Halloween Sale!

It’s the Halloween Sale over on DriveThruRPG and everything horror related is 31% off!

Lucky for you, we have three of our products in the sale, so click on one of the banners below to get your hands on them before the sale ends!

The Grand City of Middelburg is a vast metropolis that is home to over a million souls… and one hellish demon. This hellion stalks the shadows to prey on the lives of men and feast on their very terror. This ruin of a man has come into the city like a thief in the night and now seems to rule it through fear, yet noone has ever lain eyes upon it and lived. The string of murders left behind in its wake grows more gruesome and horrific as the days tick by and yet there seems to be no end to what this monstrosity has planned for this once serene city. Can you survive the Ruined Man’s machinations? Can you survive in a city that is tearing itself apart at the seams? Can you survive when all around you the people turn upon one another in paranoia and suspicion? Can you survive in the Ruined City?

Welcome back to the Grand City of Middelburg, a vast metropolis that is home to over a million souls… and one hellish demon. Once the most prosperous and bustling city on the continent’s east coast, it is now the haven of fear, distrust, grief and death. It has been six month since the hellion that stalks the night began its reign of terror, butchering its victims in the most cruel and inhuman ways, and the city bleeds like an injured doe. You have survived thus far in the Ruined City, but as your comrades leave this world through the Ruined Man’s mad machinations, you wonder for how long. The city has now become his and its citizens his fearful vassals. Can you survive the chaos all around you? Can you survive as brother turns upon brother in desperation and paranoia? Can you survive when friends betrays friend and parents murder their children for a scrap of food? Can you survive the Ruined People?

This is Z-Land where humanity is no longer the top of the food chain, where every day could be your last. Hunger, Thirst, Sleep and Exposure all wear down on you in a battle of attrition with the unstoppable Dead. Find the answer to the question “just how long would I survive” as you and your friends attempt to do just that. What makes Z-Land unique is we take the survival aspect of survival-horror very seriously. You will see your character weaken as sleep deprivation, hunger & thirst slowly whittle them down. But that is where the choice comes in, will you just take it? Or will you do anything & everything necessary to survive? How much of yourself can you retain in your battle to survive?

Runic Magic released!

We’ve finished revamping and streamline the runic arrays and the new rules can be found on DriveThruRPG! So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to go get your hands on it!

If you’ve already got yourself The Runed Age Corebook, then you’ll have received an email from DriveThruRPG with a download link to a modified version of these rules just for the Runed Age.

Inside this document you’ll find:

  • Rules for using this magic as both drawn runic magic as well as the more traditional spoken incantations.
  • A full rune list showing how each rune works and how they interact with each other.
  • Sample runic spells to use in your games and use as references.
  • Cutout templates to draw your own runic magic on.

Hotdog800’s Z-LAND Campaign

We always love to see what others can do with the games we make, and here is HotDog800 with his own live-streamed Z-LAND campaign!

We’re not affiliated with him in any capacity, but we’ll definitely give him a plug here on our site. Go check him out and see how his group survives in the apocalypse. If you’ve got your own Z-LAND campaign up and running, give us a shout and we’ll plug you as well!

Z-LAND Beta 4.1

The new version of the Z-Land beta is now out and on its way to you!

It’s version 4.1 and there has been a lot of changes made.

We’ve finished the Apocalypse Era Character Creation. So you can now create a character from birth to adulthood fully in the wastelands of the apocalypse.

We’ve also changed some skills around. Lore and Insight became Logic and Intuition and we’ve done away with Contacts and split Craft into two new types of crafting skills.

And lastly, we completely changed the look of the beta book as well as giving you a new character sheet.

There’s a lot of new stuff in the book so have a good look at the changelog on page 3 and the rest of the book to see what’s changed.