in the twilight sky. It is separated by one hundred floors, each with their own communities and purposes. At the base of the tower is a small village where farmers, tradesmen, and those who need to travel live. These farmers tend to the earth around the tower, providing enough food for the Spire.

The seven who have built the tower are now dead, but statues have been erected in their honor. Now the Spire is ruled by a magistrate. Eleven mages and an alchemist who each love the Tower dearly. Magic absolutely permeates through the Tower. Elevators powered by magic replace stairs, lights burn without fuel, and animated constructs keep the Spire clean and repaired.

Quest Hooks:

  • Something evil entered the original tower and has locked it from the inside. Someone needs to find a way in and rid it of evil magic.
  • One of the Magistrates was assassinated, and the others have been threatened. The investigation leads to a cult of mages which seek to take the tower as their own.
  • A powerful artifact crafted in the Tower was stolen. It could destroy cities in the wrong hands, and must be returned.
  • Something is draining the magic from the Tower. The investigation leads to a magical experiment gone wrong.
  • Time stopped outside the Tower, and no-one can leave. The adventurers must help fix this. The investigation leads to a spell mishap.
  • Untouched Island

    There was an island in the Fair Islands that has been untouched by man or elf for as long as anyone can remember. Any attempts to reach it have been thwarted by weather and strange, invisible monsters. However, recently the storms and monsters have gone away. People flocked to this island seeking treasure, knowledge, and adventure. It is fairly small, with several smaller islands surrounding it. You could walk from one side to the other in a single day. A small village was found on the island in ruin, and its inhabitants are gone. The village looks recent.

    Quest Hooks:

  • Some insight on the previous inhabitants were discovered, but the proof was stolen by thieves. They must be recovered.
  • Strange monsters attack the new settlers. They seem to be constructs and newly made. Where are they coming from?
  • A fae is found on one of the islands who claims to know what happened, but it speaks in nothing but riddles.
  • A tree with strange delicious fruits has been found, and wine has been made of the fruit. However, when this wine in drunk then the inhibitor becomes violents and sees strange illusions. This wine was shipped to a mainland, and someone needs to stop it from being sold in the market.
  • Spirits of the previous inhabitants warn settlers to stay away. What does this dire warning mean?
  • Ira, the City under the Sea

    There is a coral reef between two of the islands which has a strange property. Anyone in the coral reef can breath the water as though it were air. Elves discovered this and soon built a town into the coral itself. They harvest the coral area, fish from under the sea, and even mine the rare minerals under the coral reef, which they trade to others. The town is simply called Ira but the nickname City under the Sea is used often. The elves who live in Ira have developed a new way of life, and have been called mer-folk despite the fact that they are the same elves as any other.

    Quest Hooks:

  • Sharks are coming close and closer to Ira, and they need to be eradicated.
  • A race of sentient squids is trying to invade Ira, the town needs strong warriors to help defend it.
  • Ruins under the coral suggest that there may be more to this reef than originally thought.
  • An addictive drug is released in the party scene of Ira. This drug is highly addictive and causes magical mutations. The towns leaders wants the Players to track down its source.
  • A leviathan of tremendous proportions is headed straight for Ira. The Players need to find a way to save the town.
  • Brotherhood: Party Based Factions

    Last time on our faction system walkthrough, we finished off the main rules for factions by showing you faction advancement.

    In this post we’re showing you how to turn your current party into a faction.


    Getting faction Skills out your party is easy to work out:

  • Your newly made faction’s Notoriety and Treachery will be 1 by default, so that’s two out of the way.
  • Your Might Skill will be the number of player characters in the party
  • For the Wealth Skill, add together the first digit of each player character’s Wealth Skill Levels (so a 3 for a Level of 34)
  • Lastly, for Reputation, each player chooses a Social Skill for their characters; add together the first digit of these.
  • And there you are, you’ve turned your party into a faction. It probably won’t be the grandest of factions, but then it is only the few of you thus far.


    Until you get another member (that isn’t a player character), there is no need for Specialisations. But, you can already work them out beforehand to make life easier.

    Much like Wealth and Reputation, for each Specialisation you will add together the first digit of each player character’s assigned Skill Level to create the Specialisation Level. Each Specialisation is tied to a character Skill (or sometimes more than one, and you can choose one of the Skills to use), so just have a look at the list below for which Specialisation goes with which Skill.

    Athletics: Athletics
    Combat: Fight or Shoot
    Craft: Broad-Craft or Fine-Craft
    Drive: Drive
    Mental: Logic
    Perception: Perception
    Negotiate: Diplomacy
    Special: Special
    Stealth: Stealth
    Coercion: Intimidate

    As an example: say you have three player characters with Logic Skill Levels of 39, 37 and 41. To work out their faction’s Mental Specialisation Level, add together 3, 3, and 4 to get 10.

    Using a party faction

    In nearly all respects, a faction created from a party works exactly the same way as a faction created through the faction generator. The main difference will come from the lack of members. If the faction only consists of player characters, then there won’t be any Treachery Events, since there are no (potentially) treacherous NPCs. Similarly, without NPCs in the faction, you can’t roll faction Might Skill Checks to get faction members to come help you in times of trouble, since you are already there.

    If you start a faction as a party, the first goal is to get more members into your faction in order to get the most benefits out of your new faction.

    And that’s it for party factions; and the rules of Brotherhood!. Next time we’ll start showcasing a few factions to show you what can be done with the system, and so that you can quickly pick up a faction and run with it.


    Remember that you get to choose what we work on after the Brotherhood faction Mod has been made, so CLICK HERE to vote!